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I've been following up on Kate Fenn and discovered this site;

--- Quote ---Vision Quest and Sweat Lodges
Location: Cornwall
Dates: 9-11th October 2009
Duration: 3 days
Cost: £200 per person
--- End quote ---

Not only are they selling ceremony but also the bits that you'll need to take part!

--- Quote ---You will need - an eagle feather (or buzzard or hawk), a blanket, herbs - can be purchased separately, white sage, ceremonial tobacco, sweetgrass, a small shell -to burn herbs within a small pipe of your choice and a lighter of your choice.
--- End quote ---

Once again this couple are adding another dimension to being frauds and doing their best to really cash in on selling ceremonies!
As I discover more I'll keep people informed.

^. .^

Received this account.


Kate Fenn and Bear Cloud
I was in a group of Kates for many years before identifying several issues that did not add up.

It became known amongst a group of us who dared question what was going on as "Love Light and a stab in the back".

So much money went on Egyptian trips, Spanish trips, trips to forest of dean, making sweat lodge etc. However the final straws were Kate doing vision quests when untrained without any concerns for the persons major health conditions taking part- (Spain) and her deliberate attacks on another truely committed and natural healer who did not claim to be a shaman.

She too used Willy Lone Bear, a really genuine bloke, kind, deeply thoughtful.

As for her and Rod Bear Cloud Berry- well, Kates husband must be a saint. Rod was also well known in Glastonbury through a lass called Kitta. He dished up talks year in and out on the sacred geometry as if it was a new discovery and the dvd's cost a packet.

Kate was inconsistant, changing the 'sacred ways' to suit herself and was power conscious- when challenged love went out the window.
In her own way she was a good medium but there was no base value understanding which added up.


--- Quote ---As for her and Rod Bear Cloud Berry- well, Kates husband must be a saint.
--- End quote ---

This got me thinking.
After a little research I came across

Katherine Fenn Age guide: 45-49
Calne, Wiltshire,
who lives with
Trevor M Fenn Age guide: 50-54
Calne, Wiltshire,
Matthew G Fenn Age guide: 17-20
Calne, Wiltshire

It looks as if she lives with her husband and a son. Maybe more, but the source I used only finds people over 18 years old. I do indeed wonder what her husband and son think of her relationship with Rod Bearcloud Berry. It also points to her morals and principals as well as showing how she can manipulate the truth.
I can just imagine her saying I am married to a Native American.
But I bet she never says I am in a bigamous marriage to a Native American.
Pity that the second marriage was only a ceremony and not a legal marriage!


A small development yesterday. The police contacted my friend and where there had been a warrant for the arrest of Adrienne Gilbert she turned up at the police station with a lawyer.
The outcome is she denied the assault and with the help of the lawyer no charges are going to be pressed.
Clearly she's as spiritual as her teacher and truth is alien to both of them. But it might just be that she's a good student and learnt well.
The friend is still having medical treatment for the damage to his shoulder and might need an operation where she threw him against the wall so hard.

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RE: Rod Bearcloud Berry

Can anyone tell me about the  Ni´U´Kon´ska tribe from Olkahoma?  This is the "new" tribe that Rod claims to be from.  I don't ever remember his claiming that origin before, however, it recently was published in this article:


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