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Eva Maria and Michael Mora
« on: June 06, 2007, 05:22:27 pm »

I found these people in a regional newspaper, as they came over to Germany for seminars and congresses:

Eva-Maria Mora and Michael Mora

Most of the 1,500 German language sites coming up in a google search present their books, with a few announcement of lectures.

Here is their German language bio which I will translate because there are differences to the English bio at their site:

"Short bio Eva-Maria & Michael Mora

Eva-Maria Mora

Eva-Maria Mora has an MA in economics and in Anglistics, was born in Germany and has been living in Phoenix, Arizona for 5 years now. She has been trained personally by Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch®, and at this point in time she is the only certified German language Quantum-Touch® teacher. Since her childhood, she has taken an interest in spirituality and esoterics, but worked as a top management counselor in Europe for ten years. An illness endangering her life was the turning point in her life. She has been studying alternative ways of healing and does a training to be an angel therapist and medium with Dr. Doreen Virtue. She is a founder of Quantum Angel Healing®; does individual healing sessions and workshops in Europe and in the USA. She met her American husband Michael during his shamanic training at an Indian "vision quest".

Michael Mora

Michael was born in Los Angeles, USA and has been studying religions and cultures from all over the world for 20 years (including Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt).

He has been trained e.g. by a Hopi-Apache [sic] and learned "The Old Ways" of shamanism and traditional Indian dance.
He is an artist and designer, designs spiritual jewelry, power pendants, and works with crystals. Aqua Aura, Rainbow, and Angel-Aura crystals may be obtained through the website. Michael is a certified Quantum-Touch teacher and has studied Angel Therapy with Dr. Doreen Virtue. His healings are very powerful and integrate various healing techniques from all over the world.

Michael and Eva-Maria Mora will do individual sessions, and do lectures workshops worldwide.

Quantum-Angel Healing, Psychic Readings, Angel Readings, Angel Aura Crystals, Angel Healing
For More Information Contact:
Eva-Maria Mora, ATP & Michael Mora, ATP
Scottsdale, Arizona & Worldwide
Tel: (480) 200-7580"

And this is Mr Mora's English bio on the above site, "about us" section:

Michael is a spiritual teacher, artist and life coach who empowers people and their self-healing. He designs and creates personal power pendants which represent the spirit of the wearer (e.g. power animals, angels, spiritual symbols). He uses Native American beadwork-techniques and hand-wraps crystals with 24 K gold. Michael is a lifelong student and researcher of Shamanism, Egyptian Mystery Schools and indigenous cultures. He practices martial arts and Native American dancing. He is trained by Doreen Virtue in Angel Therapy and is a Quantum-Touch practitioner. He is very powerful in running life force energy and uses ancient, indigenous knowledge as basis to deal with current life issues and healing of illnesses. Michael is teaching workshops and conducting ceremonies in the US and Europe. He is available for healing sessions by appointment.
This is what clients can learn with the Moras and what costs they face:

"You will learn about:

-        Angels & Archangels, who they are and how they can help you
-        raising your own energy levels
-         the “Angel-Breath???
-         the importance of intention
-         QA-readings & QA-healings
-         limiting belief systems
-         the filter system of the brain
-         basic principles of quantum physics (What the Bleep !?®)
-         power of hidden programming
-         new “Angelic-Healing-Formula??? releasing of unwanted energies from your DNA
          including fears, emotional blockages, past life issues, addictions
-         protection & shielding
-         crystal healing & sound healing
-         opening the heart & third eye
-         discovering and developing your own spiritual gifts and talents

Special Guest at our Certification Program:  Tracey Thom, with her Angel Harp Tracey is a registered nurse and certified in Quantum-Angel-Healing. Her special gift is to provide healing and open the heart with her beautiful Angel Harp. It is sound & vibrational therapy at the same time. The Harp is placed and strummed on the body! This is a peaceful and unique healing experience. She is also available for healing appointments in her own practice.

Date: February 22nd - 25th, 2007


Marriott Residence Inn Hotel
17011 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale AZ 85255

 Pay Online Click Here    

 Costs: 4 Days - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Certification Program - $ 555.


Believe it or not, within every person lives a Phoenix (your true self) waiting and wanting to be reborn and emerge from deep within them. All it takes is the fire from their hearts, true desire and love to ignite and awaken the mighty and powerful Phoenix that lives in their soul. Once awakened, your Phoenix can take you to places that for most people would be unreachable (such as other worlds, or the “real world??? – which is right in front of your eyes, but that your brain will not let you see). It can also show you how to do things inwardly and outwardly, that normal society would consider impossible.

This is the real world of the Shamaness or Shaman and if you have the desire and heart it can be your world, too. For the first time, we are offering a two day interactive workshop on the fundamentals of Shamanism (or survival tools for the spiritual path).

Topics that we will be covering are:

1.  The science behind Shamanism.
2.  How can we see and interact with Spirit Guides, Power Animals,  Elementals and Angels.
3.  The Sacred Circle (creating your own universe).
4.  Learning basic Native American dance steps along with their purpose and traditions.
5.  Shape shifting (how it’s done and why).
6.  Dream Circle (an opportunity to interpret a dream you may have questions about).
7.  Shamanism in the modern world.

These two days will be a unique experience and much of what we will cover is not available to the general public. So if you have the desire and heart we look forward to having you participate.   Michael Stands Tall          

Location: 17212 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale AZ 85255 (The Pillar Apt. club house)

Space Limited to 20 Participants

Dates & Times:

3/23/07   Friday Evening 6 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

3/24/07   Saturday 1- 5 p.m.
(This part will be in the desert, north of the Pillars club house.)

Dinner break 5 - 6 p.m. Start back at 6 p.m.
Official ending will be at 8 p.m.

We will be available for questions after end of class.

COST: $250 (U.S.) Sign Up Online
This is the interview done with them by a German newspaper, Morgenpost:

Congress Centre Hamburg: Angels let loose!
1,700 esoteric believers from all over the world meet at congress/MOPO made a contact

Esoterics - An enormous business. The "2nd International Angel Congress" is taking place in CCH; entrance fee is EURO 290 for three days. This amount will enable the mostly female visitors to hear lots of lectures by women (and a few men) who talk to angels. Aura photographies and room sprays, scent: 'Archangel Raffael', must be paid for additionally. MOPO talked to 'angel healer' Eva Maria Mora and her husband Michael, a shaman.

MOPO: Frau Mora, are there angels present right now?
EMM: Yes. You got four around you.

MOPO: Why four?
EMM: Every person got two guardian angels which belong to them. And now you got two additional ones helping you with your job.

MOPO: Ah so. But when a child dies in an accident, then his angels must have failed, didn't they?
EMM: When the time to die has not yet come for a human being, the angels will prevent them from dying. But when a child dies, then its soul contract has expired.

MOPO: But there are valid economic reasons for African children dying from starvation - or did they just sign bad soul contracts?
EMM: Children chose their parents. This means, souls chose where they want to re-incarnate. And some souls out of compassion agree to go to these regions.

MOPO: Isn't this a rather cynical attitude?
EMM: We're never cynical.

MOPO: What will you tell people who think this is esoteric baloney?
EMM: As angel healers, we refer to epigene research and quantum physics. It has been proven e.g. that information is saved in the energy body which can cause phobias. Cancer, too, at a rate of 95% is not caused by genes, but by exterior circumstance. Critics know nothing. They can read about the scientific basics.

MOPO: And, Mr Mora, what have angels got to do with the Indians?
MM: American natives can see angels. They don't have this filter which prevents many people in the West from seeing. Here, people stop seeing angels by the time they are 5 years. If not, you'll be isolated in your group. Human beings are programmed to see only things in which they believe.

MOPO: Why are there almost exclusively women attending the congress?
MM: Women are much more sensitive, they want to know why they feel things. The most important task for the men would be to make their wives happy.

MOPO: What do angels look like?
EMM: They can appear as a light ball, e.g., then they call themselves Orbs. You can take photos of these.

MOPO: You can talk to angels, Frau Mora?
EMM: I pass on the questions of people to the angels and they reply. Do you want to know what advice your angels got for you?

MOPO: Yes, of course. What is it?
EMM: You shouldn't give in.
MOPO: Thank you for this interview.
(MOPO dd June 02,.2007 / PAGE 14)


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Re: Eva Maria and Michael Mora
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I think I saw this lady on the TV some years ago when this Angel thing was real popular with Nuagers. She was at Sedona doing whatever it was she is suppose to be doing. That's not far from Scottsdale AZ..  frederica

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Re: Eva Maria and Michael Mora
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look at the feathers he has
all the same eh?
who makes skull shashes


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Re: Eva Maria and Michael Mora
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Might be cardboard. I've seen some with these as are not able to get the real thing. lol. frederica