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A first-hand account from a very courageous young woman from Tsuu T'ina First Nation, Treaty 7 Territory, near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Unfortunate experience
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Hello my name is Alanna Onespot, my friends call me Alanna Bluebird or Mzbluebird. I am a young woman of the Tsuutina Nation And Siksika Nation. I used to walk with the Chasinghorse family from 2010 to 2014. A spiritual circle with a spiritual leader named Nathan Chasinghorse. From where I'm standing as a former believer or follower. Its not what i "SEE" its what i know! And as i start understand that the assimilation Nathan Chasinghorse has over
my sister Melissa Onespot causes her to incriminate people, like myself, who he hurt in all aspects. Which no one can tell me that i deserved what happened to me with this man. The sneaky and tricky words he has the people using is something he once asked me to use against others(young girls), so I've been there i know what its like to stick up for this man because you believe, honour and respect this man for all that he has done for you and for the Oyate (People). This is why the believers or followers have this zealous unquestioning commitment for this man. Now that I've changed i understand that is getting carried away with the sacred ways of our ancestors. People who say they are here to give the world love and light should not have to try so hard to prove that they are not lying or guilty or have others do so. I know this because i am working on that for myself. So to say i did not ask anyone to help me share my own truth because only i can do so. Sharing your own experience is not gossip! There is a huge difference!! And yes i have told lies and thats something i admit from the depths of my soul. And for my sister, she forever holds a grudge for the lies that i have told in the past that had nothing to do with this man. So thats a huge reason why she chose his side! And for me i am learning to not hold a grudge over my sister for all that she did to me as a child. All that has happened to us as children resulted to what we did to ourselves as we got older. The youngest of 3 was very tough. Because i was the baby i was looked at as a brat which i was and thats a very common thing for the youngest of the family. Because i was the youngest i felt like i was not welcome in my sisters life and that i wasn't good enough to be taken serious or to be taken care of by my older siblings. So for my sister Melissa and where shes at in life is something i'll try my best to accept and its not that she's a believer, its that she put her whole heart into what has been said to help her walk in a good way, which is good. But the intentions of the man behind closed doors is like a drug addiction that needs a desperate intervention. To the people he asked to pray/converse, pray for him or themselves or family. While he preys on young girls which is his thrill of the hunt. Young girls do not mean to be victimized by this man nor do they understand what it means to be a victim. But for the sake of the well being of these victims they must have truth and reconciliation. He says "if you have a choice your not a victim" why should he make them choose or not to choose to have sex with them when they look at him as a spiritual leader? Sometimes we have no choice because of our negative self fulling prophecy, thats when manipulation comes into place with this man. He was only suppose to look at our cane of knowledge to help guide us through life but he used everything that cane was made out of and used it against young girls (victims) Yes victims i say! Because a predator is what he is, portraying to be a great almighty leader! He would always say "A real man has more respect for a woman even if she does not have respect for herself." If every girl or woman wanted this man, why didn't he have the respect of a true man? Especially for a his own niece? If we still lived in the buffalo days this was a huge NO! Because long time ago in the Blackfoot way if a man or woman crossed a line they would be dealt with by death. For this case it must be prison!!! So young girls across the nation will never experience what i have experienced.

Aho! This is a long time coming. I said my peace to this guy many many years ago after what I witnessed with my own eyes and his conduct toward me with regard to paying for a ceremony.

I will say from a logical Native's perspective when a man runs a ceremony and at the end when it is time for food and water. That man should be the last to take anything!  The women, children and other men eat first then that leader of that ceremony will eat.   I saw this many many times in many ceremonies run by old men who no one knew outside those circles and famous actor.. nothing like that... Just serious good elders with good medicine. They all ate last. They spoke about the symbolism and why they ate last, they talked about how this teaches the young men and babies that are in the ceremony how to conduct themselves in this world. This sounds simple but it is a very telling sign.. A sign I rationalized some kind of way around it and I am ashamed of that for myself.

Go to one of Nathan's ceremonies and see who eats first and see who eats last. Nathan always eats first, it's mandatory.  I don't know why I didn't act on my instinct right away when I saw this but it did strike me as unusual and I did think about it a bit but I suppose I let his words overpower my own instinct. I saw the people around him so happy to offer him food first, then the rest of us would eat. I wanted to believe such a good person exist and they do but this guy isn't one of them. He is a predator, he must always win, always be with the most, he intimidates people using fear and Lakota Star knowledge, he needs lots of attention and that's not a medicine person. That's a sociopath.

This guy has had plenty of time to correct his path. He has been accused of this behavior for a while now and he could have easily changed, asked for forgiveness took a step back and refocussed his life. Instead he lashes back at the people who are confronting him, he dismisses those who are saying, hey! You hurt me! He disrespects women! Then talks about respect and honor, being a warrior etc..  So I got nothing for the guy, no prayers, nothing. Someone like this will not change. He will only lie and continue to lie and deceive others. I pray for his family and those around him who he is ultimately gonna hurt as they will be the last to see and realize what damage he has done to their lives. I pray for the people he as already hurt as many of them were just looking for a little help.  I encourage them to continue to follow the Lakota teachings and not let one person destroy their faith in these ways. There are plenty of elders to speak with and to pray with about this that can guide you in a good way. Also this is a teaching that we must also be strong on our own many times through life, we don't always need a guide, we are our own guide, the Grandfathers speak to us all. Trust your instinct, if something doesn't seem right, if your stomach is telling you it isn't right then it probably isn't. 

This guy is no medicine person, he had the opportunity to be that person but he has taken advantage of people and allowed himself to become out of control.  These ways protect themselves as we are seeing. The irony is he tells people in his circle that when others leave the circle they are weak and that the Lakota Ways are protected so that's why they left.  He tell's them all this is rumors made by people who are jealous.  I really feel for the people he is using, many of them are innocent in all of this.

These ways are protected and we are seeing what happens to someone when they disrespect these ways and disrespects the people who truly believe in these ways.

Mitakuye Oyasin !

Recently, one of Nathan Chasing Horse's former co-workers published this publicly on Facebook:

--- Quote from: ---Chaske Spencer
4 September at 00:27 ·

So, I'm gonna tell u why I'm doing this. Exposing Nathan Chasing Horse. I didn't just wake up and decide to fuck with the guy for no reason. 3 or 4 years ago. I danced at his Sundance. At first I went to just see and help out. Haul wood. Help make the sweat lodges. Be of service. The next year I went and danced. And he put me up on the hill for my vision quest. Now, through out this time. I had several people warn me about him. And, I too had defended him. He was the all mighty second coming of crazy horse. According to... Well... Him. He told me he was a descended of Crazyhorse. Whatever. It wasn't til the second year that I started to notice breaks in the image he was portraying. First thing was the women. The young girls. I had asked about that and was shut down right away. Then came the money. Because I was in Twilight at the time. I was constantly being hounded for a payment of money. Not just a few hundred. But, I'm talking thousands. He would have his "helper" do it. Now, I've grown up around these ways my whole life. I know that u can help your Medicine Man out by giving some money for gas, lodging and food. That's fine. I also started to notice the cult mentally that Nathan Chasing Horse and his follows were pushing on me. The fear tactics. If I don't fill the "pipe" creator was gonna punish me. Hurt my family. Etc etc. I was born at night. But, not last night. So, I just said fuck him. I'm gone. I tried to talk to a few of his helpers. But, I could see they drank the kool aid and it was no use. So, I just left and chalked it up as a learning experience. I never bad mouthed him. I just thought That's his thing. And, u can't connivence someone who is brainwashed that who their following has bad intentions. After I left one my sisters stayed involved. It wasn't Tyger. :) the spiritual abuse she endured was horrific. And when she wanted to leave. Nathan Chasing Horse made threat to my family. Now, I can be straight up Rez when I need to be. I wanted fly down to Las Vegas. Where Nathan lives and just pull him out of his house and beat the shit out of him. But, I took the higher road. To wrap up this part. Nothing happened. My sister left him. We all were still alive. God didn't take us out. All was well. By the way Nathan Chasing Horse I knew u were full of shit. :)
A couple of days ago a young woman reached out to me asking for my help. She had remembered me from when I sundanced at Nathan's camp. She told what she had gone through with him. The spiritual abuse. The sex abuse. The fear tactics he uses to keep his followers in line. And, I got pissed. I regret not doing this earlier. For that. I am truly sorry. I began to watch the documentary about cults and cult leaders. And I could relate to all the victims. And then I felt I needed to do something to bring this to light. As Native People. There's so much shit have to deal with on an everyday basis. We don't need people like Nathan Chasing Horse and other fake medicine men taking advantage our children. Our elders. Just people who are looking for some hope in their lives. Since then. I have found my own spiritual path. And, it's mine. No one else's. I have my own connection with a higher power of my own understanding. And life is great. But, I can no longer sit back and watch this man do so much harm to people that all they wanted was a path to a higher power. To better then they were the day before. So, Nathan Chasing Horse. That's why I'm coming for u. I'm good. I just want the people u hurt and are still hurting to have a voice. I'm not gonna stop. I just keeping thinking about the victims that are telling me what your doing. At some point some if not all of them will find the courage to come forward and tell their truth about what u did to them. And, maybe the authorizes will listen this time. I hope some your follower and ex followers will hit a point when they say enough is enough. And, like I said... U can come at me bro. I don't care.... I want u too... Cause u got a lot of skeletons in your closet. Let's open the door so people can see what your really doing.
Peace n love to all the ex followers and current followers. I hope u see what I see.
--- End quote ---

Becoming more public now
NORTH LAS VEGAS (AP) — Las Vegas police on Tuesday arrested and raided the home of a former “Dances With Wolves” actor turned alleged cult leader accused of sexually assaulting young Indigenous girls during a period spanning two decades, according to police records obtained by The Associated Press.

Known for his role as the young Sioux tribe member Smiles a Lot in the Oscar-winning Kevin Costner film, Chasing Horse gained a reputation among tribes across the United States and in Canada as a so-called medicine man who performed healing ceremonies and spiritual gatherings and, police allege, used his position to abuse young Native American girls.

His arrest is the culmination of a monthslong investigation that began after police received a tip in October 2022. According to a 50-page search warrant obtained by AP, Chasing Horse is believed to be the leader of a cult known as The Circle.

And it comes as state attorneys general and lawmakers around the U.S. are looking into creating specialized units to handle cases involving Native women.

In South Dakota, the attorney general’s office has put a new focus on crimes against Native American people, including human trafficking and murders.

According to the document, Las Vegas police have identified at least six alleged victims and uncovered sexual allegations against Chasing Horse dating to the early 2000s in multiple states, including Montana, South Dakota and Nevada, where he has lived for about a decade.

There was no lawyer listed in court records for Chasing Horse who could comment on his behalf as of Tuesday evening.

Chasing Horse was born on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, which is home to the Sicangu Sioux, one of the seven tribes of the Lakota nation.

According to the warrant, he was banished in 2015 from the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana, amid allegations of human trafficking.

“Nathan Chasing Horse used spiritual traditions and their belief system as a tool to sexually assault young girls on numerous occasions,” it reads, adding that his followers believed he could communicate with higher beings and referred to him as “Medicine Man” or “Holy Person.”

Although the warrant includes details of crimes reported elsewhere, the arrest stems from crimes allegedly committed in Nevada's Clark County. They include sex trafficking, sexual assault of a child younger than 16 and child abuse.

Some of the alleged victims were as young as 13, according to the warrant. One of Chasing Horse's wives was allegedly offered to him as a “gift” when she was 15, while another became a wife after turning 16.

Chasing Horse also is accused of recording sexual assaults and arranging sex with the victims for other men who allegedly paid him.

Records: 'Dances with Wolves' actor armed cult against cops

Wed, February 1, 2023 at 1:04 PM EST·4 min read
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nathan Chasing Horse trained his wives to use firearms, instructing them to “shoot it out” with police officers if they ever tried to “break their family apart,” according to records obtained by The Associated Press. If that failed, the actor from “Dancing With Wolves” said they should take “suicide pills."

The abuse that authorities said spanned two decades led Tuesday to the arrest of Chasing Horse following a monthslong investigation by Las Vegas police. He was taken into custody as he left the home he shares with his five wives in North Las Vegas. SWAT officers were seen outside the two-story home in the evening as detectives searched the property.

During the raid, police found memory cards with videos of the sexual assaults, firearms, 41 pounds of marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms in the home, according to an arrest report released Wednesday.

Known for his role as the young Sioux tribe member Smiles a Lot in the Oscar-winning Kevin Costner film “Dances with Wolves," Chasing Horse gained a reputation among tribes across the United States and in Canada as a so-called medicine man who performed healing ceremonies. But police said he abused his position, physically and sexually assaulting Indigenous girls and women, taking underage wives and leading a cult.

Chasing Horse, 46, will be charged with at least two counts of sex trafficking and one count each of sexual assault of a child younger than 16, child abuse or neglect and sexual assault, according to court records. Authorities have not said when he will be formally charged.

He was booked before midnight into Clark County’s jail, where he remained held without bail on the sexual assault charges as he awaits his first court appearance, expected Thursday in North Las Vegas. There was no lawyer listed in court records for Chasing Horse who could comment on his behalf, and Las Vegas police said he was “unable” to give a jailhouse interview Wednesday.

According to a 50-page search warrant obtained by the AP, Chasing Horse is believed to be the leader of a cult known as The Circle.

At least two women told police that Chasing Horse had shown his wives a stash of “small white pills” that he called “suicide pills” sometime in 2019 or 2020, years before his arrest.

The women were instructed to “take a pill to kill themselves in the event he dies or law enforcement tries to break their family apart," according to the warrant.

One of Chasing Horse's former wives also told police that she believed his current wives would “carry out the instructions” to take the pills and open fire on law enforcement if officers came to the home to arrest Chasing Horse.

Las Vegas police said in the document they have identified at least six sexual assault victims, some who were as young as 14 when they say they were abused, and traced the sexual allegations against Chasing Horse to the early 2000s in multiple states, including Nevada, where he has lived for about a decade, and South Dakota and Montana.

“Nathan Chasing Horse used spiritual traditions and their belief system as a tool to sexually assault young girls on numerous occasions,” detectives wrote in the warrant, adding that his followers referred to him as “Medicine Man” or “Holy Person” because they believed he could communicate with higher beings.

One of Chasing Horse’s wives was offered to him as a “gift” when she was 15, according to police, while another became a wife after turning 16.

Chasing Horse also is accused of recording sexual assaults and arranging sex with the victims for other men who paid him.

He was arrested nearly a decade after he was banished from the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana, amid allegations of human trafficking.

Fort Peck tribal leaders had voted 7-0 to ban Chasing Horse from stepping foot again on the reservation, citing the trafficking allegations in addition to accusations of drug dealing, spiritual abuse and intimidation of tribal members, Indian Country Today reported.,,,


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