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password generator
« on: March 05, 2011, 02:04:21 pm »
if you go to and do a search for password generator you will find several free programs that will generate strong passwords. there is also a large number of other free programs here. this is where i get the majority of the free programs i use myself. (also do a search for comodo, and get the suite. it is what i use to protect my computer (firewall and antivirus) and works very well.

you can also get free stuff from (this is cnet's download center) you just have to sort by freeware as this one also has some programs you have to pay for.

 also you can check which is all open source stuff. you can find web stuff as well as computer stuff, some graphics, all that. but the password generator is one of the most useful. 

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Re: password generator
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I keep learning on this forum.
This is good.

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Re: password generator
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