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Paul Edward Driskill AKA Qwo-Li Driskill

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Archives of past sites:

These archives don't capture everything but it is possible that more leads can be found by looking through various dates.

Extensive story about his father: No mention of Cherokee.

From 2001:

--- Quote --- I am a direct descendent of Sterling and Jasper Ison.

Would love to talk more.Especially trying to figure out Osage history in my father's family.

Qwo-Li Driskill
--- End quote ---

So in 2001 he was trying to find Osage in his father's family.

This is not the best way to do genealogy. Best practice is to start with yourself and then work each step back methodically. You can have clues, ideas, guesses but should be willing to let those go if the records lead elsewhere.

He's instead trying to shoe horn in some Osage.

Ison is indeed one of his direct paternal surnames. I've only done a quick look over but only see everyone listed as white.

Also 2001:

--- Quote ---We have a complex family history, from what I know of it.Would love to be in contact w/ y'all.


Qwo-Li Driskill
--- End quote ---

So, again, at that time he did not know his genealogy. His response was to a query by someone who also is new to genealogy and believes that they have Cherokee heritage.

Cherokee people are very well documented. So if Driskill has Cherokee heritage, it should be possible to find.

Cherokee I've asked say he's non-Native. They also said he made up the stuff he's published about two-spirits among the Cherokee. He's gotten white people to publish it, though, and is trying to make a career for himself in academia.

Did a little digging on this big ol' fraud and there is absolutely no Indian blood in any of the censuses. They are all white. The first posting will be of his father Paul Driskill. Since Paul Jr. only claims his so called Indian blood comes from his father's side of the family I will only post that side of the family.

The 1940 United States Federal Census

View 1940 United States Federal Census

Name:   Paul James Driskill
Age:   3
Estimated birth year:   abt 1937
Gender:   Male
Race:   White
Birthplace:   Colorado
Marital status:   Single
Relation to Head of House:   Son
Home in 1940:   Lamar, Prowers, Colorado
Map of Home in 1940:   View Map
Street:   East Olive Street
House Number:   501
Sheet Number:   2A
Attended School or College:   No
Highest Grade Completed:   None
Neighbors:   View others on page
Household Members:   
Name   Age
Paul Driskill   28
Muriel Driskill   26
Pobby Loe Driskill   8
Patsy Driskill   6
Jimmy Driskill   4
Paul James Driskill   3

Here is the grandfather also named Paul Driskill. He was born in about 1912 to 1913 in some of the censuses.
Paul Driskill in the 1920 United States Federal Census

View 1920 United States Federal Census

Name:   Paul Driskill

Age:   7
Birth Year:   abt 1913
Birthplace:   Colorado
Home in 1920:   Lamar, Prowers, Colorado
Street:   Mullen Street
Residence Date:   1920
Race:   White
Gender:   Male
Relation to Head of House:   Son
Marital status:   Single
Father's name:   W A Driskill
Father's Birthplace:   Illinois
Mother's name:   Isible Driskill
Mother's Birthplace:   Indiana
Occupation:   None
Attended School:   Yes
Neighbors:   View others on page
Household Members:   
Name   Age
W A Driskill   51
Isible Driskill   44
Cora Driskill   16
Roy Driskill   15
Julia Driskill   13
Paul Driskill   7
Retta Driskill   6
Georgia Driskill   4


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