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Re: Mary Leigh AKA Mary Summer Rain
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Why fight someone or something who only wants to bring goodness? Why call someone out who only wanted peace, love, and oneness for all of humanity?

Your vision of humanity is white supremacist.

Your fantasy of whitewashed "oneness" exists without the voices or presence of Native people. It ignores the voices, lives, and realities of Native people who have said "No" to you and those like you. Non-Natives who believe this stuff "play Indian" in their all-white world because it makes them  (you, "ThirteenMoons") feel all warm and fuzzy. In your white-light bubble, there are no Indians, whether as spirits, or as real people. You are alone with your racist fantasies.

Indians are cardboard cutouts in your world, dead spirits, and you've filled in what you believe people should be saying to you. Yet here are pages of actual Indians talking to you, and you instead respond with insults and denials.

Native people have clearly said here that white fantasists like this may make other white people feel good, with their escapist fiction, but it's at the expense of Native people and cultures. As long as you come into Native spaces with these disturbing, condescending diatribes, you do your fan favorite no favors. You just reinforce what we already know - her work contributes to cultural genocide, and empowers white fantasists to believe they can be Native by simply imagining it is so.

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Re: Mary Leigh AKA Mary Summer Rain
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Mary Summer Rain's Facebook presence [Facebook Page and Group(s)]: [Mary summer rain] [Page  · 1,715 followers]
 — which MAY be her. All public posts date back to 2015. Many comments are more recent, I'll quote two:
Jamie Crow
My name is Jamie Crow. I am not a member of this group. I am a devoted follower of Mary Summer Rain and I will defend her good name in her honor. This "Mary summer rain" is NOT Mary Summer Rain, author of 35 books and champion of Truth and Honesty! If you are looking to connect with like-minded people concerning MARY SUMMER RAIN please search again. There are two beautiful and legitimate groups that will love to have you. The Original Mary Summer Rain Appreciation Group (the longest standing and original group on Facebook) and a second group Mary Summer Rain and Our Journey. You will be most welcomed in either group.

I alone am responsible for this post and its content. (1 year ago)
Daniel Wippert
Your a fraud and fake going to expose this mary of polish descend. Stealing indegouness culture for book sales. (16 weeks ago)

I could not find the Original "Mary Summer Rain Appreciation Group". I located the other one:

Fan group (private; 467 members):

About This Group
This group is not personally associated with Mary Summer Rain. She is not a member. That being said, Mary Summer Rain’s work has been pivotal in bringing us together here. She is the cornerstone on which we are founded. We are like minded in many different arenas. Our focus is Pure Love and Spirituality. It is a safe place to express our experiences, our strengths and our hopes. Anonymity is paramount to keeping the group strong.

Our group has evolved since it’s conception on July 17, 2015. In keeping up with the changes our Mother Earth is going through, we too have changed. The scope of our vision has broadened and it now includes amazing scientific findings as Spirituality and Science become One. We will always do our best to check the facts of an article when possible.

As I stated earlier, I ask that we all respect each other’s anonymity. If you have a personal issue with another member, please don’t post it in the group. It is your responsibility to Message that person and deal with it privately. Angry post directed at another member(s) will not be tolerated. It will be deleted immediately. Let Love be our guide.

This is an amazing time to be alive! I hope you will join us on this incredible Journey!

Also there is this one:
[Mary Summer Rain-Our Journey-Disclosure and The Next Level] [Private group · 126 members]

About This Group
UPDATED Mary Summer Rain-Our Journey-Disclosure & the Next Level.
All members of the original parent group Mary Summer Rain and Our Journey are automatically added to this group upon request to join.
This page was originally created to provide a place to talk about the Earth Changes and Disclosures of the Truth. Today is a New Day. Many, if not most, of the Prophecy of No Eyes, have come true. Interaction with other Life Forms has already begun. Soon the existence of our Star Family will be public knowledge. Governments of the world are in chaos and knowledge of worldwide corruption is coming to light every day. All over the world people are angry and take to the streets in protest. And every day a lot of us search the skies for a greenish hue, as we cannot forget No Eyes' warning.
No one knows how long before the Phoenix spreads its massive wings and takes flight over the New Earth. But, it is time for us to "Level Up" ... wake up and prepare ourselves for what might come.
Our purpose is to share ideas of how to survive these turbulent times and bring awareness to the disclosure of important information that has been denied to us.
Our Intention here is NOT to promote Fear and Anxiety. It is purely to share information. Proceed with consideration, Love, and Light to all!
Group created on September 19, 2017. Name recently changed from Mary Summer Rain - Earth Changes and Disclosure.

And for good measure, a fan group in Germany:
[Mary Summer Rain. Weisheit der Shamanen (MRS. Wisdom of the Shamans] [Private group · 1 member]