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Part 2 of quotes from reviews of the defunct FB page

--- Quote ---— PHONY AS HELL!!!!!! NOT an elder, stealing our ways, and selling ceremony! Dave is a FAKE!!!!!!!

— Just like they stole our land, they’re trying to steal our culture too.

— Now tell them your a fraud...

— This is a fraudulent business

— And he's been reported to the feds!

— He can remove comments all he wants...we take screen shots.

— Fraud alert! This man is not a Blackfeet elder nor has any ties to them.

— This person is a FRAUD! He is using our Native American culture for his own gain. He is not a Blackfoot Elder let alone a Elder from any tribe. Just a wanna be trying to make a buck!

— There is a side for frauds it’s called 
New age frauds and plastic shamans 
He should be put on their lists for frauds

— … thank you...he is definitely the highest ?negative grade of plastic!!!!

— Fraud!!! This is not a member of the Blackfeet nation. We use Sweats as spiritual cleanses an for prayer. Money is never exchanged.. WOW You should be ashamed of yourself!

— another white guy claiming to be native. another fake medicine man.

— white guy committing can't prove your BLACKFEET can you? lets see it..better yet lets hear your oral history of your lineage..

— cultural appropriation at it's highest

— What a fake and a ripoff. Just say your a Cherokee or your from the Slapahoe Nation.

— new age frauds and plastic shamans

— Stop representing yourself as an Elder. Yuck.

— Bad luck to anyone interested
--- End quote ---

— And such reviews kept coming. No wonder Mr. Mettert chose to take down that Facebook page.


--- Quote from: Sparks on February 12, 2019, 01:54:35 am ---
--- Quote from: Sparks on February 12, 2019, 01:33:03 am ---Seems Mr. Mettert is closing down his business?
--- End quote ---

What's left is his online store:
--- End quote ---

That's gone, too, by now.


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