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This thread, plus the section on the front page, will list all the groups NAFPS has worked with and all the sites that use us as a resource. Thus anyone wondering whether to believe the rumors being spread by spiritual exploiters and frauds can come to their own conclusions.

Groups and individuals that NAFPS Has Worked With, Including Those That Are Members of NAFPS and Other Activist Groups

American Indian Movement Chapters:
AIM Arizona
AIM Indiana
AIM Support Group of Northern Kentucky/Ohio
New England AIM

American Indian Heritage Support Center
Honor Nation
Iron Lodge (Native Prisoners Support Group)
Our Red Earth
Red Road Collective
Albuquerque Indian Center (NAFPS members toured Europe on a speaking tour to raise funds for them.)

Native Issues Supporters in Europe:
World In Our Hands Foundation
Fourth World

A google search shows us listed at nearly 5,000 sites as of July 2007. Some of those sites are duplicate, or are for the National Armed Forces Pension in Europe.

The number of sites that recommend us is truly a nice sight to see. It seems so many people have been helped.

Sites that list NAFPS as a resource, work with NAFPS members, or whose members recommend NAFPS, in alphabetical order: (Native Prisoners Support Group)

Americas Indigenous People, New Age, and Cultural Appropriation

Anthropik Network

Blog Critics Magazine

Blue Corn Comics

Care 2 Make a Difference

Curanderismo Research Project

Dakota Lakota Singing


Do No Harm (Anishinaabe Activists)

Reviewer on Ebay

Engler Refugee's Homepage

Guru Ratings (Provides Warnings on Dangerous Gurus, Kind of a Hindu Version of NAFPS)

Health on Health

Indian Religion Beliefs

Internet Infidels Discussion Board (Skeptics Society)

Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee;article=16531

Kisikew Wiki, Indigenous News
(From 2007 to as late as June 2010. Then apparently a friend of the site's moderator Annie Childress or Totiake going by the ID of Dualbuster came to NAFPS.

Dualbuster claimed to be the Great White Savior of the Hopi. He also endorsed a fraud who calls herself Mary Summer Rain. Based on that, the KWIN site withdrew its endorsement and claim we engage in "unethical behavior".

That so called "lack of ethics"? Posting what someone has on their Facebook page. But apparently Dualbuster's being an imposter does not bother Ms. Tiotake. And more disturbing, she endorsed the libel put out by Nuage exploiters and white supremacists about NAFPS. Talk about naive...or poor research.)

Ladyhawk's Hogan

Library of

Native Culture Links

Native Youth Magazine (Conservation board)

Planet Twinkie

Raising Our Collective Voices (Native Woman Activist)

Red Road Collective (Anishinaabe Women Activists) (Geneology Forum)

Six Nations Reclamation Info (Urban Legend Debunkers)

Tutor Gig Encyclopedia

Waldorf Critics


Ironically, given how much I've personally criticized Wikipedia, they speak well of us.


Yahoo Answers

Many Pagan sites, whose members often mistakenly fell for Nuage exploiters, have turned to us as a resource.

Future work is needed to cover sites not in English that recommend NAFPS.

[Admin note: Edited to fix broken links and shorten some needlessly long URLs.]

It is hard to name individuals as they or their relatives are likely to be harrassed as educatedindian and his family have been . But here is a few more links to Native run organizations and / or websites that supoport what is done here.

A long list of articles and proclomations asking for help in stopping the abuse of native culture can be found in the  below

There is also

links to
NAFPS Forum - Dedicated to identifying and exposing frauds and exploiters of Native cultures and traditions.

Main page says they are American Indian Heritage Support Center founding voluntary board members are federally enrolled Shawnee, Kiowa, Cherokee, Muscogee-Creek, and Menominee.

The purpose and specific objectives of our organization is to help preserve the varied histories, cultures, and sacred traditions of the American Indian people

The Official Website Of Our Red Earth Greetings...and welcome to the official website of Our Red Earth, a forming non-profit (501c3) organization concerned with First Nations issues, civil rights, and human rights.

One of the pages on the site connects to this website  ;

Here are a few more native run message boards that link to NAFPS
Cherokee message board which links to NAFPS on it's welcome page .

One of several threads which speak in support of NAFPS on a Mi'kmaq message board

A message board run by Native people which lists NAFPS as a resource for dealing or learning about Cultural appropriation and wannabes:

Two members of AIHSC are also members of NAFPS. My oversight. And NAFPS began because of discussions at the old Our Red Earth yahoo group. I've corrected the first list.

Too bad that the Red Road Collective is run by a single delusional woman (Fox...Jane Redfeather Hall), a known fraud who was posing long-time on as a Native woman with a stolen picture on her profile.

Turns out, she is an old white woman pug breeder.  He husband was exposed as covering for her. Both are gone from Indianz in shame.

BTW, their website disappeared overnight.



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