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We are pleased to announce the  re-establishing of our Indigenous People of the Americas.  This Band is concentrated in the  South East Cooridor of North America, recruiting all those who have roots from Mississippi to Tennessee.  Our Chief is Ron Strong Bow, who is a Brave and Active leader.  Chief Strong Bow took the initiative to collaborate with other Chiefs, who are re-establishing our Indigenous People, who are  the True Orginal Indians of North America.  As many of you know,  the Negro people have been re-classified under several labels, current title: (African Americans), we here at TN-MS UBOMIP are re-assigning and helping people to reconnect back their original roots based upon their family history, location, genealogy, documentation, etc., it doesn't matter.  if you have been told, you have Indian in your family, we will help you find your true Nation.  Before the reclassification of our Indigenous people, we were part of many tribes/bands based on location of land.  It is our greatest pleasure to begin this journey with you, and all of us, will Re-Unite as the true Indigenous people of our Indian Country, aka North America.

$25 membership

We here at United Nation of Muskogees Indigenous People, are not assoicated with any Anti-white government groups or individuals, Moorish or solverign base upon self-proclaim paperwork or adjacent documents.  Our Indigenous is based upon our Natural rights, along with our genealogy and or documents to prove our lineage to our ancestors.  Please sustain from applying if your intentions are other than what we stand for, which is original indigenous people of this North America.

LOUSIANA - Chief Big Chief Roderick

Chief Chief Wo'l = Linda Tahane



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Re: "Chief Ron Strong Bow" "United Band of Muskogee Indigenous People"
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One of the groups in this "united band" is The Bayou Lacombe Choctaw Tribe of the old Florida Parishes . Their leader is Linda Tahane.

This year’s powwow reunited Choctaw tribe members from Oklahoma and Louisiana whose forefathers were separated by the Trail of Tears, a federal government policy of forcibly removing Native Americans from the American Southeast to Oklahoma in 1838-39.
The Trail of Tears involved the removal to Oklahoma of about 100,000 people, and claimed an estimated 15,000 lives, including members of the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminole nations.
Members of the Bayou Lacombe Choctaw Indian Tribe from St. Tammany Parish, La., were at the powwow Saturday, at Molette’s invitation, to reconnect ties severed by that process.
“We want to meet our people and to connect,” said Debra Ann Cooper Parker, genealogist and administrator for the Bayou Lacombe Choctaw.

Parker said her tribe is comprised of Choctaw Indians that remained in Louisiana after the Trail of Tears, while their relatives were removed to Oklahoma.

The "deputy chief" is Roderick Sylvas. He's written an incredibly racist piece on Facebook (May 25, 2018, - as is usual this link may not work or last).  Linda Trahane praised it in a reply. I've given it some random spacing to make it a little easier to read.

We are the true Aboriginal Indigenous North Americans and we know as well as they know African Americans are not Africans. Africans know we are Indigenous to North America.

The sad part is most of our so-called black so-called African American so-called Negroes in America have a false connection in belief that they are African and not indigenous Aboriginal American that were always here. The indoctrination and paper genocide along with the deceptions of these United Snakes of America has done collateral damage .

Now it is time to repair and rebuild our minds and read and research and pull into your roots indigenously going back as far as you can Gathering every story from all elders within your family tracing back in history each state each City each County leaving no stone unturned. We can only save ourselves by knowing thyself and believing in who we truly are as Indigenous people of America and take back what has been stolen from our history etc.

People wonder why we say that African Americans are not African some of them get offended because they feel like we are disconnecting ourselves with Africa we are not African we are not African American we are indigenous Americans the indigenous North Americans Aboriginal Americans the North American Aborigines mix it up however you like it equates the same African Americans are not Africans.

Question what has Africa done for you ?America is giving life to Africa right now Africans are moving into the United States by the thousands and you lost blind indigenous North Americans that don't know who you truly are are embracing them as if they are your brothers and your true sisters and they are not they are here for the Takeover they are here to replace you. You lack awareness of the strong identity of who you truly are there for you falsely embrace them thinking you can learn about yourself through them when we as Aboriginal Americans have been taking the lead to be folliwed imitated and copied.

You are one with them but they are not one with you !! you're already home this is your home you are indigenous to America you are the Aboriginal North American know thyself research learn now is the time to awaken your mind today and everyday I challenge you to run forward 2 and African try to embrace them and shake their hand and say I am your brother and watch the look on their face approach them and say I am your sister and watch the look upon her face of disconnect they're not connected with you you are a foreigner there is a difference between you and the African they are African you are not African American you are an American indigenous North American. Study research find your tribe or tribes there's so many ! we are still here! Wise up with true knowledge of self!

The Bayou Lacombe Choctaw Tribe of the old Florida Parishes has some things in common with Elwin Green , including shared claims about an ancestor Jim Ducre.

Context can be found through these related threads listed here

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Re: "Chief Ron Strong Bow" "United Band of Muskogee Indigenous People"
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Their disclaimer is interesting. Why the need to proclaim you are not sovereign citizen? Because one of their "chiefs" proclaims his belief in sovereign cults like the Washitaw and Moors.

Why proclaim you are not anti white? Yet they have no problem with being anti NDN and even anti Black and self hating. The obvious logical fallacy to their claim is that, if Blacks are the real Natives, how do they explain hundreds of millions of Africans in Africa?

UBOMIP's application includes a temporary "tribal ID". Just by applying you become a member. No potential for abuse there....

Their services listed on their site include:

Seriously. Typos are theirs.

The photos on the site include Mardi Gras costumes and historical well known photos of Seminoles.
"Chief Big Chief Roderick" (seriously) also goes by Big Chief Roderick “Bald Eagle” Sylvas and actually is a Mardi Gras "Indian" role player.

Big Chief Bald Eagle is Chief of the world renowned Wild Tchoupitoulas, brought to the streets by the legendary Big Chief George “Jolly” Landry, Uncle of the Neville Brothers. The world owes a great gratitude to this team consisting of Big Chief Jolly, Big Chief Bo Dollas of the Wild Magnolias and Big Chief Monk Boudreaux of the Golden Eagles Tribe. It’s amazing to think that all of these legends were in one tribe at one point in history. “The music of this culture has always been there” as Chief Roderick says, but these men were responsible for bringing it to the world. Like his cousin Big Chief Klik of the Young Black Seminoles, Chief Roderick is very humble and speaks sparingly about his position as Big Chief of the historic Wild Tchoupitoulas. As his tribal chief name Bald Eagle denotes, Chief Roderick soars above small talk and focuses on the big picture. He is focused on preserving Indigenous Black Masking Culture through his daughter and third Chief Justin Harris. The ritual of passing down the culture runs deeper than the Wild Tchoupitoulas. Chief Roderick is in the direct bloodline of the Choctaw of Bayou Lacombe’s native people whose bloodlines are descendants of the Washita Yamasee Moors. Simply put, descendants of the aboriginal Olmec’s of the now Americas.

This on their site is also interesting. The second member kicked out of this supposed Chickasaw tribe has a fake Cherokee name.

1. Adrian Dunham aka Wildfox
2. Marcia Streety aka Awenasa-Onawa"

GoFundMe by their admin/genealogist.

Youtube, where most rejected or mocked what she argued.