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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN: 3ndless 3arth 3covillage: Mountainranch, CA


Here they claim that Keith made a Sioux tipi  for their permacultural community:

3ndless 3arth 3covillage:


--- Quote ---What We’ve Achieved
Clearing 5+ acres of trash, burnt trees, brush, piping, grow bags, and plastic in the valley from an old cannabis operation that was abandoned.

Organizing our community in Calaveras County with Ecstatic Dances at the Rail Road Flat Community Hall once a month.

We have built an outhouse for composting toilets, a 22’ diameter Sioux Tipi from our own burnt cedar trees, a half acre farm with an 80’ long shade house, an outdoor kitchen space with gas stove and plumbing, a serene beach on Jesus Maria Creek, and a 9’x7’ Cob Chicken Coop for our 15 hens with an extended chicken run.

Hosted a community Summit in July 2020 gathering like minds to create a cooperative in the Foothills.

Donate our time to other community members working on their lands.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Totonacjv on September 04, 2020, 01:15:12 am ---Website:
--- End quote ---

Not clickable. This is enough: (Facebook click identification not needed.) — Two men, one woman. No names given.

--- Quote from: ---Cooperative Meeting at Rail Road Flat Community Hall Saturday, September 12, 2020

During our first Summit in July 2020 we discussed 3 important topics that are all interconnected and create a resilient community in the Sierra Foothills. We focused on Forest Restoration & Fire Prevention, Biodynamic Farming Practices, and Creating a Cooperative in the Foothills to support each other.

This meeting we will gather specifically to create a working cooperative model for the community to bring down our collective costs while providing goods and services to one another as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

We will begin by going over a rough draft framework of a working cooperative that Keith James, Eric Stalberg, and Hillary Solsbery have written that can be implemented in our community regardless of the product or service you are buying or selling.
--- End quote ---

My bolding. These are probably the three persons depicted more than once on the website.

I cannot see any claims of Native American connections, except the building of a "Sioux Tipi", where construction details abound on the Internet, e.g. There must be many thousands built out there.

Do these people really qualify to be discussed in this forum? I cannot see they are frauds in any way?


--- Quote from: Sparks on September 04, 2020, 11:31:49 am ---Do these people really qualify to be discussed in this forum? I cannot see they are frauds in any way?
--- End quote ---

Also, absolutely nothing about shamans or shamanism in any of all the pages and posts I could find.

3ndless 3arth 3covillage has a Facebook page:

Keith James is also on Facebook:


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