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 A few friends sent this to me. One has seen this lady at powwows (Ephrata, PA and York, PA) telling fortunes with her doves for money, claiming its a Cherokee tradition.

I have a hard time getting anything to come up and stay up on my screen when its hosted by Tripod. Thought maybe someone else might have better luck. See what everyone else thinks.


I had made a decision with myself that I would not post anything else about people without meeting them first. Well, today I went to the 2nd Annual Mason Dixon Powwow and who should be there but the Lady and her fortune telling pigeons. I was there with my mom and we met up with an Apache friend of mine there. Well we went over to this woman and here is the short (sorta) version of our conversation.

I told her I saw her website and it said that this is some traditional Cherokee practice. She said that is not what it is said. I told her I saw the website and that  is what is claims. I  asked her if she was Cherokee and she said she is a mix of so many things, Lakota, Cherokee, Cree, aren’t we all. I told her I wasn’t and I asked her to explain what she does. She went on about electro magnetic fields around each of us and how she can read the dialation of the pigeons eyes and know what is what. She went on about our power animals, etc

I told her that this was not the tradition of any Native people and I asked her where she learned it. She said her father taught her. I asked her what her father was and she didn’t answer.

I told her what she was doing was wrong, posing as an Indian and claiming that this is a Native tradition. I told her if we were out west AIM would turn her table over.

She said this is the 21st century. In the old days medicine people would be paid with meat or something but nowadays they get paid with money. My friend and I both jumped on that and told her she was wrong. I called her a fake and a con and said that real medicine people have day jobs nowadays and don’t charge for their gifts.  She said that she was booked solid for 2 years. I said this is still wrong and how could she portray herself as Indian and think nothing of it.

Now this is when it gets good. She says to me “what you can’t get it up anymore???? We turned and started to walk away. Even as we were at least 50 yards away, there at a powwow with chidlren all over, she is shouting things like and “what your dick won’t get hard???.

Well, thats just the beginning. About 20 minutes later I was walking over to say hi to some friends when the pigeon lady and about 5 or 6 others coming quickly toward me. This one woman demanded to know my name. I asked if she had any manners, to introduce herself first. Then pigeon lady gets there and says there’s the shit that attack me.

I asked who they all were. Two were the people putting on the powwow. I said if you want me to leave say so now or get out of my face. They asked me why I attacked pigeon lady. I told them I would not defend myself, that pigeon lady should be kicked out and how could they be putting on a powwow and pretend to teach the public when they put up with con artists that bilk the public for money and make us Indian people look stupid. I said this woman was screaming across the grounds about my dick. I said I wanted her to prove she was Indian, for them to prove that all the vendors selling were really Indian.

Well, this stopped them for a few moments. I siad again kick me out or leave me alone and then I walked away. The woman in charge came up and was very flustered. I told her I came to dance but could not let this pigeon woman just rake in money (oh yeah, she had a digital timer on the table) in the name of my people. I told this woman that she should be ashamed of herself and reminded her that the powwow circuit here is a small one. She apologized some more and then left me alone.

Well, so much for a  fun powwow. And for the record, I never once raised my voice.

My gf cares for injured pigeons. No offence to them, but they really don't have much upstairs. She once found one of the males courting a dustpan and brush.

Maybe you've seen this already, Joseph, if her site has stopped crashing your browser:

--- Quote ---JULY
30-31 <> Candle Magic
I'll be doing readings from : 9-8 on  FRI  &  9-5 on SAT
1617 W. Market St. York,Pa

6-7-8 <> Bull Run Pow Wow
on Canfield Island in Loyalsock,PA just outside of Williamsport
Dave : 570-321-9749
14-15 <> Tomorrows Secrets Expo&Music Festival
W O W   This will be a 'don't miss' event !
Go to


Muddy Run Pow Wow
11 - 12  at Muddy Run State Park in Holtwood,Pa

M.U.M. Festival
18 - 19 <> Ag. Hall at the Allentown Fairgrounds in Allentown,Pa

M.U.M. Expo

Indian Steps Pow Wow Iwill not be here !! They changed their date from 25&26 to the 18-19   SORRY !
18-19 at Indian Steps Museum in Airville,Pa


2-3 <> Native American Corn Festival
              Hobby Horse Ranch

15-16-17 <> New Life Magazines Expo
the New Yorker Hotel at 35th & 8th Ave. NYC, NY    800-928-6208

23-24 <> Body Mind Spirit Expo
Independence Fire Hall in Kingston,Pa

22 - 24 <> Mind Body Spirit Expo

I'm not quite sure were I'll be on Oct. 23 - 24 yet so check back for updates as info comes in


6-7 <> Heavens Psychic Faire
Holiday Inn  880 Kidder St. in Wilkes-Barre,Pa
info: Sherryl 570-472-2267 no calls after 8PM please

13-14 <> Spirit,Mind & Body Spiritual/Holistic Fair
Ramada Inn 2545 N. 5th St. Reading,PA
570-455-3384 or
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