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This thread has been a long time coming.

His website:

Since 2010, it's been publicly discussed that in '07 Mr. Chasing Horse signed a Park Service permit so pretendian fraud Steve McCullough could hold his plastic sun dance on land where only Natives are allowed to do this.

For at least that long, word has been spreading in NDN country that Mr. Chasing Horse is at best a womanizer and at worst... that there are some serious sexual and financial abuses going on in his circle. There has also been talk of him keeping a "harem" of very young women and today we received some information that it's far worse than we knew. There are now direct, credible reports that he is demanding sex with followers, some of them underage or married, and that he is demanding that people in his circle tithe monthly amounts to support him, in some cases thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per person per year.

If you google "Nathan Chasing Horse" one of the suggested searches that comes up is "nathan chasing horse child support." By all accounts I've seen, including court cases in which he was convicted, he is also a deadbeat dad, with many children, by many different women, that he does not support.
In 2005, "Nathan Chasing Horse, also known as Nathan Chasing His Horse, 29, South El Monte, Calif., was sentenced by U. S. District Judge Karen Schreier to two years probation for failure to pay legal child support obligations."
- And more charges from 2008.

There are several blogs with published accounts of sexual assault allegations. These reports line up with what we are hearing from other sources who have not gone public:

Here are two videos that have been posted by a former sundance brother of his, who left Mr. Chasing Horse's fold, along with many others, after seeing what he and others describe as Chasing Horse's abuse of women. The videos are public, but you will probably have to be signed in to Facebook to view them.
Apparently Mr. Chasing Horse, an actor who played the likable character "Smiles a Lot" in the movie "Dances with Wolves,"  is quite charismatic and those who know him say he is skilled at manipulating people. There are some horrific reports, and survivors are referring to his group, of over 100 people, as a cult. I am told he primarily recruits spiritually vulnerable people who have Indigenous blood, but who lack a cultural connection and are looking for Native ceremony and community.

Though he tells his followers, and the press, that he's a traditional Lakota holy man, he is not living in any Lakota community. He lived for a long time in California, and has more recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada's sex laws are looser than surrounding states and not always enforced. Prostitution is legal, the age of consent is lower than it is in California (16, as opposed to 18), and the state has a bit of a reputation for not prosecuting polygamists/bigamists. In my opinion, what we are seeing here looks more like an abusive polygamous compound situation, with religion abused to frighten and keep people in line, rather than anything spiritual or NDN.

Smart Mule:

--- Quote ---Brooke and her husband also produce music through their company. A young
Lakota man took them up on their offer to produce his music but because
he didn't have long dark hair or 'Indian features', they had him dye his
hair and eyebrows black, pin a hair piece to his head and wear beads,
leather and fringes. He said they told him this would help his music
sell. Well, his music sold, but with the exception of $50, he hasn't
received any of the royalties yet. Another Lakota man is considering a
law suit against them over his music. And the list goes on.     The
Schiavis have taken their charade to Europe, taking along others who
would sell out their birthright. The Lakota of South Dakota have sent
out a warning to them, yet they continue to exploit our people and
others from non-Indian cultures, who in their often sincere desire for
knowledge are callously taken in by the Schiavis and their ilk. The
Lakotas here know them and have advised them to come clean. One, young
Nathan Chasing Horse, is promoted as 'traditional', yet he has made
babies with young Indian girls here at home and abandoned them. A true
spiritual Lakota man, as Nathan portrays himself, would never create
life only to walk away from it, they said.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Nathan Chasing Horse (age 34), a Lakota Sioux from South Dakota, sports a spectacular blue and white face-paint that matches the color of his regalia. He attended with his four wives -- "a tradition," he says.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---He is a member of the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Nation, the son of Chief Joseph Chasing Horse and Winifred Chasing Horse.
--- End quote ---

Regarding his father:

--- Quote ---Rosebud traditional tribal members, Sharon Stead (daughter of the late medicine man Robert Stead), Rose Blue Thunder-Stenstrom, and elders Harriet Blue Thunder and Harry Blue Thunder said Chasing Horse is known to use spirituality to gain personal recognition.

Chasing Horse said he allows his information to go out on the Schiavi's web site but said he wouldn't comment to any rumors. He did say there are too many important issues at hand that need to be addressed, instead of focusing on negative, petty disputes.

Questions were raised on Chasing Horse's web page, which states, "Chief Joseph Chasing Horse," and claims he is a direct descendant of Crazy Horse.

In response, the title "chief," he said, comes from the media - even though he tells them he is only a traditional leader. He said he doesn't claim to be a chief, although he was honored with the "Sun Dance Chief" title at Wanblee, and Looking Horse tied an eagle feather in his hair, he said.

As for being a direct descendant of Crazy Horse, Chasing Horse said his family's lineage is private and will be kept that way.

Chasing Horse promotes his teachings as emissary of Looking Horse, and has a signed document from Looking Horse that gives him authority to act on behalf of the Sacred Pipe Carrier.

Looking Horse said he signed a letter, agreeing to work with Chasing Horse. However, after becoming suspicious of Chasing Horse and Schiavi's activities, he wrote him another letter that stated he was no longer associated with Chasing Horse, he said.

Several tribal members, educated in Lakota Star Knowledge, were surprised to see the star teachings on the site. Rosebud Sioux Tribal member Leland Little Dog said there were discrepancies within the information. He was not surprised to see Chasing Horse involved with the web site since Chasing Horse's exploitive activities are well known on the reservation, according to Little Dog.
--- End quote ---

Smart Mule:
Financials for his organization attached.  Click on the'll hear songs that I personally feel should not be for public consumption.

His father on this fraud list:

--- Quote ---Chasing Horse, Joe - A "Plastic elder" who conducts inter-tribal sundances.
--- End quote ---


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