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Before you post....
« on: October 25, 2004, 10:46:51 pm »
A few things to keep in mind about posting:

Read the DISCLAIMERS and PURPOSE OF THIS GROUP messages first, and also please read through the Help section to familiarize yourself with how this forum works. It has some major differences from the Yahoo groups and other forums.

Each new message posted here makes our database larger and thus more difficult to move from server to server (which we do from time to time), so, please refrain from posting one-line replies just to say "OK" or "LOL" etc. Such posts may be deleted at the moderators' discretion.

Private messaging (PM) is enabled. Please use this feature conscientiously. Delete older PMs that you don't need anymore. Remember to empty your Outbox, too.

You can Subscribe to any thread you wish to follow and be notified by email when new posts are made in a given topic

Some topics will be Locked, meaning you can't post replies to them. Just start a new topic if you want to respond to a locked topic. We will modify any of the locked topics as needed.

Please post in the appropriate board of the appropriate category. If a new board or category needs to be created, send a PM to the forum admin.

Thank you!
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Re: Before you post....
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2014, 10:43:26 pm »
1. Go over to Member Introductions. Click on "New Topic." Title it with your name and introduce yourself. We like to know who we're talking to. 

2. Before starting a new thread in Research Needed, go to the main, index page of the forum: Go to the search box in the upper, right-hand corner and search to see if there's already a thread on the person, group or event you want to talk about. The search will only work if you search from the main page; we don't know why.  If you find a thread and there's a red notice at the bottom that says,
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days. Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.
Just ignore  that and post in the relevant thread. I wish we knew how to turn that function off.

P.S. You can not start a new thread in Frauds. Only members of the mod/admin team can do that.

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