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They assume so much. They feel they are entitled to take what they see and are confused and dismayed when they are confronted by real NDNs. It pushes a very deep and keenly felt outrage when they do this. They know nothing of the suffering NDNs have experienced nor is it relevant to them. They even have the gall to, as you say.correct real NDNs. I know there good and sincere non NDNs but these arrogant pretend NDNs bug me big time.

Welcome, Raven.  I'm a newbe (not newage, lol) here on this forum, too.  This forum is doing a great job in exposing new age frauds.  Since I joined, I'm still being surprised and dismayed at the numbers and types of shameless frauds running loose out there doing what they're doing.  I've met a few newage types but lower level ones.  They are attention seekers. They appear to be marginalized in their own society, and I swear they're a little touched, maybe that's why.  Most of them are harmless narcissists and don't have the brains to make any money off their claims.  It’s the ones that are clever and charismatic enough to write a book or two, sing or play a few traditional songs really well, and hold workshops and retreats for personal attention and profit that I’m learning about in these forums.  The guy you met might be this second type and could very well be on his way to becoming a full blown fraud if he’s smart enough to write and publish a book that will get him that desired attention.  ::)


--- Quote from: earthw7 on February 12, 2010, 08:11:24 pm ---Hi and welcome to the board, I would ask which Dakota Nation is he talking about?

Since the nation is divided into many different reservation in the United States. There are 21 different Dakota nation reservation.

I can tell you the nation never gave anyone any right because they could not all agree to the same person.
--- End quote ---

I am bringing this topic to the top because I find the list of 21 different Dakota Nation reservations valuable.


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