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Welcome back!  You were down so long.  What happened?  Were you hacked?

Defend the Sacred:
No, no, nothing like that. Everything is fine. We have had no breaches of security. We just had some technical difficulties with our domain. Everything should be resolved now.

Glad to see everything up and running again.  ;D


Just wondering.  Is there any way you could send out an email alert to the members of the forum if this happens again?  This is the second time since I have been a member that the site was down for an extended period and I get puzzled and nervous every time it does down because I know there are "enemies" to the site who would like to see us down for good.

If you can't send a notice, I understand.  Next time I will just be patient and hope for the best (as I did this time).

Thanks.  And good work getting it back up.


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