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An issue with the automatic numbering of replies in SMF threads


Why does this happen? In long threads it's bothersome, because if someone refers to a post only by its number, you cannot easily be certain what post they mean, unless the context makes it obvious.

--- Quote from: Sparks on September 26, 2019, 11:51:17 am ---On my screen it's Reply #14, not #13. That's a quirk with all Simple Machines Forums (SMF). Sometimes, the first post is counted as Reply #1 (like on my screen). And sometimes the counting starts with post #2 which is then labelled Reply #1, which is more logical. Why this changes I don't know. This erratic behaviour creates a lot of misunderstandings, i have noted over several years, having written more than 5,000 posts in several different SMF forums.
--- End quote ---


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