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Advanced Smite:
Ahna Skop (Skop) presented at Hartford Union High School in mid-February 2023. Hartford Union High School tweeted about the presentation and included a picture. The picture happened to be taken at the point in Skop's presentation when she displays a slide containing an image of her family tree. It appears that Skop has slightly changed how she describes her mother's ancestry after becoming aware of the NAFPS thread. The text under her mother's picture now reads "Lebanese & White/Cherokee".

2/21/2023: Twitter Post, Hartford Union High School
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Previously, I posted a timeline of how Skop's family tree slide in her standard presentation/lecture has changed throughout the years. The description of her mother's ancestry has been:
- "Eastern Band Cherokee & Lebanese"
- "Cherokee & Lebanese"
- "Lebanese & Eastern Band Cherokee"
This is a direct link to the NAFPS post that covers the family tree slide:

Ahna Skop is still falsely claiming Cherokee ancestry. I haven't found anything to indicate that Skop's voluntarily returned the UW-Madison Outstanding Woman of Color Award received in 2019/2020 or that she's requested the false information on the University of Wisconsin-Madison's website be corrected. There's also no evidence that UW-Madison has retracted the honor or corrected the false information shared on their website. How disappointing.


--- Quote from: Advanced Smite on January 20, 2023, 07:07:44 pm ---Ahna Skop was the subject of controversy in 2020 when she argued that making jokes about worms was the tip of the iceberg when it came to making jokes about marginalized identities.
Someone on Reddit noticed the unusual way that Ahna Skop determined she was Native American after seeing a post about Wormageddon 2020.
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There is also a Reddit thread this year with a link to the present topic here in NAFPS, with 19 comments so far:

--- Quote ---Wormageddon Scientist Called out for Cherokee Ancestry Claims
I posted this to r/ScienceUncensored, but I wanted folks here to see because this person was mentioned in this subreddit in like 2020.(
Ok so remember in like summer 2020 there was that Wormageddon thing on Twitter, where a prominent C.elegans researcher, Dr. Ahna Skop, compared making jokes about nematodes to making jokes about people of color? She basically got dunked on by all of twitter and there were several articles:
Her time in the spotlight allowed people to examine and question her Cherokee identity. I think it has finally caught up to her because this forum that posts about people faking Native identities, a prominent user who recently exposed an activist in Madison, WI and became international news
has zeroed in on Dr. Skop and the evidence against her Native American claims are wild and really contradict what she says. I recommended people read and discuss the forum post and this person will be posting. I know she's a prominent scientist who has had high impact publications, bases her whole career on POC and inclusivity, and has never been called out. Here is a link to a forum post.
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