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Michael Clemente Rodriguez NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN


This person I believe should go right to Frauds section although I know I don't have the ability to do that here.
He is Mexican American and claims Aztec blood, but acts as an expert on all things American Indian also.
He is a dangerous person and two-time convicted sex offender and is listed on the Wisconsin Sex Offender registry.
He has been kicked out of three sweat lodges in Milwaukee County for incidents of sexual advances, assaults, and harassment of female participants. He is currently being investigated at a recent incident at a sweat lodge in Mukwonago. He seems to go from sweat to sweat targeting women. He needs to be stopped.

Here's the links:

Here's his charges and information:

State Of Wisconsin vs Michael C Rodriguez
Waukesha County Case Number 1998CM000218
4th Degree Sexual Assault-Misd. A-Offense Date-11-21-1997-No Contest on 01-20-1999
On 02-22-1999 the following was ordered: Local Jail - Imposed and Stayed 6 Months
Probation, Sent Imposed 2 Years-Jail Time 30 days

Milwaukee County Case Number 1999CM004057
State vs Michael C Rodriguez
4th Degree Sexual Assault-Misd. A.-Offense Date-10-15-1998-Guilty on 06-18-1999
On 07-14-1999 the following was ordered: House of Correction 120 Days


DOC #:      00191161      Height:   5' 7"
Gender:   Male      Weight:   180 lbs.
Race:   White      Eye Color:   Brown
Age:   50      Hair Color:   Black
Ethnicity :   Hispanic         

Registration Begin:   02/22/2001   Registration End:   02/22/2016
Compliance Status:   COMPLIANT      

Incarceration/Supervision Status:   Off DOC/Division of Community Corrections Supervision

Residence:   5321 N MILWAUKEE RIVER
   Report Date:     01/18/2006
Verified Date:     06/17/2015
Registrant Responded to latest USPS mail:   Yes

Found one more link describing his charges.

Michael C Rodriguez Registered Sex Offender 
  Michael C Rodriguez Registration Details     
Criminal Record of Michael Rodriguez
Age:50Race:HispanicSex:MaleEyes:BrownHeight:5'7Hair:BlackWeight:180 lbs.
Offense or Statute
Offense/Statute:Fourth-degree Sexual AssaultDate Convicted:20 January 1999
View Michael C Rodriguez's Criminal Record 
Collected from this official state registry website or page:

This link defines what 4th degree sexual assault is under state law, sexual contact without consent or statutory rape which may including forcible. We don't know which of those, or possibly both, that MCR committed.

Moved to Frauds because of danger to the public. I haven't been able to find an online presence for him yet, at least in part because the name is so common.

This is his Facebook page:

To the moderators, Michael Rodriguez, we found out earlier today, is deceased having committed suicide. So I'm fine with removing this post and putting closure on the issue.


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