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Ha!  :D
More Suzy Chaffee noble savage crap! Unbelievable!
Oct 22, 2006
Vermont Ski Hall of Fame Inducts Billy Kidd and Warren Witherell
Two Native Americans Honored as MVP's of Skiing.
"Warren Witherell (L- Apache) and Olympic skier Billy Kidd (R- Abenaki) at induction into the Vermont Ski Hall of Fame. Koasek Abenaki Chief Nancy Lyons (L) presented Billy with an eagle feather and Olympian Suzy Chaffee a hawk fan for doing wonders for Indian youth."

"Born to an Olympic family in Rutland, VT, her ski career started at two when she tried to step into her mothers skis. Her first coach, at age five, was Joe Jones, an Abenaki Indian. Skiing in the Green Mountains connected her with her inner voice that has guided her life."
There's no "Joe Jones" and her story changes by the day.
Famous Abenaki
"Chief Nancy Lyons (in blue) of the Vt Koasak Abenaki at April meeting with Governor James Douglas (center) with L-R, Vt legal advisor Susanne Young, VT Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee, Mark Mitchell, Vt Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and Olympian Rick Chaffee. "It felt like we got the Governor up to speed with how other states comply with federal laws in recognizing their tribal artists to bolster Vermont's Cultural Tourism, its No. 1 draw," said the Chaffees."

I'm trying to just laugh and not be mad. This is part of Suzy Chaffee's "Olympic Natives" that showed up at Whistler during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and demanded to do some kind of "ceremonies" on the mountain, be considered part of the whole Native Olympic scene, film themselves, and have their junk be aired as official Four Host First Nations broadcast.
They actually got people to contribute thousands of dollars to their "Olympic Native Athletes" initiative.

Totally CRINGE-WORTHY!!! I offer heartfelt apology to all First Nations people. These guys were NOT us!
Suzy Chaffee has completely made up names of organizations that really and truly DO NOT exist, even on paper. There is no such entity as the "US Native American Olympic Team Foundation." It simply does not exist. It's her money-laundering scheme. It's how she makes a living. She's been doing it for years!

In the meantime, several very wonderful, very real Olympic moments celebrated for First Nations people and Alaska Natives.
Caroline Calve
Callan Chythlook-Sifsof

I'm sorry. This woman and the people she surrounds herself with are absolutely batshit crazy and fraudulent.
She shamelessly and falsely namedrops a whole roster of Native American leaders names as supporting her. When they do NOT.
"NAOTF is now guided by some of the most respected Native leaders in America, like NAOTF's Co-chairman, Brian Wallace, leader of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California. In November, we are so honored, that Tex Hall, was elected President of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). As chair the 3 Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota and the Great Plains Chairmen' Association, he sponsored our Native Blessing Ceremony at the Park City's America's Pre-Olympic World Cup, (with Wildhorse Casino of the N.W. Umatilla Confederacy) which resulted in their best snow ever!
His cousin Ed Hall, Director of Tourism for the BIA, is one of the most influential Natives in Washington D.C.
Iroquois Chief Oren Lyons founded the international Green Cross with Gorbachev and was instrumental in persuading Sweden to shift from nuclear to alternative energy; Medicine men, Lakota Wallace Black Elk and Navajo Lenny Foster have shared their Earth People Way of Life at the United Nations and are leaders at human rights conferences in Geneva and spiritual conferences around the world. Plus leaders from tribes across America.
Another NAOTF Board member is Lloyd Bald Eagle, an actor, reenactor, champion Native traditional dancer, and international unity leader from the Minnecojou Lakota Tribe of South Dakota.
The words of our tribal brother Nelson Mandela keep ringing in my ears this Olympic year when our people are being honored, reminding me that the sky's the limit," said Lloyd."

All lies. All nonsense.

What enrages me and causes me to feel that this is more serious than the plastic shaman stuff is this: she not only exploits Natives and disadvantaged Native athletes, but she's using CHILDREN to generate money. She's using Native children to generate donations to herself. Not only does no one stop her, but there are Natives who are encouraging it. This is beyond bad! This is illegal, targeted intentionally exploitative behaviour.

Tex Hall and others DO support her, but they haven't done their homework. Her "career" as an athlete has been grossly exaggerated. She had a mediocre, less than two-year stint on the US Ski Team, 1967-1968. She was on the US Olympic Team to Grenoble, but did not compete in the Olympics. She posted some of the worst times in the preliminary time trials and failed to qualify for competition. She did not return to the ski team after the Olympics and she never ski raced again.
She is famous because she was on a Chapstick commercial and became a celebrity figure because of famous boyfriends and a role in a ski movie. That's all. She's like Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin. Famous for being famous.

If this woman comes to town, looking for child athletes to groom, SHUT HER DOWN. TURN HER AWAY. SHE'S A PREDATOR AND STEALER OF SPIRIT.

Smart Mule:
I agree Diana.  I also think that with April, this is just the beginning.  She doesn't pay taxes ad blames it on a dead woman.  She blows the funds of people she is supposed to be caring for and takes credit cards out in their names.  One of the individuals she was caring for that passed away didn't even have funds available for burial.  I really hope the courts look into where and how all of the federal, state and private funding was spent that the St Francis-Sokoki Band Inc obtained via grants and donations.

Having been to Odanak and to Wendake (Huron) in the summer of 2003 in Quebec and read the "Original Vermonters" and harrassed
Howard Dean over the Abenakis and read about the Sokokis and having seen pictures of Indian looking people in that book the Original Vermonters
one must take your hammering of these people as the final truth...really....??? It helps to see the areas firsthand doesn't it?

How do "Indian-looking" people make a bonefide tribe?  My son and I are "Indian-looking" but we are White.  Also, there are White families in these rural areas who have been there a long time.  Few intermarried, and if they did, they remained White.  In short, it is ancestory and nothing more.  Makes for interesting conversation but nothing else.  Like saying you are Irish, but your connections to Ireland are a few generations back, and you have no living relatives in Ireland.  And all you know of Ireland is what you read.  Doesn't really make you Irish.

If you have any question about the "Abenaki" groups being hammered you should read the BIA report. Its also important to note they have a large fulltime staff dedicated to Indian genealogy. They have the most extensive records of Indian genealogy anywhere. It speaks for itself. Of the 1700+ people of the Missiquoi/Sokoki less than 1% have any indian genealogy !


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