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Sacred White Buffalo Intentionally Killed



This is just sick.  From KHOU in Houston, Texas

--- Quote ---by DAVID SCHECHTER

Posted on May 5, 2012 at 1:03 PM

GREENVILLE - Lightning Medicine Cloud, a white buffalo, was born onto Arby Little Soldier’s Lakota Ranch with great ceremony.

Now, at just under one-year-old, the sacred and rare calf is dead. Authorities believe the animal and his mother were intentionally killed.

"He was the hope of all nations,” Little Soldier said.

As a Lakota Indian, the birth, he said, was a symbol for the world to seek unity, making the ranch a destination for people around the country.

But now the Hunt County Sheriff and the Texas Rangers are searching for the person or people who killed the two animals. Little Soldier had thought that Lightning Medicine Cloud’s father had been killed by a lightning strike last month.

But that now appears suspicious, too.

"We are investigating all three deaths at the Lakota Ranch here,” said Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

"A little boy went on home, his mother went on home, his dad went on home,” Little Soldier said. “They're all together and god bless them."

Little Solider believes the killer had cased out the ranch, and waited for Little Soldier to leave. He's now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and vows to keep Lightning Medicine Clouds message of unity alive.

"The message that was brought here to this ranch, he brought strong and it will carry on," he said. "It's not gonna quit. It's never going to quit."

The Hunt County Sheriff is tight-lipped about almost everything in this case, and won't say if the animal’s hide was taken.

A one-year birthday party was planned for Lightening Medicine Cloud for next week. The event will continue as a memorial.

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I have also found this to be an abhorant act of intolerance.  The reward to catch the killers has now gone up to $45000.

Can I ask - those of you who are Lakota or have close connection to the Lakota.  What would they have the rest of the non NA world who care about this do?  Sharing this information on networking sites, forums and websites will spread the information but if that is seen as appropriate, what message do they want to go with it?

This act is akin to killing a saint or blowing up a cathederal. 

Such an act cannot be met with more violence but there surely has to be some good; some wider awareness coming from this.

i call it a hate crime.....it was definately someone who knew how important the calf would be after first bday to the lakota.....why would they wait until then? assholes......i swear


--- Quote from: ShadowDancer on May 06, 2012, 01:18:59 am ---http://www.khou.com/news/texas-news/150292835.html
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"Access denied" was what I got when clicking that link. I found the article here, though:


The article is longer than what is quoted in the first post of this topic, and there are 14 comments.

There is also a video embedded where "Chief Arvol Looking Horse speaks of White Buffalo Prophecy".

The video (10 minutes) is also here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHqVdZmpRgI


--- Quote ---Sheriff Meeks: Lightning Medicine Cloud Case Closed
KETR Published August 21, 2012 at 2:53 PM CDT

GREENVILLE - A more than three month investigation by the Hunt County Sheriff's Office into the death of a sacred white buffalo and his mother has concluded with no suspects, no charges, and no indication of murder.

“It is our belief that Lightning Medicine Cloud and Buffalo Woman died of natural causes,” said Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks, in an address to the media Tuesday. “Information obtained during the investigation indicated many of the signs and symptoms exhibited by the buffalo are similar to a bacterial disease that we know as blackleg.”
--- End quote ---


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