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It was just interest for the shamanic background of Grof´s therapie. I read that Grof experienced with LSD and was inspired by the results of this Drugs. When LSD was forbidden he searched for another way to get the same results as LSD and developed this breathing therapy.

I know, that breathing therapies basing on hyperventilation are dangerous, but for a lot of people it is not clear, what happens during this breathing technic.
In Germany the occupational title "Breathing Therapist" is not protected by licensure, the education of all the different schools are not controlled by the state / country. These therapists use therapy often without substantiated medical or psychologic education.

Also some psychologists and psychotherapist are using hyperventilation to reduce stress (often without realizing, the patients are using hyperventilation) or they use it consciously to integrate traumatical material (PTSD) during their therapy - and even between the psychologists it is  being controversially discussed, there are no consolidated findings. If hyperventilation can integrate traumatical material? Could be, I don´t know.... but I don´t believe it, I rather think it dissociate.

Defend the Sacred:
My exposure to the Rebirthing communities convinced me that their "therapies" and breathing techniques are more likely to traumatize people than relieve trauma. People most definitely got crazier the longer they hung around that scene.

Kathryn, you so are right,

it is definitely true hyperventilation techniques, for e. g. Rebirthing, can (re)traumatize or activate a trauma, wich is repressed and which was in the consciousness no longer available. And the "therapist" can not be sure that he can recognize a (re)traumatization in his therapy. This is sometimes not even the victims clearly.

Those who were traumatized, decompensate if they must confrontate helpless the intrusions and flashbacks and have no skills. That's probably why they are superficially seem crazy to other people.


--- Quote from: Epiphany on February 20, 2014, 07:20:35 pm ---Sturmboe, this article might help:  Mental Health Issues - Thought Reform Programs and the Production of Psychiatric Casualties
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A very enlightening read, once I found this 1990 article at its present URL:



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