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Huna, Ho'oponopono, and other fake "Hawaiian" teachings

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thwere is a thread on chuck spezzano in new age frauds, in his trainers manual on page 20 he stated to study as many as they're "inspired" to study  is Honopono, 

I don't know if anyone will find this useful, but the word "Huna" may have its roots in predynastic Egypt.
I realize that the people on this site will not obviously rely on anecdotal evidence alone, but I might be able to find it in hieroglyphs. I will not be able to do this for a few days, as I am away from home.  The story I heard was that the Egyptian priests fled in many directions,  including to Polynesia,  during one of the many invasions of Egypt.

oh next!! ???

Defend the Sacred:
OMG...  :o

This uncommented 2005 post is mostly about Huna, especially Serge King: [Aloha kakou!]

Huna is mentioned in at least 50 comments in other threads.


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