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Quick note on Beaver Chief:

--- Quote ---Beaver Chief was a unique, multifaceted, uninhibited Northwest Coast Native American who came from a long line of Shamans and Chiefs who have passed the accumulated wisdom (known as the Traditional Teachings) from generation to generation for many thousands of years. He passed away on June 8, 2001 and we will miss him dearly.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Rev. Fred Beaver Chief Jameson, 46, was a member of the Lummi Nation, a spiritual leader, musician, and social activist, who worked among Seattle’s Native American community and also in the local art and music scenes.

He lectured across North America and Europe; he’d married a Swiss woman and was planning to move to Zurich. He was the Seattle School District’s Native American liaison in the ’70s. He led drum circles and made recordings of Northwest Coast Salish music, including the 1999 CD Red Cedar Medicine Circle Songs.
--- End quote ---

Merged with older thread. Note that there's long been lots of contradictory claims by Youngblood of who her people are. But Lakota aren't one of the people she claims, and she sells pseudo Lakota ceremony to Nuagers far away from protests, way in Hawaii. Her credibility has always been zero.

Anyone know her birth name? I'm curious if she is indeed related to the Raymond family of Colville as she claims.

I understand that even if she is there are still major problems with her actions. If she is not and is falsely claiming this heritage - that would be good to know too.

Genealogy can sometimes be pieced together through online resources, her birth name would help.

I don't understand if she is indeed part Indian why she has to have a story. There are so many Indian people who live in urban areas and other places - in fact over 50% of Indian peole live in urban areas. It would seem to be easier to just tell the truth.
I believe the 'story" comes in part to cover her she does know that Arvol Looking Horse and other Lakota make public statements about such events..............I thought it interesting that she brought Canadian Indian women into the grandmother council organization...I think aproppriation is not such an issue there in Canada  but is in the states.....
For example for me: I am enrolled, full blood, was enrolled at birth but went through a series of foster homes. Truth is when you live away from home you often are not welcomed back or it takes time to integrate back in. If you have children it can be even more difficult. Although this does not stop one from visiting.
I don't do things such as teaching - and if I do share info it is actual history(I have a degree in American Indian Studies) for the historical content and contemporary issues I'm interested in, not because I don't know who I am. Most of you probably know many,many people especially Americans do not know this history.
 but whenever I have I always tell the truth about my background. I am enrolled but I make sure I let people know why I do not live at home. It isn't that I can't but is it worth all the pain, especially for my children and grandchildren.
So it would be better for her to simply say who she is and why and why her life is as it is - she is not the first person to have to live apart.....but I notice those who seem to make a big deal out of being native are usually people like that. Something to prove - I personally don't have to prove anything when I know who I am and where I'm far as choice where to live - that is my choice- and the reasons are valid...
simply said and easy to do......IN that choice neither Indian people or white people are comfortable with the truth...but it is what it is- I am a product of history - I didn't make history......
I do know of one Raymond family member who was in Hawaii at one time but....very negative exerpience - of having me do all the work on our annual pow wow ( have had pow wows here for over 40 years at the same location on Oahu) and then did not file papers, sabotaged efforts  and took all the credit.............

Don't persoanlly have a problem with her doing her shaman thing i.e. as in Micahel harner -----but trying to suggest it is native american is troubling - and then to charge money for it is even worse.
One woman I know says she went to one of her sweats but was very uncomfortable. Youngblood had the women moaning, screaming, crying, carrying on in about the second or third round.....seems it was part of the soul retrieval process..... and this woman I know said she also got very sick after the sweat....
I told her  anytime you feel uncomfortable t hen leave or don't go in the first place.......

Thanks for your post, Redday; can you please post something on the Intro thread? Aloha....


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