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Disturbing news about harmful behavior at sacred Bear Butte. The author of this article does not name Chasing Horse by name, but we are told this "cultural camp," complete with nuagers, aggressive non-Natives, and disturbing activities (disrespect and harm to women and Elders, among other things) is run by Nathan Chasing Horse.

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A few quotes:

"I must say, I never experienced this kind of behavior and activity in those prior years at Bear Butte. For instance, they sent a little child to tell the Poor Thunder/Helper camp that the next time that pet dog enters their camp they were going to kill it. Consequently, a heated altercation occurred between a non-Indian from the “Cultural Camp” and the pet owner’s father.

"I learned that these people were controlling the parking lot by placing chairs or other objects in the space when someone left reserving it for members of their own group. At one point, the Poor Thunder/Helper assistants moved one of several “cultural camp” trailers so they could park a family member’s vehicle and haul food to the camp. The trailer was taking up space for two vehicles.

"Immediately, the culture camp members accused the Poor Thunder/Helper camp of trying to steal their wood and stationed guards at the parking lot late into the night. I listened to camp-member discussions about how this culture camp had been kicked out of another Lakota reservation because they had pushed or assaulted a spiritual leader there.

"Also, I read some very disturbing information via the internet regarding the leader of this “Spiritual Camp.” I am withholding the specifics of this information since I am not absolutely sure as to its authenticity, but it is unsettling. Poor Thunder/Helper camp members reported that this group made sarcastic remarks about women not wearing dresses and even harassed little children that were there."

"During the three days I was there at Mato Paha, this “cultural camp” was merely camped there as if waiting for us to move out. They were not going through the usual inipi or putting people on the hill. Their activities appeared to be anything but spiritual. Instead I felt a strong sense of animosity emanating from members of this “culture camp.”

"As I was leaving, the wife and I had to walk through a group of the culture campers sitting in the shaded area near the bridge. I could see that some of them were glaring at us as we went by. Jokingly, in Lakota, I told the Mrs. to move faster lest we get beat up here."

"The Poor Thunder/Helper camp’s spiritual leader, Marvin Helper, continually reminded everyone that Bear Butte is a place of prayer and to stay calm.

"Mr. Helper spoke of a Bear Butte Park Service meeting scheduled to occur later this year. He was attempting to learn of the exact date for the meeting when I left. His intent is to request that this group be moved to another time. Essentially, he does not want this new-age “culture camp” there when his group returns next year.

"Personally, I see this “cultural camp” as a young entrepreneur’s money-making venture. Reminds me of the biblical affair in which Jesus kicked vendors and money exchangers out of a temple because they were preventing others from worshipping. It was certainly difficult this year for the Poor Thunder/Helper camp to worship in tranquility as they had for 2.5 decades."

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STAY TUNED for BREAKING NEWS about this guy.


--- Quote from: PretendsToBe1/8th on July 07, 2015, 12:57:24 am ---STAY TUNED for BREAKING NEWS about this guy.

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No kidding! Wish I knew how to post a good pic of the proclamation posted on Facebook. It was posted by "Fort Peck Languages" with this:

--- Quote ---Just passed Tribal Education Committee unanimously: Banishment of Nathan Chasing Horse from the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Reservation! This banishment motion will now go to Full Tribal Executive Board on Monday July 13, 2015. If you want to attend, please go in the morning to see the voting take place! This is a great victory and will be covered in our newspaper and we hope other reservations can protect their women, children and land as we have today! Pidamaya/Pinamaya for all those who came and sent their prayers. We can take some time to thank our Ancestors for helping us today and pray for the final vote on Monday July 13, 2015. Please Share with your circles.....

--- End quote ---

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