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Kylie Githabul "Marjambi Githabul, woman inspiring economic standards globally for Original peoples"

Rachel Shiamh, Welsh, dancer, sustainable living

Philip Carr-Gomm, "author in the fields of psychology and Druidry, a psychologist, and one of the leaders and Chosen Chief of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druid"

Rev. Peter Owen Jones, "English Anglican priest, author and television presenter"

Paul Manweiler white, "Lifeworks Global"

Pat McCabe "Pat McCabe, known as Woman Stands Shining, is a Dine' (Navajo) mother, grandmother, activist, artist, writer, ceremonial leader and international speaker"

Mike Grenville "independent Funeral Celebrant and Dying Doula"

Michael Tellinger "South African author, politician, explorer and founder of the Ubuntu Party" "stone circles"

Lucinda Drayton, new age musician, meditation, counselor

Glenn Harrold, British self-help author, hypnosis

Freddy Silva "leading expert on crop circles"

Yiannis Pittis "Qabalistic Tree of Life"

Wachan Wilkasara "Willkasara - Wachan is an Inca medicine man"

Virginia Mutwa "Sangoma healer"

James Tyberonn "mixed Euro & Native American heritage, and has completed seven 5-day vision quests in the Lakota modality, and several 3 1/2 day fasting dance ceremonies . He has had numerous shamanic journeys in Mexico and in South America", channels Archangel Metatron

Tom Kenyon "teacher, scientist, sound healer, shaman, and psychotherapist. He is also a channel for Mary Magdalene and for the Hathors"

The people I was not able to easily find much info on:

Sonny Green
Luz Navarette
Andrea Cramer
Dan Scheiber
Marc Cuthbert
Raul Mijares
Peter Falt
Peter Brinch
Jessica Arrillaga
Shai Danon
Louis Standon
Jo Crow
Brian Viziondanz (white, wizard, died in 2011)
Sheikh Gamel Oyen
Yeva Gladwin
Tom Ventham

We'll likely be able to identify them by using their photos plus googling.

Even with doing a reverse image search, don't see anything on "Sheikh Gamel Oyen" other than mention in this film.

The film was reported about here in the forum in 2013:

--- Quote from: Autumn on October 04, 2013, 04:04:56 pm ---
--- Quote from: Piff on October 03, 2013, 09:17:59 pm ---Dawn [Eagle Woman "Wyoming Shaman" Cheryl Gebert White] is one of the speakers in this planned Nuage film
--- End quote ---

Her idea of spirituality is so similar to many others in that she seems to go by the theory of "throw everything at it to see what sticks".

That film she is involved in seems to have started with the 2012 craze, but did not quite make it in time.

--- Quote ---Trailers for the upcoming film TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN teasers. (still in production) - Anticipated release late summer 2012.
--- End quote --- …

According to their Facebook page, the rough cut of the film was shown in July of this year.  Seems like it is sort of anticlimatic, but maybe they re-tooled it.

Just look at the list of experts that will be speaking in the film:

I am not familiar with all of the speakers, but some of them are known frauds investigated on this site and they also throw in a few that I personally have respect for, but then again I think they are using the "throw everything at it to see what sticks" plan.  :) :)
--- End quote ---

Sonny Green white, hip-hop/rap musician

Luz Navarette “Sacred Passages”, hypnotherapist, retired educator

Dan Scheiber, white, doing something new age

Marc Cuthbert, white, "visionary", "shifting the paradigm"

Peter Falt "California-based BMW Group DesignworksUSA"

Peter Brinch U.K. "Open Pollinated Seeds Initiative"

Shai Danon, musician

Jo Crow "Shamanic Practitioner"

Yeva Gladwin, crop circles, "Colin Andrews' personal assistant", obits online for a "Yeva Gladwin" that may be for her

Tom Ventham and family "walked from Sussex to Spain with their two dogs and a horse"

No clue yet on:

Andrea Cramer
Jessica Arrillaga
Raul Mijares
Sheikh Gamel Oyen

This is huge. And maybe, somehow, some good intentions?? However, the one name of David Icke discredits everything for me. And then, all the other crackpots, cranks and frauds in there. I suspect good people like Desmond Tutu cannot have understood what context they would be placed in? The film was 11 years in the making, and many of the participants may have had little knowledge of who other would be presented?

Here is the film's online presence at the moment, including a few quotes, so you can see the broad picture:

--- Quote from: ---THE WISDOM OF THE ELDERS
Time of the Sixth Sun is an inspirational and uplifting documentary film about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Earth. Our ancestors understood our symbiotic relationship to nature and the elements, and foresaw the collapse of an unsustainable world. Filmed predominantly in North America, Mexico, Peru, S.Africa, India, Egypt, Israel and Australia, this film is a synergy of ancient wisdom from the indigenous Elders and insights from pioneers of new energy consciousness, who collaboratively hold the vision of a new earth experience.

The film is introduced by Greta Scacchi and narrated by ‘Tobias’, an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.  Our crew flew to Colorado and whilst Geoffrey was in a trance state, we asked Tobias if he would tell our story. He called it ‘the biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced’.

“You are witnessing the dissolving of old systems and the birth of new energy consciousness. It is time to re-member who you are and why you are here, at this time of the greatest change ever.” (Tobias)
--- End quote ---

I think this is incredibly crazy:

--- Quote from: ---Tobias of the Crimson Council
Following in the footsteps of Lee Carroll, Hoppe established himself as a channeler in his own right in 1999.[3][4][14] The entities that Hoppe claims he channels are Tobias, Saint-Germain and Kuthumi.[1][15][16] Tobias - according to Hoppe - is an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, but is most noted for his lifetime as Tobit (also known as Tobias), one of the main characters in the apocryphal biblical Book of Tobit.[4][14][17][18]
--- End quote ---

(For a short introduction to the phenomenon, see:

--- Quote from: ---Hello and welcome! Please watch the video below to find out more about the Movie and 8-Part Documentary series launching online 24 April 2019 and how you too can watch it for FREE...

International Visitor? The movie will be subtitled in 16 languages:
Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenia,  Spanish and Swedish!

Can't wait to register to watch for free? Use this button!
--- End quote ---

See also:

YouTube channel:

Facebook Page:

--- Quote from: ---Launching 24 April 2019

Time of the Sixth Sun - the MOVIE·Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Time of the Sixth Sun is a story filmed over 11 years in 16 countries about the awakening human and the memory that our shared experience be one of unity rather than one of separation.

Over eight five wisdom keepers share their sacred transmissions on how to transition into a more heart-based culture in this move and 8-part documentary series - available for free - online for 10 days from 24 April 2019.
The movie stars Estas Tonne, a Russian Gypsy troubadour on his journey of enlightenment, challenged by the Trickster played by Peter Moore, guided by Spirit channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe and introduced by actress, Greta Scacchi.

A synergy of indigenous ceremonies and powerful interviews produce a multi-layered experience with a depth and texture that draws the audience into a rich emotional journey.

A sensory feast that promises to be as impressive to the ear as it is on the eye. A meditation for the soul.

People across the globe are seeking a truth that lies beyond political spin and cheap sound bytes. Many are answering the call to awaken.

As we move into the adulthood of our species, is it time to remember what it is to become a sovereign being once more. A new consciousness is emerging as we transition into this, a new sun cycle - the Time of the Sixth Sun.

And in addition to the move we’ve created 8 documentary episodes to take you on a deep dive into the wisdom of our speakers. See all this and more at:

and the original site -
--- End quote ---

Facebook Group:

--- Quote from: ---Group created on October 30, 2018 … by Time of the Sixth Sun - the MOVIE … 9 members
--- End quote ---

Nine members in almost half a year, maybe there is still hope for humanity?


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