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I went to the web site you provide ???

I will repost what it said:

The Assiniboin First Nations in Canada are linguistically Siouan.  I have never, ever, heard their oral history involve an historical relationship to the Cree other than as trade partners.  Where are you getting this information from?  

This link might help somewhat:

In the early 1600’s some members of the Wazikute or Pine Shooters sub-division of the Ihañktoñwañna, had taken Ojibwe spouses and subsequently their in-laws came to live with them, which in turn lead to conflict with their Naíoþa relatives. To avoid further conflict those households made their own camp and are known as the Hohe or Rough Voiced. The Ojibwe called them Assinibon and the Cree referred as them the Assinibauta, both terms meaning “O©eåi §aúowiñ who cook with stones.” The French heard of them through the Ojibwe and Cree and soon modified the name to Assiniboine. This term too was adopted by the British and the Americans, who indiscriminately labelled some Naíoþa speaking bands Assiniboine, and others Yankton or Yanktonia which are anglicized terms for Ihañktoñwañ and Ihañktoñwañna. The origin of the term Stoney is uncertain, it may only be an anglicized term for Assiniboine.

i dont want any misunderstanding i just read what you told me too read?

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