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Laney Goodman
« on: July 07, 2016, 01:02:34 pm »
Trained by two of the most notorious frauds.

Laney Goodman — visionary drummer, ceremonialist, vocalist, and nationally syndicated radio host — leads ceremonial drum circles “Drumming in the Four Directions” with a Mother Drum. Her Cherokee heritage from the Great Smoky Mountains blends with German, English and Scot/Irish ancestry to bridge time and tradition in ceremonies of community and tribe.
Laney has studied with native elders, the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch of the Seneca Wolf clan and the late Grandfather Sun Bear of the Objibwe. And with African- American drum masters Edwina Lee Tyler and Ubaka Hill, as well as African drum master the late Baba Olatunji.
She has taught and led ceremonies at ALisa Starkweather’s “Daughters of the Earth” and the “Belly Womb” Conference. She has produced and performed in Shawna Carol’s “Goddess Chant” at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury , England. And led sacred sites tours to Avalon in the UK and to Serpent Mound, Ohio.
Laney has presented and led ceremonies all through New England, the East Coast and Canada…Drum Circle Faciliators’ Conference with Arthur Hull at Myrtle Beach, SC. The Interfaith Round tabel with Don Allen in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the Ontario’s Womyn’s drum Camp and with Jason Cohen and SWID- Sacred World Interdependance Festival.
She has also work with Z Budapest and StarHawk and was a holder and ceremonialist at Ubaka Hill’s “One Million Women Drummers’ Gathering” in the Catskill Mountains.
She currently works with Tatiana Bear and co creates “The Divine Heart”- Women’s sacred song circle. Alisa Wright Tanny and co creates “Goddess Loves- Journey into the Wheels of Light”- a feminine empowerment and chakra activation circle. She co creates with Katrina Coravos- “Wisdom Fire” a gathering of Elders, Mothers and Maidens. And co creates with Katja Esser- “Deeper Roots~ Feeding Our Ancestors”
And is the creator and holder of “The Dance for All Beings”- a women’s shamanic journey into the wild within. As we give voice to the voiceless for all our relations. With co- holders and ceremonialists: Hawklyn aka Lynn Martin and her wild red tailed hawk, Lady Z, Cherese Mathews, Mother Turtle, Suzette Pena, Mariza Dovis, Autumn Sun and Alisa Wright Tanny.

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Re: Laney Goodman
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2016, 07:48:48 pm »
Apparently she's been trying to confuse people with some mathematically impossible story about a great-great grandmother who hid out from the Trail of Tears, and the Scots-Irish encroachment into Cherokee territory in the colonial era. Which means she can't do math, or she simply doesn't know how far back the Trail of Tears was, or she figures no one will check.

Like most who try to spin fantasies about Scottish people in the Cherokee territories, I've seen no indication of anything Scottish, Irish, or Cherokee in the newage pretendian bafflegab she is selling the gullible hippie seekers she is fleecing. Nothing she has said or done has shown any connection to any of these cultures or the spiritual traditions held and practiced by those cultures, whether in the colonial era or the living communities now.

It's just your usual neoplaygan hippie mishmash, with some Wiccan names and pan-Indian imagery.

Most people who think they have a Cherokee great-something grandmother usually just have more white people who are more likely to have driven Cherokee people off their land and killed Cherokee people. If they made babies with Cherokee women, it's probable those women were raped and enslaved, rather than part of a consensual union. In the cases where there was a consensual union, if the Scottish settler had assimilated into the Cherokee community, that's where their descendants are now. They are Cherokee people who have distant Scottish heritage and we know some of them. (Some of them are reading this now. One is on the phone with me as I write this.)

The white people who think they have a distant Cherokee ancestor usually don't. If they do find someone way back in their family tree, but if they and their parents and grandparents grew up white, that means that some long ago Cherokee person abandoned their language, culture and community and assimilated. That person chose to become white, and they chose a white life for all their descendants.

We know this, but the gullible white hippes who buy this stuff don't. That's why I'm repeating it here. This woman is a white, ceremony-selling, pretendian fraud. With or without some distant drop (which probably isn't there, either). Without a real, living, Cherokee cultural community that claims her, and none does, she is just another newage white hippie with a bullshit story she uses to make money.

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Re: Laney Goodman
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 12:44:31 am »
This is "new" woman to add to the list of frauds associated with Laney and her "Dance for All Beings"... Her name is Enolia Foti she says she was trained by an elder up in Canada. She charges hefty fees for her workshops and pretends to be native....  her website : [url] [url]

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Re: Laney Goodman
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2017, 01:21:30 am »
"great-great grandmother who hid out from the Trail of Tears"  The Cherokee Nation kept rolls of members long before the "Trail of Tears" and they know Exactly who "hid" out and those that lie about ancestors "hiding out"
Living that life, some consider a Myth!

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Re: Laney Goodman
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2017, 08:57:07 pm »
She runs a women's music radio show called: Women on Air.

The webpage:

She's been pretty active in the Western Massachusetts area.