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To be or not to be ... a shaman

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This is a great read:


Good books to read:

SHAMANIC VOICES: A Survey of Visionary Narratives (Arkana S.) (Paperback)
Joan Halifax

NOTEBOOK OF A CHEROKEE SHAMAN, by Jack Frederick Kilpatrick and Anna Gritts Kilpatrick,  
Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Vol 2, no. 6

Also by Gritts and Kilpatrick

WALK IN YOUR SOUL,  SMU press,   A good description of real Cherokee Shamanism by people who were a part of the Sequoia,  Traveller Bird Family

If you want to stir yourself up a bit, read the alternate history of Sequoia called
TELL THEM THEY LIE,  by Travellor Bird.   I've actually found copies on the internet.  

THE SACRED, WAYS OF KNOWLEDGE SOURCES OF LIVE,  By Peggy Beck and Anna Walters   Navajo Community College Press

Lewis and Kneberg   Univ. of Tenn Press

Start with those to clean your mind a bit and get you off of the negative.

Ray Evans Harrell


If I am not mistaken, in Notebook of a Cherokee Shaman, the gentleman they were interviewing, etc. said that it was not so much the words but the intent. I think he even said that he could use the same "formula" for everything, just the intent would be different.

While you are mentioning the Kilpatricks their son Alan wrote one entitled "The Night Has a Naked Soul".


and if you want to know how to interpret those I would suggest the exceptional book on interpretatioln by John N. Warfield, a man that many groups including Indian Nations use for conflict resolution.   The name of that book is:

Understanding Complexity:  Thought and Behaviour pub.  AJAR press

You can get that information on his website.  Just look him up in Google.   He is considered by many to be the father of Systems Science.  

Ray Evans Harrell

Some of those titles are old news to most people here, as you found out Ray. For Walters I think Ghost Singer is a better work of hers.

But some of your other suggestions...Halifax? Halifax the bald white woman who claims to be a "Buddhist shaman"? The one who trained notorious exploiter Leo Rutherford? The one whose works are used as Bibles of sorts for one member of the pseudo-shamanism movement after another? She's not as bad as Harner, but not by much.

For an alleged traditionalist you should not  rely too much on works by an awful pseudo shaman like her. Clean your mind of types like that. The pseudo-shamanism movement is a very negative influence.  Basically it's Nuage with a different marketing angle.


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