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Aloha kakou!
« on: July 16, 2005, 11:09:03 pm »
My name is K. LeslyAnn Walker, descendant of Kahili of Hawaii and now live in a small tourist town called Cassadaga, Florida. Cassadaga is a spiritualist town founded by a white man who claims he was guided here by his guide - an Indian named Seneca. The whole town is full of nuagers, mediums, and psychics who continue to perpetuate the rape of the native american culture. Millions of tourists come here every year and carry on this mis-education back to wherever they came from. It's disgusting how they've turned the cultures into such an industry.

I have recently made a complaint against a white group that the town hires for blessings at festivals, as well as educate young children at the schools about a native american culture that is modeled after their own fantasies. These self-proclaimed Indians call themselves "Spirit of the Turtle Circle". They are located in Volusia County, Florida although I don't know exactly where.

I have absolutely had it with these plastic shamans, particularly someone named Serge King. He claims he is a Hawaiian kahuna/shaman taught in the ways of "huna" (a white man business/religion/cult/concept) and claims it is an ancient Hawaiian wisdom and tradition and that he learned it from a Hawaiian family, the Kahili family. He claims they had adopted him and therefore thinks he is entitled to make a profit from what he claims he learned.

I have been doing my best to fight against these people who continue to rape my culture and have had little success. This is why I am contacting you as I hope and believe you can help me to expose this exploitation of a culture that continues to be, like the native american cultures, drained by greedy and unscrupulous people who work under the guise of helping others to attain spirituality and enlightenment.

Here are my complaints:
1) This fake white man religion was made for people such as Serge King and others to make an easy profit using my culture as the product to sell to other whites who are spiritually deficient.

2) As stated on your website,, it makes it "harder for natives and whites to get along when whites have been given an untrue picture of native cultures. We have to learn to get along and we can't do that as long as whites give support to operators who push a fraudulent version of what we are like."

3) I have tried many times to talk to huna groups and let them know how they are hurting my culture by perpetuating these stereo-types for their spiritual advancement while people just seek to profit off of them in the process. I have been met with hostility, anger, and resentment by these people.

4) Serge King claims that the Kahili family adopted him and taught him these esoteric teachings. He is using my family name and my culture to sell his cheap product. I want to clear my family's name of any relation with him and this bogus practice called huna.

5) There are other Huna organizations/cults that, while they say they are not Hawaiian and have nothing to do with Hawaii, still appropriate words, traditions, customs, self-proclaiming lineage, giving themselves "spirit names", etc. from the Hawaiian culture, ultimately stealing from the `oiwi (hawaiians) culture, a culture that I am dedicated in preserving, while using and abusing the names and reputations of some of our kupuna (elders). These Huna organizations that I've contacted in the past would also meet me with hateful words and arrogant justications of their actions while they try to give me an education on my own culture and it's history!

Here is an article that can give you a better idea of where I'm coming from:

While to some it seems as though it's just a harmless religion/belief system, I personally know the extent of the damage these types of people cause. These are the very things which lead to a continuation of perpetuating stereo-types which breeds hate. It also leads to the continued bioprospecting/biopiracy of indigenous peoples around the world.

Here is a list of "Huna leaders" from Serge King's site called,

Here are more links from the same site. It is a list of teachers and therapists, or what I like to refer to as "the brainwashers" located around the world.

The `oiwi make up .1% of the world's population. Clearly I am outnumbered. This is why I am asking for your help.

I would also like to know more on how I can help NAFPS. I have joined the blog recently and if there are any other ways I can help, please let me know.

Thank you very much,
K. LeslyAnn Walker

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Re: Aloha kakou!
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There is a separate thread concerning Huna:
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