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--- Quote ---Oct 2, 2018 : Nikki is off to Slovenia this weekend to show part of the film and do a Q&A at Geoffrey's event 'Magic of the Masters'.
--- End quote ---

Nikki Williams, the writer and director of Time of the Sixth Sun, presented at a Crimson Circle /Geoffrey Hoppe event in Slovenia.

She had attended several Crimson Circle events before. Also she had Geoffrey Hoppe narrate the movie and she gave him the last word, Episode 8  'Channeling Our Guide and Storyteller'.

Geoffrey Hoppe has encouraged his followers to invest and identify with the movie and series.

One of her public fundraising attempts that did not succeed named the various levels of donations rewards after theosophical supposed channeled entities such as Saint Germaine - who Geoffrey Hoppe claims he himself channels.

Nikki Williams speaks reverently of Geoffrey Hoppe's nonsense.

Nikki Williams is a promoter and follower of Geoffrey Hoppe / Crimson Circle. (Crimson Circle discussion )

Her movie and series of 80 some people contains a rogue's gallery of grifters, con artists, frauds, destructive cult leaders, and nutjobs.
Maybe about 5 people don't fit this definition - but they made a bad decision to be included in all this.


A viewer is critical of Geoffrey Hoppe's involvement:

--- Quote ---Truly the most stupid thing I've ever heard of and it ruins the whole documentary by letting this charlatan set the stage for people with true wisdom. ruined it all.
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--- Quote from: Piff on April 27, 2019, 11:01:03 pm ---We also get to see Fred Dearborn "Medicine Wolf" in his white doctor coat again, babbling nonsense, while pouring yellow liquid.
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--- Quote from: Piff on April 26, 2019, 09:45:17 pm ---"Medicine Wolf" wearing long white braids and a doctor's white coat, shows us gloved hands pouring a liquid through a funnel into a bottle. This liquid has been infused with the divine harmonics of unconditional love, or something like that. I'll start a thread on him soon.
--- End quote ---

Here's the thread:
[Frank Dearborn AKA Medicine Wolf AKA Eleven Other Aliases]

For those curious enough to spend almost two hours (1:49:05) there is a free viewing this weekend:

Useful for those who need to gather evidence about grand New Age fraud.


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