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--- Quote from: Niiki on April 10, 2009, 07:46:13 pm ---Warning to Tecumseh Brown Eagle/Abdul Muhammed/James Oliver Johnson 111


From: Chief WALTER T. RENZ

To Whom it comes to their Door,

The person below Mr. Johnson /TBE is not Native American. He uses 7 different Names. And is using bad behaviour as well towards the real Native Americans. We searched for any Native blood and could not find any in his decent. Its time for him to stop all contact with any Government or Tribal Nation using Native name of any kind. We have given the notes to the F.B.I. on him as well. His terrorism is to stop today. It bothers the Elder Chiefs in Canada to no end as well.
Thank you for support.
Chief Walter T. Renz/Graycloud Longtail

Mr. Johnson III,
After looking over all the files and records we have and have gotten from the researchers that work with us. I have to tell you that Watts does not match your Ancestry. Or the Johnson's you were claiming.. No Native Blood what so ever has been determined by the Tribal Nations on your family history.
Your continuous yelling at the Elders and Chiefs , is not one that a real Erie Chief would do. They have said for you to stop calling them and stay away. They have no use for you.
We have spoken to you on the Erie name you are using to benefit your pocket. Close the web page it will not benefit you no more.
The Shawnee name you claim is not given to you in a traditional way. The Shawnee will be getting this note as well. With your copying of the Tecumseh words on the web page you have. This is a slap in the face of the real Tecumseh with your behaviour.
Do not contact us or bother us with your ideas or Casino. We do not want it or need it. Also do not bother the Chiefs in Canada as well. Remove all the contacts you have with the Chiefs and Elders as well. It is so ordered.
This is the last notes that you will receive from us. Any more contact from you will not be looked on as a good thing.
So Ordered this 8th day the of April 2009 of the above.
Chief Walter Renz/Graycloud Longtail

--- End quote ---

I realize this is a old post and a old issue, but why would anyone quote about a wannabe by a wannabe? Chief Walter Renz/Graycloud Longtail? Helllloooo isnt that screaming wannabe?  His "tribe" is named "morning star shawnee" and to make myself perfectly clear, this IDIOT has claimed to be of the Black Bob band of Shawnees, and is using the Longtail name... My family is of the Black Bob band, and my grandmothers maiden name is Longtail, who the hell does this sideshow freak think he is?

If anyone knows this fraud, let him know I am looking for him, all 250 pounds of his wannabeness...


Others are looking for him and wondering????


--- Quote from: Niiki on July 14, 2009, 09:58:21 pm ---
Others are looking for him and wondering????

--- End quote ---

If anyone knows where he is at online... please notify me... we will confront him on his lies about being related to us...

Here is where he has posted some of his messages and I have confronted him:

This guy is one of the biggest frauds I have come across online...

I realize this topic was moved to "research needed" but I got the goods on this fake...

This Walter Renz has been online claiming that he is "Chief Gray Cloud Longtail" and that he is from the Black Bob Band of Shawnees, that his ancestor is Henry Longtail and that Henry was a "blood chief" who was told by the US government not to go to Oklahoma but to go and make a "new tribe" and so he went to Ohio and made a tribe called "Morning Star Shawnee"  he also claims the US government changed the Longtail name to Wallen....

I am so freaking angry with this flake it is not funny...

Here are the facts of this...

My great grandmother is Anna Longtail, her brother was Abraham Longtail aka Jake, now Jake is the father of Henry... and I know for a fact none of them are "cheifs" and there aint no such thing as a "blood chief" futher, they lived in Oklahoma and not in Ohio... this side show freak Renz has made up dates for their births and their deaths... I know where Jake and Henry are buried, and it aint in Ohio..

How far are these fakes willing to go? They are trying to steal our ancestors names and put funky stories with it to try to make it look legit.

Everyone should do checks on their ancestors names, just google them.. and see if your family is under attack as well..

These frauds will stop at nothing, they are disrespecting our ancestors, and they dont give a dayum about it...

These kind of people need some serious professional help...

Don Naconna:
Its interesting how frauds steal identities and many get away with it. You know your family history and I read your response to Renz. If identity theft is a crime, why isn't it a crime to steal a family history. We saw what TBE did and apparently Renz did the same thing. What right does he have to call TBE a fraud when he is no different, I think he's pissed because he's been out frauded by TBE and wants to get his own casino license...


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