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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN: Philip Young aka Philip Kansa aka Spirit Bear

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This is what I found on Mr Young on German language sites.

According to information found at various sites, his legal name seems to be Philip Young, but apparently he also goes by the name of 'Philip Kansa' as he claims his g-grandmother was a Kansa shaman and by the 'ndn name' of Spirit Bear. Young seems to be married to a German citizen and at one site was said to live in Germany.
"Spirit Bear is clearvoyant, a shaman and comes from the USA. He is of Indian descent, has studied psychology and obtained a BsC. His book "Soul and Psyche" has been brought out by Messrs Schirner."

"Our travel guide Spirit Bear is of Indian descent and a psychologist. The ancient history of the Indians says that when all four human races are at peace with each other, all beings will be redeemed. It is Spirit Bear's path to contribute to this."

This site offers a review of a CD produced by Young, and although presumably done by someone into esoterics, is none too favourable:
The author's name here is:  "Philip Kansa (Spirit Bear)"
"Involuntarily funny adventure trip to the Ego

"Does somebody remember Bill Ramsey? No? Some time during the 60ies, Ramsey sang "I'd like to buy a Tirolean hat" [in German language] and ... got well-known for his funny, typically American accent. The very same accent as on this meditational CD from Messrs Schirner. It is called 'Journey to Mother Earth' and a genuine American Indian is the verbal guide and companion. And this genuine American Indian not only goes by the funny name of Philip Kansa aka Spirit Bear. His pronounciation is so funny one might be inclined to believe that this is a comedy CD produced by a clever German-American doing a caricature of the esoteric
scene and its 'lait beck' attitudes. Although later it does become evident that the gentleman is in full earnest and in fact means to lead us to Mother Earth.
The quality of this CD will also be found lacking as to its content, especially regarding the relaxing part in the beginning. [...]

[The reviewer says that SB's accent makes this CD so hilarious that instead of relaxing one's muscles, one will end up with aching muscles and gasping for breath due to laughing so hard.] [...]

This site gives a little info on SB's vita; site owner is a German person, Elke Kircher, who at another site (cf further down) is said to be his wife:

"Philip (Spirit Bear) is clairvoyant, shaman, and comes from the USA. He is of Indian descent.
His training and initiation was done with several shamans, e.g. with Medizin [sic] Hawk, a shaman of the Cherokee. Due to his long spiritual path he got into contact with the wisdom of his ancestors which he now transfers into the New Age. Philip channels Red Deer, a wise Anasasi [sic] shaman full of love, and Akanthos, a light being. He wrote the book "Soul and Psyche" on this. Philip has studied psychology and obtained a BSc."

This is the site of a well-known esoteric bookshop in Hamburg. They also organize events like lectures, seminars etc. They got several announcements for Spirit Bear:
The first one is for two weekend seminars SB does with a person by the name of 'Cloud Eagle':

"When the power of the Eagle joins force with the Spirit of the Bear

Spiritual teacher Cloud Eagle of the tribe of Pueblo Indians will visit Germany and, with his friend and brother Spirit Bear, will do two weekend seminars on rituals and prophecies of the North American Indians.
Cloud Eagle and his people live at the Nambé Reservation in New Mexico/USA. Elke Kirchner and her husband Philip Kansa, who live in the South of Hamburg and run a seminar centre for shamanism and angel work, met Cloud Eagle several years ago together with the American psychologist Chuck Spezzano.
Elke Kirchner and Philip Kansa support Cloud Eagle's work with the donation project "The Good Red Path" (we reported in July 2006, please also see at our site) to help Indian children and youths in a financial way to learn about their ancient traditions and abilities so that these aren't lost and the young people of the First Nations stay in connection with their roots.
During the seminar "Power Bear made of stone", Cloud Eagle - who is also a sculptor - will teach participants to create their own power bear from stone. The bear is a symbol of healing on all levels for the Pueblo Indians. Further contents of the seminar will be a power animal journey and the blessing of the power animals.
During the second weekend, participants will be given the possibilty to experience what it is like to live in accordance with the rhythm of nature and to find their own soul path. Cleansing rituals and sun rising and pipe ceremonies will support this. You will also hear about the Pueblo Indians' prophecy: 'When all four human races (white, yellow, red, black) will live in peace with each other, all beings will be redeemed." It is the path of Cloud Eagle and Spirit Bear to contribute to this vision. "When the white animals are born, the time of peace will be near", it is said and this
is what is happening these days all over the world.
There will also be two evenings of experience with CE and SB, dedicated to the prophecy, to world peace and peace rituals. They will also deal with personal issues [of participants].
Evenings of Experience: Nov 16 and 21, 2007, 19:30 - app 22:00
Fee: EURO 25 per participant.
"Power Bear made of Stone" Nov 17/18, Fee: EURO 210 incl accom and food
Indian Days of Culture and Shamanism, Nov 24/25 2007. Fee: EURO 95 per day incl food

Another announcement from the site maintained by the Hamburg bookshop:

"New: once monthly Vision of Love
Shamanic Circle of Healing and Meditation in Hamburg at Wrage's. With shaman and spiritual teacher Spirit Bear-Philip. There will be shamanic healing rituals, meditations and channelings.
Philip has the gift of touching people and open their hearts with his spiritual power and the wisdom of his heart in order to let healing happen. He is of Indian descent. His trainings and iniations [sic - plural forms] were done with various shamans. [...]
Sep 18, Oct 16, Nov 29, 2997, 19:30 - app 22:00
Fee: EURO 25 [...]

Shaman's Day with Spirit Bear
The shaman will introduce you to the powerful world of the buffalo and bear nation. Healings, visions, and the true connection to the power of our four-legged brothers is what you can experience. You will be initiated and opened for this path. The power of the spiral of the Hopi Indians with its redeeming effects will be part of this seminar.
Sep 9 2007, 11:00 - 19.00, Fee: EURO 90 incl food [...]"
This site also offers SB's CD and offers more or less the same regarding the CD's description and info on his vita. However, the author(s) seem to be puzzled by Young's use of different names, as they alternately speak of him as 'Philip Kansa' and 'Philip Young'. They also say Mr Young has been working as a shaman for more than 25 years, and more than 20 of these years outside of the USA, mostly in Europe.

This site is for SB's CD again, but with another detail re his CV:

"Journey to Mother Earth by Kansa, Philip
EURO 13.95

[...] Philip Young [sic!] whose shamanic name is Spirit Bear, comes from the USA and is of Indian descent, his great-grandmother was a shaman with the tribe of Kansa Indians. He studied psychology (Bachelor of Science) as well as German (magister artium) and has been working for more than 25 years as a shaman after having been trained by various shamans, among them Medicine Hawk of the Cherokee as well as teachers of the tribes of Lakota and Anasasi{sic!!!], and has worked for more than 20 years outside of the USA, mostly in Europe. In his seminars, participants will learn about the valuable teachings of Indian shamans which serve to heal people and mother earth."

The following site presents ads for a seminar and sweat sold by a person claiming to have been trained by Spirit Bear and Kachinas Kutenai:
"andreas wesemann
First regular weekend Fri Feb 08 19:00, end Sun 10, 17:00.
Contents: Shamanic traditions of knowledge, the role of shamanism in modern Middle Europe, ..., introduction to shamanic basic techniques. [...]
Fee: EURO 230 PLUS accom, please bring own food.
Sat Mar 08 15:00 till Sun Mar 08, 13:00 Lakota Sweatlodge at [...] Veronika Knoche will lead the women's sweat.
Fee: EURO 60 plus EURO 10 for accom
My teachers: Winfried Picard, shaman and lecturer at FSS Germany.
Philip Kansa Spirit Bear, shaman, Germany & USA.
Elke Kircher, shaman and angel medium, Germany.
Katchinas Kutenai, Apache medicine woman, USA."

And an entry in an Austrian esoteric forum by another person claiming SB as his teacher:

"July 03, 2006, 22:43
User White Wise Bear
registered since Jul 2006
Place: Bremen
postings 12
"My name is Tim Oliver [...]. I was born in Bremen in 1982 and am on my spiritual path for more than seven years. My shamanic name is White Wise Bear. I am a trained shaman; I say thanks to my teachers "Spirit Bear" (an Indian shaman) and his wife "Holy Waterfall" for their lessons.
I am also a trained mental healer; I say thanks to my teacher "Christian Stippekohl" and the renowed healers Anne Hübner & Pyotr Elkunoviz. My further fields are cleansing of interfering radiation, cranio-sacral therapy, channeling and much more... [...]"

(translator's note: "Holy Waterfall"???? - holy sh**! I'd apply for a divorce from a husband giving me that name!)
He further mentions crystal surgery, shamanic work, a metamorphosis method, spiritual alchimy, energetic balance massaging, programming of healing foils, spiritual life counceling, symbol channeling.

This "White Wise Bear" has registered in my board, too. As usual we (not only I myself) asked him some very direct questions, regarding his "Native Teachers" - he replied that he wants to investigate on the claims they made. He tried to advertise his teacher Wise Bear - but we put him down on that. At the moment he does not reply anything on this topic - he avoids this themes at the moment. But we think his teachers (another one is Pjotr, a healer claiming to heal nearly anything) are Frauds and calculating on the naivity of their pupils who seem to pay much money for their ... teachings.

White Wise Bear (We call him "Weisses Weisbier") is currently on the edge of being banned from my board because of his reluctancy in replying to these questions. At the moment I am still giving him a chance because I think he is pretty ignorant on his teachers.

At least he stopped claiming being a shaman in my board.


Neil Greenwood.

If anyone wanted to contact the tribe directly, found this:

Also this:

The IPL, which is a pretty extensive collection of Native authors, doesn't have him listed. They list exploiters as well, as long as they are Native authors (and sometimes have listed frauds by mistake.)

If Young actually has any ancestry, I have no idea why he'd be taught by an alleged Cherokee. Think I found his teacher Medicine Hawk, with a bio on a page by one of his franchisees:
"Medicine Hawk is Dr. Medicine Hawk Wilburn, Born in Olive Hill Kentucky. He has been published in over fifty metaphysical periodicals, including Wildfire and Circle Network New. In 1982 he received the Silver Salamander Award for Excellence in Journalism. Hawk is the author of twenty five cassette tapes and three books. Totem, Thunderhead and Native American Animal Spirits. He graduated from Mercer University, Georgia State University with BS, NED and PhD Degrees. Medicine Hawk is Elder and Past Council Chief of the Shadowlight Medicine Clan, International and professor of Education and psychology at three California Universities. He now lives in San Bernardino, Calif."

Another franchisee:

His books:

As you can see, one book is Wiccan, one is New Age, and the third is a guide for non-Natives to do what he claims are Native ceremonies, which actually mostly seem to be medicine wheel stuff lifted from H Storm.

And Wilburn's Shadowlight Clan. Pretty much there's nothing the slightest bit Native about it except (possibly) Wilburn's ancestry.
"Shadowlight History and Founder
Shadowlight was founded 1985 by Dr Medicene Hawk Wilburn.  Founded in the Southern States Hawk moved the Shadowlight Clan to Southern California .
Taught at a yound age Native American Shamanic ways , he followed a seeker's path of spiriturity  which included Romany, Celtic, Saxon and Druid traditions. Currently a author of several books; American Indian Ceremonies, Urban Santeria, Recoven and the soon to be reprinted Thunderhead.  He is the leader of the Grey Cat Nation in Southen California  who's members  follow a  Teutonic Wiccan path. His articles have appeared in FATE  Magazine, Wildfire, Elements, Circle Network News, Ile Orunmila Gazette, American Educator, Education Digest and Southwest University Anthropological Journal.
                                              Current Leader
He gifted the Shadowlight name and responseibilites to Tarna Blackelm. She has brought in a Celtic/Druid flavor to Shadowlight and moved it from Southen California to North Dakota. Shadowlight provides a safe Haven for the followers of earth based religions of  North Dakota to meet, network and do ritural together.
Tarna is the Shaman of Shadowlight, and holds a 2nd degree in Druidry, leads the Shadows of the Oak and Willow  Grove and is a student of Northwind, American Tradition of Wicca frounded by Grey Cat. - Deeping Witchcraft.
What do we teach?
We teach a earth based lifestyle/religion. We believe in personal responsibility for you action."

There is a well known Pueblo artist from Namble called Cloud Eagle, Ernest Mirabal. But I doubt that's the same one, at least I hope not.

And that claim to have an Anasazi teacher? The Anasazi did not become extinct like many archaeologists mistakenly claim. Their descendants are among the Hopi, Pueblo, and Zuni.

I found a few sites in German language mentioning Cloud Eagle, but they do not provide info as to his real-life name. They mention Cloud Eagle is a renowed artist and sculptor (cf below). It is, however, not quite clear whether Mirabal and Cloud Eagle are one and the same person - there is some more info on CE's vita below which does not seem to match. Perhaps the photos available at these sites may help.

Both this and the following site have photos of Cloud Eagle:

This article again mentions the 'donation project' founded by Mr Young and his wife Elke Kirchner; they do not offer any info on a possible tax-exempt status. The only info I can find googling this project comes up here, not on Young's/Kirchner's own site:

"[...] During a seminar with Chuck Spezzano in New Mexico, Philip Kansa met the Indian Cloud Eagle and saw and experienced how the Indian tribes live on reservations today. Thus the idea came into being to create a seminar place with the Indians in Santa Fe and so offer a possibility to the First Nations people living there to earn their own money instead of going on to live on state support as before. Elke Kirchner and Philip Kansa have also founded a donation project with
which they intend to do their share so that the culture of the American indigenous population can be alive again.

Elke Kirchner reports:
We do not mean to dig up the past too much. Just something to enable understanding: The Indians of North America for generations were not allowed to practice their rituals and their religion or speak their own languages. You can see the result in the reservations today.

During our visit at the  Nambé Indian Reservation, with a tribe of the Pueblo Indians, we learned that the suicide rate of children and youths is highest among the Indians of North America. Since generations, alcoholism is at home in almost every family.
And still there are people among them following their vision and who bring a strong power of change and healing to these places. Cloud Eagle is one of them. He studied and worked for the US government in the field of research for winning energy. Developments and incidents in his life brought about his starting something completely new.

Cloud Eagle is a renowned sculptor and artist today. He spent the last ten years bringing together shamans from many countries to enable much more healing worldwide. Now he plans to give all his strength and his abilities for the youths and children of his people. He has got two wonderful daughters, one a youth, the other a young adult. In his studio in New Mexico he does classes to teach children and youths, e.g. on sculpture, making shoes, dance dresses and crafts from clay.
With these teachings and abilities, combined with sacred ceremonies, he takes them closer to their traditional belief. We saw Cloud Eagle working with the children, they have got much respect for him, he is one of them. In a loving and powerful way he shows them their strength and gives them back their roots.

On one of Cloud Eagle's properties, a culture and seminar centre is being built which is led by Indians in order to keep their families and carry their culture into the world.
In May 2006, we took the first group to this place we see as sacred and did a seminar together with Cloud Eagle. Our participants, same as us, were deeply touched by the rituals he led for us.

His deep spirituality, his knowledge, and his deep connection to mother earth and the great spirit opened new doors for us. It is a place where strangers become friends and all colours of the skin are one. Our next trip is planned for May 2007.
With Vision of Love's donation project "The Good Red Path" we want to enable Indian children and youths to get deeper into their own traditions and abilities again, and we are looking for donors prepared to give EURO 40 per month for one year.
Additionally, we want to support our friend and brother in building a cultural centre in which all cultures and colours of skin heal in a togetherness and may grow spiritually. A place where strangers become friends. We are grateful for every donations to build tipis, baths and a kitchen.

Information: Vision of Love, Elke Kirchner and Philip Kansa, [...] Quickborn
Account for donations: Elke Kirchner, "The Good Red Path", Account No [...], Kreissparkasse Südholstein [...]"

Still active, this is from 2012, google translation

--- Quote ---Elke Kirchner & Spirit Bear
Phillip Kansas (Spirit Bear) is clairvoyant Shaman and comes from the United States. He is of Indian descent.
His training and initiations he made ??at various shamans, medicine Hawk among others, a
Shaman of the Cherokee. Due to his long spiritual path he is with the wisdom of his ancestors in
Come contact, which he now taught in the new age. Phillip channeling Red Deer, a loving and
Anasasi have shamans and Acanthus, a being of light. To this end, the book is "Soul and Psyche" in Schirner
Verlag. Phillip has studied psychology with a Bachelor of Science degree.
Elke Kirchner is clairvoyant and goes the way of the shaman. You Uriel channeling, angelic beings, and communicates with a
Light Beings and Angels in contact. Elke brings people to their true selves, solves them with blockades and
Hurdles lovingly. In addition, they inspired the authors L. Hay and C. Spezzano in their work. Both
Seminar leaders are intermediaries between the earthy material and the spiritual world full of light
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Shamanic Healing Circle with Spirit Bear
Recent messages from the spirit world to 2012, and the queuing personal issues.
Shamanic knowledge and techniques for sensing and "go".
Sunday 4 March 2012 / 14.00 o `clock until about 1
--- End quote ---


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