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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #45 on: December 22, 2011, 02:37:55 pm »
The only review of the film is pretty terrible.

....Is "Chasing a Good Day to Die" a fascinating documentary? Heavens, no. It is slow and sleepy and uncompelling.

It was made by Paul Larsen, who tells his own story of finding a new lease on life through Mooney's spiritual group. You don't know he's telling his own story, though, because he doesn't put his name on the screen under his picture. He doesn't do this with anyone else, either, so you never know who anyone is. You hear him referred to as "Paul," and the closing credits indicate that someone named "Paul Larsen" wrote and directed the documentary, and so you put two and two together. Telling us participants' names must be taught on the first day of Documentary Making 101; Larsen must have missed that day.

Larsen is his own worst enemy here, as his narration is dull and unenthusiastic. Getting people to care about a stranger's problems is already an uphill battle, and surely his flat way of speaking does not help.

His next-best chance at gaining viewer interest would be to show us something genuinely fascinating or unfamiliar. The Indian ceremonies could qualify, since most viewers are unacquainted with them despite living in such geographical proximity to the practitioners. Again, here Larsen fails. A few sequences work -- the "sweat lodge" experience, for example -- but for the most part, little is done to bring us into the ceremonies or the reasons behind them. The rituals no doubt have helped people emotionally and spiritually, and some of those people (without names, of course) testify to that fact in the film. But Larsen's lifeless style of filming and editing do not make it interesting.

Grade: C
Rated PG, very mild profanity and some drug use


The film maker, Larsen, is listed as a Mormon professor.

Paul Larsen
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah. Larsen made the first-person documentary, "Chasing a Good Day to Die" (2002), which chronicles his personal journey, when a search for a cure for his teen son's depression led him to the "Medicine Path" of American Indian peyote ceremonies. The film was shown at the 2002 Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah on 9 August 2002 as part of a session called "Mormon Films." It was listed in the schedule with the description, "Learn about the power of Native American healing ceremonies in one Latter-day Saint's life." Larsen gave a presentation at the 3rd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo/Orem, Utah in January 2004, during which he talked about spiritual aspects of storytelling and the importance of writing personal stories. His film "Chasing a Good Day to Die" was also screened during the festival. From his faculty bio

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #46 on: December 22, 2011, 07:01:53 pm »
The trailer is dire

The description of Mooney as a renegade instead of a fraud and ceremony seller is especially galling.

The thing that most angers me about this screening is that the goal is to consolidate the "brand" of the Sedona Temple (newage brothel) as a Native American owned and supported entity, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. 

Native people and other people with a discerning nature are deeply offended by the combination of ceremony selling and prostitution all of which are just exploitative, criminal businesses disguised as something spiritual.
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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #47 on: December 23, 2011, 07:49:04 am »
Really. So, those who take these ceremonies and share them with non-natives are 'blessed'?
So, all of you who don't share with us non-natives, are not blessed.
I guess people like me are so worthy and wonderful that to share with us blesses you. huh. 
Never knew that.  :-\  ::)


This film essay is dedicated to the Native Americans who persevered to keep their ceremonies alive and to those who have been blessed to share them with non-natives. 

press the little black on silver arrow Music, 1) Bob Pietkivitch Buddha Feet

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #48 on: January 18, 2012, 09:48:21 pm »
I just wanted to share this video of Wayne Clayton of the PGT talking about his "work".

The video is hosted on one of Dez Nichols's channels

Basically Claytons claims that most of his clients are women who have been sexually or otherwise abused and that recently he's been seeing more patients with cancer, MS and other serious illnesses.  He claims to cure them via intimate, internal massage and, in the Phoenix New Times article, he claimed that he had made a woman's breast grow back after a mastectomy.

Remember this is a guy who is facing charges of illegal control of enterprise, maintaining a house of prostitution, pandering, receiving earnings of prostitution, and conspiracy of illegal control of enterprise.


I just wonder how many abused and seriously ill women he has "treated" via his "massages"? 

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #49 on: January 19, 2012, 08:57:43 am »
There is an hour long radio interview re the PGT and an interview with "Mystic Mother" Tracey Elise here

I have so far only listened to the first 15 minutes but astonishingly Ms Elise is comparing the struggle for recognition of religious status of the PGT with the struggle of the Church of Scientology to be recognised as a religion.

I wonder if she knows that the Co$ is being investigated by the FBI for trafficking in human beings?

Links re the Co$ and the THB allegations and investigation

shocking video with victim testimonies

26 page report in the New Yorker (v interesting piece, the reporting of THB allegations start on page 14)

It's ironic that she is allying herself and the PGT with the "struggle" of the Co$ given the THB investigation into the Co$.

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #50 on: February 16, 2012, 11:16:47 am »
The Phoenix Goddess Temple has branched out to San Diego, California, run by Kamala Devi. She states in her videoblog on Youtube (, her associations with Tracy Elises as a student, friend, and supporter. Kamala Devi has been fundraising for Tracy Elises' legal fees since the FBI shut the 'temple' down in September 2011 for operating a house of prostitution.

Here is a Youtube link to Kamala Devi rallying for financial support of Tracy Elises who was 'arrested again':

Elises, an associate of James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney, is the Phoenix Goddess Temple "temple mother". Kamala Devi is also an associate of James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney. Through Mooney's Oklevueha Native American Church, these Goddess Temples have been "blessed" and qualify for tax exempt statuses as "religious institutions".

James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney is founder of the plastic shaman cult, Native American Church, to which he has blessed for a $2,500 fee, the Phoenix Goddess Temple, and in San Francisco, an offshoot of Native American Church called Medicine Path led by Jewish psychologists, George Bertelstein and Jeff Wright. Of the latter, Medicine Path offers "sacred ceremonies" which include sweat lodges and peyote peace pipe for a $450 fee. Of note, Medicine Path Native American Church attests that Barrett Eagle Bear is their "medicine woman" and members are encouraged to support her financially, take $4,500 trips to Peru guided by don Victor Estrada Cervantes... (Estrada's FB: , and, travelblog:

From the Goddess Temple web site, Kamala Devi offers "sacred sexual healing ceremonies":

The "sacred sexual healing ceremonies" which range between $450 - $650 donation include:

*Male G Spot & Prostate Therapy
*Bath & Bodywork Ceremony
*Love and Intimacy Coaching
*Goddess Spot Massage
*Tantric Ritual Healing
*Double Goddess Sessions ("twenty tantalizing fingers massaging your body and soul into Tantric ecstasy!
The Bath Ceremony and Male Sacred Spot and many other ceremonies can be done by two delightful angels at the same time. There is nothing more beautiful than two women sharing Shakti with each other and with YOU!"

Quite an industry!


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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #51 on: March 11, 2012, 10:34:34 am »
Dez Nichols's International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) is holding a conference in Sedona in may 2012 on "sacred Indian grounds"

According to the website here

speakers include
Annie Sprinkle - porn star friend of Harley Reagan
Charles Muir - creepy cult leader with his own school of "tantra" - his FB friends list is bursting with pimps, traffickers and "tantric temples"
Robert Silber - never heard of him before now - however I notice with interest that his workshops is "a hands on demonstration that involves nudity and genital contact. "
James Warren Flaming Eagle Mooney - founder of a fake native American church and peyote dealer (see thread in Frauds)
Crystal Dawn Morris - "breathwork" therapist - v involved in both the Sedona and Phoenix Goddess "temples" with many THB contacts
Kamala Devi - activist and fund-raiser supporting the PGT and SD, also a "sacred sexual healer"
"Bearcloud" - pretendian long time supporter of the PGT and SD, also involved in the "Star Nation", crystal skulls, UFOs etc
Janet and Sasha Lessin - extremely dodgy psychotherapists with their own school of "tantra" and many friends and associates involved in THB
There are other presenters also, although the page is under construction so not all of the bios are up yet

I have no idea if the "Indian sacred grounds" they are holding this events on are real or some fake sacred grounds, either way it sucks

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #52 on: March 29, 2012, 08:22:39 am »
"ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness
Phoenix Rising: Dawn of a New Era
Sedona  May 4-6, 2012
The Sedona Spring Conference is a gathering place for like-minded individuals.  Join experts in their fields as they share their knowledge, learn new tools and synthesize the energies of sacred mind, sacred body, sacred spirit, sacred heart and sacred emotion.  Synthesis goes beyond polarity and creates new opportunities to love and be free.  Meet your next mate, seed your next project.  You do not want to miss this special gathering bringing 11 years of sexuality consciousness to a new level.
Keynotes:  Annie Sprinkle and Charles Muir
ISTA is a non-profit school serving as a resource and network for those who share a vision of love and harmony here on earth.  In addition to fascilitating educational conferences, trainings and workshops in over 50 countries, ISTA works with charitable organizations to globalize sexuality consciousness through collaborations and co-sponsored programs.
Note:  Speakers are subject to change without notice.  We currently have a wait list and as one speaker drops off another will be placed.  We expect over 35 speakers so you get the best value for your contribution!

Your Emcees for the 11th Annual Conference are
Triambika, Destin Gerek and Crystal Dawn

Kenneth Ray Stubbs will present a historic historic path from Erotic Massage to multi-dimensional Shamanism 1975-2012.  You do not want to miss this!
And, view the list of pre and post conference events by your favorite teachers.  Keep checking back as this list grows each week.
Join Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens for an EcoSexy Walking Tour
This is an all new, fresh, innovative, one-of-a-kind presentation which explores Sexecology- the places where sexology and ecology intersect in our culture. It’s about imagining the Earth as a lover instead of mother, in order to create a more mutually sustainable relationship with our beloved planet.

Save The Tantra Temples Party and FUNdraiser:  Kamala Devi and SD Tantra Theater are hosting a Big FREE Party with music, comedy, improv. and spoken word to raise awareness and funds for ISTA's legal defense. Festivities will start after dinner on the first night of the conference. Doors close at 8:30pm.
This just in:  Due to the recent raids on our temples across the nation we will have a special presentation on the legal status of the field of Tantra and Sacred Sexual Healing and feature a 2-hr Wisdom Circle to include many of the thread contributors from all perspectives.  
Is it Safe?
Yes, we will meet on protected and sacred Yavapai-Apache Nation grounds and offer a Shamanic track featuring 4 of the 28-Grandfathers who will share indigenous knowledge about sacred ways of masculine-feminine balance gifted from the cosmos to the earthmother, PLUS several representatives of World Religions and Sex Positive Cultural views on shamanism, sexuality and consciousness.  View details and registration
 Sedona is located in the heart of the red rock country, in the spiritual Mecca of North America, 2 hours north of Phoenix, AZ. If you fly into Phoenix and do not want to rent a car, we suggest two shuttle services: ACE Express (which will take you directly to your hotel) 800-336-2239 or the Sedona Phoenix Shuttle 800-448-7988.  The conference will be held on sacred tribal ground at The Lodge at Cliff Castle just outside of Sedona (exit 289 off the I-17).  You will feel the difference!
If you have not already had the pleasure of spending time in this top ten beauty destination in the world, we recommend spending a few days prior to or after the conference. Savor the breath, take-in the scenery, enjoy some fabulous hiking and experience some of the many adventures Sedona has to offer.  And, since you are in Sedona why not take advantage of the hottest training on the World Tour, Apprenticeship, Level I SSSPT, Level II SSSPT."


Presenters include:

James Warren Flaming Eagle Mooney

James Warren 'Flaming Eagle' Mooney was born January 3, 1944, in Grass Valley, Nevada California. He is the son of Ruth Aleta Bennett Mooney and Rex Warren Mooney. James is married to Linda Taylor ‘Bright Hawk’ Mooney. Between the two of them, they presently have 15 children, more than 30 Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandchildren.

The following pages tell my story, James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney, of how I rediscovered and practiced American Native indigenous spiritual healing and empowering ceremonies.  U.S. Federal Attorneys and Federal Investigators of the State of Utah have substantiated my story.  They personally interviewed people involved with this story from Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Washington to ensure an accurate portrayal of these past incidents.

"Bearcloud" (long bio here but basically he's a pretendian fraud)

Robert Silber (Hawaii)
Conscious Genital Massage: Demonstration + Discusssion
A presentation of the conscious sensuality approach to sexual healing and empowerment that includes a demonstration of conscious genital massage.  This is a different approach than the sacred spot work common in tantra.  We’ll look at how conscious genital massage can be an effective tool for assisting those who have history of abuse and trauma as well as those who commonly dissociate during sex.  Robert is a practitioner, coach and teacher as well as a licensed massage therapist with training in lomi-lomi(temple-style Hawaiian), thai, cranial-sacral, and pelvic release modalities among others.
This is a hands on demonstration that involves nudity and genital contact.  There is no practice time during the session for the participants.

Janine McDonald (Australia)
Shamanic Dark Moon Blood Rite
This offering is a journey into the womb of the earth mother. Awaken ancient knowing, connect to the deep essence, healing and sexual power of the menstrual blood and receive transmission of the holy dark. Welcome to the temple, open your heart, unveil and shed your cloak. SHE is here.  (Experiential ritual for men and women, clothing optional)
Revisioning the Dark Goddess in Sexual Healing
This presentation is about healing the dark feminine, exploring archetypes and mythology of the Dark Goddess, the cyclic nature of She, the transformative power of the earth womb, and an invitation to experience activation and transmission of the Dark Goddess energy through shamanic ritual.
Transmission for men and women
The dark moon "menstruation", of a woman’s cycle, is a time of great mystery, power and transformation.
The sacredness of woman’s ‘Dark Moon’ blood
How the "blessing" became "the curse"
The power of woman in the dark moon cycle of menstruationSexuality during the dark moon phase
The ecstasy, healing, regeneration and spiritual illumination available, to men and women, coming into sacred union during this time
Awaken cellular memory
Janine McDonald teaches the temple arts of Sacred Sexuality and Blood Mysteries. Her greatest joy is journeying with people in the heart and offering a transformational pathway that awakens life force energy and deepens sacred union within, with beloved, the divine and all of life.
Janine currently offers Sexuality and the Dark Moon workshops, Sacred Woman courses, Red Tent circle, Intimacy Coaching, and Reclaiming the Dark Goddess and Temple Priestess healing sessions. She also co facilitates the Shamanic Sacred Sexual Practitioner Training internationally with International School of Temple Arts.

Charles Muir
Founder of Source School of Tantra Yoga
Charles Muir is considered the originator and Pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the United States. In 1980, he originated the Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving® format, Sacred Spot Massage, and many other inventive experiential exercises, which have become the cornerstones in the curriculum of most Tantra educators. In addition to Red Tantra practices, Charles teaches a powerful method of White Tantra, or Laya Yoga, which is the grandfather of Hatha Yoga, with extended holds, meditation, and chakra focus. Its gentle-on-the-body approach is relaxing and revitalizing, and awakens consciousness quickly.
Charles has authored two Tantra books, two Tantra Training DVDs, three White Tantra CDs, and five Red Tantra CDs. His work has been featured in over fifty media articles, numerous radio and television appearances (most recently on Oprah), and two Hollywood feature movies, Bliss and The Best Ever. He is currently working on several new books in his Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving series; the newest is Sacred Sexual Awakenings, which is a comprehensive compilation of over five hundred testimonials and case histories of lives transformed through attending his seminars.

Annie Sprinkle
Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. was a prostitute and porn star who became a sacred sex student/teacher, a pioneer in the sex-positive movement, and an internationally acclaimed performance artist. Sprinkle has spread her message of “let there be pleasure on Earth and let it begin with me” in hundreds of publications, documentary films and TV shows, including four HBO’s Real Sex specials. She is best known for her one-woman theater pieces, where she performed her “Public Cervix Announcements,” and her “Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute,” a tantric-sex-magic-masturbation-ritual, on stages in nineteen countries. She has authored five books including Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex and Metamorphosex. Her Sluts & Goddesses workshops are legendary. Sprinkle has produced and starred in her own brand of “feminist post porn” films, including Rites of Passion and Amazing World of Orgasm. For the last twelve years, Annie has been collaborating with her life partner, Elizabeth Stephens. When they married the Earth, they found themselves shifting the metaphor from “Earth as mother” to “Earth as lover,” and came out as avowed ecosexuals. Today they are committed to making the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse, and turning people on to the eroticism of nature. Annie Sprinkle’s career in sex has spanned four decades and she says, “My best is yet to come!”

There are other presenters also, just a selection here for people to get an idea of the nature of this event.  
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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #53 on: March 29, 2012, 08:33:28 am »
According to the poster their lawyer will be delivering a talk at the event

The lawyer is this guy (emphasis mine)

Dr. Benjamin Zvenia, Esq.
Las Vegas, Nevada Area Law Practice

Dr. Benjamin Zvenia, Esq.'s Overview

Counsel General & Justiciar --- US Priory at SOKJ
Vice Chair at ABA - TTIPS - WC & Employers Liab. Cmte.
Vice Chair at ABA Animal Law Committee

Dr. Benjamin Zvenia, Esq.'s Experience

June 1993 – Present (18 years 10 months)

ZVENIA & ASSOCIATES is a law firm guided by Benjamin Zvenia, Dr. P.H., J.D. and the Hon. Norbert Johnson (Ret.). Principals and associates are members of the Federal Circuit Bar Association, FBA, Bar Association of DC, NBA, NNABA, NIBA, OIBA, Bar Association of DC and are admitted in CFR Courts & Tribunals + Tribal Court Systems.

Firm Specialities include:

U.S. Dept. of Labor Matters including OWCP, EEOICPA. Claims before to NLRB, MSPB, EEOC, OSHA, MSHA, etc. Defense Base Act Claims. Armed Services Board of Contractors Appeals. Our firm also specializes in Native American matters & issues before the Tribal Court Systems including Criminal, Civil, and ICWA. Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty, (for example) Law and Order Code revisions and consultations with Local/State Government. Assisting with Economic Development projects including Tribal and Individual SBA 8a Certification matters. Tribal Workers’ Compensation matters (ie., Tribal 1st, etc.). Alternative & Allied Healthcare issues. Social Security Administration claims. Trademark & Copyright Issues. Numerous other federal agency matters (call us for more information). Our firm also provides help with Alternative Dispute Resolution issues.
Counsel General & Justiciar --- US Priory
2008 – 2011 (3 years)

Vice Chair
ABA - TTIPS - WC & Employers Liab. Cmte.
2006 – 2008 (2 years)

Vice Chair
ABA Animal Law Committee
2005 – 2008 (3 years)

Dr. Benjamin Zvenia, Esq.'s Skills & Expertise

Indian Law/Native American matters Federal Worker's Compensation, EEO & MSPB practice  International Law Non-profits  Public Relations  Research Surety Bonds/Excess Surplus & Individual Surety matters

Groups and Associations:

Alabama Workers' Comp Blawg

Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

International Government Relations and Public Affairs

Lawyers Committee for Justice in Haiti

Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB)

Million Dollar Round Table (Official MDRT Group)

Millionaire Business Club


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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #54 on: April 19, 2012, 03:05:25 am »
Wow, I'm glad Rob didn't live to see this type of crap. He was pissed off enough about White Eagle Fraud Woman, but this? This was all way over the top.   ::)

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #55 on: August 26, 2012, 08:42:44 pm »
The Sundance Channel (associated with Robert Redford's film festival, not the sacred ceremony) on cable has been showing a documentary about Dez Nichols and his associates, from 2010, called "Manifesting Maya". A number of the people discussed in this thread appear in it, complete with glassy-eyed defenses of what he and the women at his home do for money. We see a bit of the European trips, a conference with other newage pimps and prostituted people, and lots of shouting, newage encounter-group type "therapy". I don't think any of these people are certified as psychologists or social workers.

Trigger warning and Note to anyone checking it out: Film contains a great deal of full frontal nudity and non-simulated sex. Women talk about being abused while Nichols does things to them sexually. It's not hardcore pornography, but there is frequent footage of glassy-eyed white newagers having sex for money, interspersed with a lot of newage bafflegab, including Nichols trying to do "sex magic" with a series of different women in order to interfere with the free will of a woman who left him and manipulate this ex-lover (also a prostituted woman) into returning to him. At one point one of the newage women confronts him for being a sexual predator who manipulates his therapy clients into having sex with him, abusing his position to convince the women they need to gratify his sexual needs in order to be healed.

Many of the newagers have pretendian bling in their homes, cars, and brothels: feathers, painted buffalo skulls, etc. Before some of the people have sex for money they say things about "The Great Spirit" and "The Great Mystery". They take some of their clients to what are allegedly sacred sites to have combination pay to pray and sex for money at these sites.

A number of them claim to be shamans, and they claim their made-up rituals are Tantra. Some of them have given themselves new names (or, perhaps the pimps and prostitutes versions of stripper names) from languages they obviously don't speak and that they can't even pronounce properly.  They misrepresent every culture and spiritual tradition they reference, everything is for sale, and they call themselves by all sorts of honorifics from cultures they have no understanding of.

ETA: Offensive photo of pretendian ceremony on Dez Nichols' site:

ETAA: I should have gotten a screen grab of that photo as they've removed it now. It was in a slide show, and it was him pretending to do pipe ceremony. Or something. There was a fake pipe involved.

A google image search on "baba dez" didn't bring up the photo, but there are, um, others.
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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #56 on: March 16, 2016, 03:27:28 pm »
Update on the prostitution trial:

This is the "church" who were cited as supporting/endorsing the Phoenix Goddess Temple, whose founder was convicted of running a brothel. "Throughout the trial, Elise has maintained and presented evidence that her temple was in fact a sanctioned Oklevueha Native American church" [source:].

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #58 on: February 24, 2019, 02:36:38 am »
Please accept my apologies if anyone has already posted this stuff - search comes up with nothing but I know that search can sometimes be a little creaky.... anyway, here goes

It would appear that "Baba" Dez Nichols' International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) is representing itself as being part of James Mooney's fake Native American church, presumably so they can attempt to represent their activities as authentically native and thus argue that they are entitled to special rights and privileges.

The links in the previous post are gone. I recently found this, it seems to fit here?

'International' in ISTA has here changed to 'Indigenous'. Is this ISTA something new, something else, something different from the 'old' ISTA?:

ONAC of ISTA Membership

ONAC Indigenous School of Temple Arts is a non-profit, non-denominational ecclesiastical private membership association. We reveal alternative practices to educate our members for managing health & wellbeing.

Join Now to get the Members Only Content for just $197 $79*

Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Get Access Now!

ONAC of Indigenous School of Temple Arts (ISTA) is an education and advocacy branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church who strive to bring awareness and support to those who desire to conduct their practices in a good way.  We advocate all areas of practice including Energy Medicine, Holy Anointing, Laying on of Hands, Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Cannabis and Psilocybin. We refer our members to medicine people in their preferred practices, and respect all ancient wisdoms without discrimination. Based on your membership status we find most medicine people willing to invite you in, but the decision rests solely with their spirit connection to you. 

Our private membership association is a good place for those who wish to conduct their local practice with the fullest protection for their sovereign rights and to have a resource if the law decides to poke their noses into your beliefs/business.  Besides the unique benefits of ONAC rights both Federally and State by State, the private membership gives added protection from interference as long as there is no evidence of clear danger or substantial evil.

We have been in the front lines of members who have faced zoning & permitting threats,  illegal search & seizure, illegal raids on our churches and incarceration for misappropriated charges. While there have been exhausting consequences for standing for our rights, major headway is in the making and we have been winning our way into a respected understanding by law enforcement and judicial acknowledgement in all the most recent cases.  Times are changing and this is an ideal time for you to become a member [participant] or branch church owner [leader in your community].  Contact us for details or (619) 354-9441.

The information contained in this email and the supporting attachments provided by ONAC Indigenous School of Temple Arts are for educational purposes only. Although we have performed extensive research regarding legal principles, our trustees, officers and supporting staff, we are not licensed members of the State Bar Association. Information provided by members of ONAC Indigenous School of Temple Arts should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a licensed attorney in handling your legal affairs. We reserve the right to revoke membership if we deem your activities are not aligned with the Code of Ethics.  View terms & conditions and view our no refund policy. 

*Membership dues cover technology and administration costs and are not meant to be associated with ceremonies. Reduced member rates are only available for a limited time.

Indigenous School of Temple Arts 2018

Their Facebook page: ([Oklevueha] Native American Church)

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #59 on: February 24, 2019, 02:42:16 am »
The links in the previous post are gone. I recently found this, it seems to fit here?

Apologizing for error in the quote. This should read:

The links in the quoted post are gone. I recently found this, it seems to fit here?