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"The Office Shaman" - Hilarious spoof by John Feodorov

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--- Quote ---"I am Shaman Red Deer, organizational Shaman and ascending Avatar"
--- End quote ---

Organizational shaman? Like this guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0DGj0PpFUU)?


--- Quote ---Organizational shaman? Like this guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0DGj0PpFUU)?
--- End quote ---
The Office Shaman  ????  This is the dumbest, most ignorant, and offensive pile of ***   I have ever had the misfortune to watch.

No point complaining about it here. This is John Feodorov's site


It lists his email address; I'm sure he'd be delighted to hear how much he's offended you.

You might want to read this first.

I wasn't complaining.  I was stating my opinion of the You-Tube link that had been posted. 

I thought it was hilarious. I don't bear any guilt for what my ancestors did before I started walking on this earth. Even if I did, I still couldn't feel the insult of the non-malicious wannabes that real-deal Indians feel. I'm smart enough at times to distinguish what is Indian business only and what involves all of humanity and this utube clip is Indian business only. This is a critical factor in some of these discussions, knowhing what concerns us all and what concerns Indians only. I am a member of another Humanitarian organization that is non-Indian, so I am not on some kind of rescue the poor natives mission here. My opinion on Traditionals is this: the only traditionals are those living on their land and able to speak their language, many off the rez can take off the watch, return home and connect. Many cant.


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