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Ebay Lakota Tarot Card Reader
« on: July 05, 2005, 12:54:37 pm »
Greg" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 23:53:58 -0000
Subject: [nafps] EBAY Lakota tarot Spiritual Reader

Heres one for the record books

I emailed her and asked her if she was lakota and / or enrolled., asked her if she was aware that what she does is considered exploitation, etc..

Our exchange is posted Below...

\\Post yer opinions//

1. I am not a Lakota, i use the Lakota spiritual teachingsand card deck. I have a mentor who is a elder Lakota,and i do have indian in me, but i am not a Lakota. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!

My response to her
I see,, Lakota spiritual cards...
Sweat Lodge Cards,, Kinda like your favorite spirits on a baseball card...
Was just wondering if you felt that it borders or crosses the line of exploitation of the Lakota religion..  Making money on this I mean...
No Need to respond

:::::Her Response:::::

Hello! No i do not and it has never crossed my mind as it should not. I am following a calling to help
others....surely compensating one for the time involved is not wrong or bad.....Let me say i give far more with my readings then what i am compensated with. Many have felt my purpose and insight and have actually compensated freely more then what i charge....why? because they respect and appreciate what i have taken the time to do and provide...they understand i am actually being under paid to be open and available to everyone. They understand my geniune desire to help
beyond the dollar. They respect that i have a family
and life to support. Let me clarify further.....I did
not just decide one day to do gifts existed
well before this...i do spiritual and angelic paintings...this was the beginning of my development. I am spiritually guided and lead to do what i do....i have been lead to do this...should i not charge for my paintings? That would not make sense...though i do give them away alot!! I like everyone else would love to be nothing but givers....but the reality is we all do have families to feed and houses to pay for. If i spent all my time practicing my gifts with no compensation, how
would i take care of my responsibilities.....and be
able to help others. If a doctor performs eight hours
of brain surgery....should he not get paid for saving a life? this is his gift. Should the nurse not be
compensated for caring for the ill? this is her
gift. Keeping in mind they have families to feed and
bills to cover in their life too. They would not be
able to use their gift from starving and being
homeless...broke because they can save lives...but it doesn't feed or support themselves or their
family.......I want to help people...but i can 't spend
my time doing it for free while i have financial needs
or obligations to be tended to also. This is reasonable and fair.....not bad or abusive. As i dedicate my time to my shall my gifts sustain me in supporting my needs in return as i do so.  I respect your inquiry and please feel free to respond if you wish
PS It was a elder Lakota man and woman who lead me to my work. They are in their sixties and very gifted in their Lakota i am not sure what part of the Lakota practices you are talking about that differers from these two who are by far wet behind the ears in Lakota teachings. But they have guided me and still do in my work. So again, i am not sure what your reference is to my work in regards to Lakota teachings that I may be doing wrong? I am......lead by elder Lakota's ???


My retort
Your elders, they would have taught you that the Lakota way and  ceremony (inipi) is not for sale, and not followed in a deck of tarot cards and certainly not used on ebay to sell a service.
But,,, I was just bringing something to light, I stated it was not necessary to respond, since you do not have to explain anything to me. I have heard everything you said many times before from many people who have been "Called" to do this work..
I am sure if the tunkashilas have a problem with what you do, they will surely let you know.
What is the tiyospaye of your Elders?
The Tunkashilas give the power to the Wicasa Wakan, woyute na ins mazaska nincapelo. They ask for nothing
nanpe nisapelo....  hecetu sni yelo..
Toksha ake


And finally her response before she blocked me
There will always be someone who will twist religions and beliefs...make waves instead of a matter of fact i have experience ancient Lakota's in spirit....they are who have lead me to help others and expand their a matter of fact one
ran right through me to become one with me one evening in my backyard....the spirits have visited me ....and have welcomed me. I am being dealt with! So do not worry about me, they have already came and greeted me.
Blessings of Clarity


Clarity   yeah ok...

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Re: Ebay Lakota Tarot Card Reader
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2005, 01:03:23 pm »
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 10:54:50 -0000
Subject: [nafps] Re: EBAY Lakota tarot Spiritual Reader

I've given up debating with people like this, unless other people get to  see them make idiots of themselves in the process. Since they don't allow facts to incovenience them, arguing with them is like
trying to staple jelly to a wall. Here's a link to a skepical article about tarot reading, which points out clearly how abusive it can be.


Mike Two Horses" <>  
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:47:48 -0400
Subject: RE: [nafps] Re: EBAY Lakota tarot Spiritual Reader

Ever notice that none of these people know what to call the "Lakota spiritual teachings"?  I cannot ONCE remember seeing any of these frauds refer to the Lakol Wicohan, not even misspelled...the other stupid thing here is that the sentence is structured to refer to "the lakota spiritual teachings and card deck," wherein the article and modifier "the lakota" obviously refers to both the spiritual teachings and the card deck.  How can people be doing readings if they don't even know that there's no such thing as a "Lakota Tarot Deck"?  I guess people who get those readings get what they pay for...

I'm going to write to eBay and ask them to remove this woman's ads, since there is virtually no connection between the Lakol Wicohan and the Tarot.