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Defend the Sacred:
Making a Noise : Why Natives Should Protest Kiesha Crowther

by wyomingoutdoorsman | Feb 25, 2011 |

"The purpose of this video is to motivate people to protest Kiesha Crowther aka Little Grandmother. She is a charlatan. She has no compassion for Native people and she is not concerned that she is harming future generations by confusing authentic traditions with imitation rituals and non-Indian occult practices in an offensive and harmful pseudo-religious hodgepodge. Her activities create a momentous obstacle in the struggle of traditional people for mainstream recognition of our legitimate political, legal and spiritual concerns. She is doing great harm to Native peoples because her bogus teachings supplant Native values of cooperation, generosity, sharing, honesty, and courage with vapid, narcissistic New Age self-centered values."

*** NOTE - video includes a brief but very clear image of the dead from one of the massacres ***

Defend the Sacred:
James Ray, White Shamanism and Death

This one is a collaborative effort by a number of groups and individuals

Includes quotes from Chief Arvol Looking Horse regarding the protocols around Inipi and the other Seven Sacred Rites, as well as testimony and photos from the James Ray DeathLodge trial. Main testimony is from Debbie Mercer, one of the Angel Valley employees who witnessed the death lodge, and tried to help the victims.  Well... after she went a long time without helping, and helped build the airtight deathtent.

And on a lighter note, more satire:

Shamanic New Age Seminar!

by Chuquai Billy and friends

Little Grand What? Little Grand Who? What happens when an NDN checks out a shamanic circle in England. (Run, Chuquai, RUN!!!)



Thanks for sharing


I LOL'd at the bit where he escapes at the end

Defend the Sacred:
AZ v James Arthur Ray in 10 Minutes Excellent summation of the trial, by the usual suspects ;-)

Defend the Sacred:
Incident at Journeys -

Video blog by Dallas Goldtooth of the 1491s

Appropriators often do what they do because NDNs and their cultures are unreal to them. They tend to assume that no NDNs will find out about their offenses. Once upon a time,  some NDNs walked in to a store...


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