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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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They are tring to imply that they are state reg.. with the 2 documents they are showing even thouh the one from the senator is not all there  there link to it  says reconized by Sen.McConnell
and i really love a few of the pics they have on there too


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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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They have some kind of recognition from the State of Kentucky. It may just mean they know they are there.  I guess since the "Civil War".  There are no federally recognized Tribes. And this is the only one listed on Kentucky web site.  Makes it interesting. But I am going to have to ask some people. frederica

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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All  it really says is they are regonized for living there and not really much but at same time trying to say they are state regonized       

Now this marty martin person i havent ran across anyone haveing any thing good to say about him its either a fraud,  joke  or along them words  but usually much worse ....  marty martin   and a person by the name of tom jones have been having words wit h each other and from what i have heard anyway tom jones is as about as bad here is a little reading  for you
Copy of Newly Formed Criteria Committee as redone by Chair of Commission, Tom Jones.
his email. 
Pursuant to the rules of the Native American Heritage Commission, it is the responsibility of the Chair of the Commission to make appointments to the various committee positions. It has been determined to be in the best interest of the Native American Community to re-form the Recognition Committee. Therefore, effective immediately the following named individuals make up the Final Recognition Criteria Committee;

Dr. Ken Tankersly, Northern Kentucky University Professor of Anthropology

Jim Tomaw, Esquire, Legal Representative for the Native American Heritage Commission, Chair Native American Heritage Commission Recognition Committee

Honorable Reginald Meeks, Representative 42 District Commonwealth of Kentucky

Dr. Don Rankin, Professor of Native American Studies UA Birmingham, Chair of Alabama State Native American Recognition Committee

Tom Jones, Chairman Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission

To those individuals who have served on the past committees we thank you for your service to the Native American Community.

Tom Jones
Native American Heritage Commission
My Response to this action. 
I have copied and pasted for those who cannot get attachments.  I have also attched the letter below. Thanks, Bruce.
To: All Kentucky Native American Heritage Commissioners’, and Unity Representatives.
Re: Tom Jones Issued changes of the Committee responsible for Recognition Criteria of Kentucky.
Dt: August 25, 2006
Fm:  Bruce W. Brading
Chairman of the Board of Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference, Inc.
Kentucky Native American Heritage Commissioner,
Former Member of Kentucky State Recognition and Criteria Committee.
I am forwarding Tom Jones email to all Commissioner’s and Unity people. Most commissioners’ and many others who needed to be addressed where excluded from his email changing the Kentucky State Recognition and Criteria committee. 
I wish to take issue with his Changes. This letter is the best I can do for all the people of Kentucky to allow them all to understand the issue and his regards for the people.
It is in the best interest of All Native American Indian People not to change the Committee at this time. As this committee is functioning and ready to present the final draft for the commission’s approval.  The criteria and recognition committee has done its job and is in the process of finalizing that Five years, with the proposed criteria for approval.
This Committee, as it has stood before Tom Jones changes was very reflective of the Native American Indian Community as a whole and adequate for the propose of this criteria.
Ken Tankersley Representing the Piqua Shawnee,
Marty Martin Representing the Kentucky Cherokee Alliance,
Bruce Brading Representing the Unity Conference,
Reginald Meeks, House of Representative for the State.
I wish to say, there is no mention of Linda Beam, she is also as the committee as first formed several years ago. She has also been of great value to this committee for over five years.
Tom’s Letter does even attempt to address her membership in this committee.
Linda Beam, Representing Spirit of the Land, Kentucky’s oldest Incorporated Indian Organization.
Also, Jim Tomaw was an original member of this committee and Tom Jones named him Chair at a commission meeting. His record speaks for itself. In three years as Chair of this Committee he did not return any emails, or attend any meetings of this committee. In fact, only once in over Three years did he even attend the commission meetings in which this committee met after the commission meetings for updates.   He may be an attorney but his lack of working for the Native American Indian people if obvious. His reappointment is extremely, bad taste and a slap in the face of those who have worked for those five years. We made the meetings, and did the work. His time is over for this committee. His failure to even call one meeting or email any other members, or respond when included in emails for input, places him last on my list. In my opinion he is not necessary on this committee.
   I know it is in the commission meeting minutes in which Tom Jones removed out of frustration Jim Tomaw after three years from the committee and removed his as Chair of the committee. At the same commission meeting Tom Jones placed Professor Ken Tankersly on the Committee and made him the Chair of the Committee. This committee has functioned with Jim Tomaw and has finalized all gathered information and will present this version to the commission.
In 2005 the committee decided to Include Reginald Meeks in all Communications. For the three prior years Tom Jones had forbid any of the committee to send any information to Reginald Meeks. He was on the committee but had little or no input. The Committee with Ken Tankersly, Marty Martin, Linda Beam and Myself decided to overlook Tom Jones request and include Reginald Meeks in All communications from then on and he has responded as I knew he would. I wish to apologies personally to Reginald for my part in that game or whatever it was between Tom and Him. Tom does play many games with many people all over the state and that is one reason many have no trust in his words or actions.
Other issues I wish to address are listed below:
Marty Leonard Soaring Eagle Martin was added by words of Tom Jones to this committee in 2004, He is not a commissioner but worked hard for this committee. He has performed all his assigned duties. He has researched and downloaded the updated for several states as I was running out of time for that research. He deserves better than to be dismissed so easily by anyone including the Chair of the Commission.
 Dr Ken Tankersly was added to this committee in 2005, and then named as Chair of the Committee by Tom Jones at a Commission meeting. He has been invaluable to this committee and has been involved since his appointment and edited, and updated the criteria. He is also the Kentucky Liaison for the Piqua Shawnee and works diligently for his Tribe. I have no objection to his appointment or him being named as Chair of this Committee. His dedication has been invaluable to this committee. I personally believe his efforts are for the Majority of the Native American Indian People of this state.
My opinion is that this issue should be the only concern, for all Committee Members. To write the best criteria for the state and all Native American Indian people. To work for the majority of this state, we cannot work for just one Tribe. We are writing Criteria to effect the state from border to border with many tribal governments and bands, clans, and organization of Native American Interest.
The issue of adding Jim Tomaw a Piqua Shawnee back to this committee and making him Chair is addressed above and should be a Joke. The addition of Tom Jones himself as part of the committee is also laughable. He has no expertise or quality that is needed. He does not or has never actually done any work for the Native American Indian People himself and has little knowledge of this issue. His lack of Leadership as Chair of the Commission and links to all Committees of the Commission have proven his worth.
In the last five years it is fact that he lost all communications as related to him by Marty Martin, Linda Beam or myself and to me this is inexcusable. At a commission meeting in 2005 he was given the Second draft of the criteria and then called me and then emailed Marty Martin as he lost all six copies given to him. He has since found those papers and wishes now to use the work of others and place his name on that work. This, he has done before to many, and is just another issue of why I have asked for his resignation as the Chair of the Commission.
The issue of Don Rankin from Alabama and another Piqua Shawnee as placed on this committee is a great concern to me and should be to all Kentucky Native People.
  I ask why? Do we in Kentucky, not have enough intelligence to write are own criteria. Does this committee have to be Four Piqua Shawnee to make sure they are recognized by this state? I believe Tom Jones’s attempt is to waylay the state for the benefit of this one tribe and his own personal goals and issues are of major concern for us all. .
  I have worked on this criterion for five years. I have all the legislation of over Seventeen States who have State Legislated Criteria. We have downloaded the facts of Alabama’s fiasco of their first attempt at legislation, which opened Pandora’s Box, and they are still re-writings and re-writing theirs to clear up the mess created.  We are aware of Alabama and have all their efforts to read and use. Don Rankin’s presence is not needed. His words and his actions for Alabama recognition we have and can read and see for ourselves. We do not need to make those mistakes here. That is why we downloaded all acts, laws, codes, of all the states who are working on Criteria for State recognized tribes. The last thing I will say about Don Rankin is why add another Piqua Shawnee? This Committee is only five people so named by Tom Jones. The committee as now stands by his issued email statement by the Chair of the Commission Tom Jones is made up of Four Piqua Shawnee and one House of representative.
Something is wrong with this Committee as defined by Tom Jones. Kentucky is predominately Cherokee in Population with over 64% of the Native American Indian Descendants claiming Cherokee on the 2000 Census. The 2000 Census also includes the tribes by numbers for anyone to see and understand. By the census we have Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Miami, Creek being the largest tribes. Then there are some five other Tribes before you fall down to the Shawnee. 2000 census records all Shawnee at only 271. There are also two other Shawnee Tribes with members in Kentucky, which outnumber the Piqua Shawnee. The Piqua Shawnee have less then 50 Kentucky Members. Who would believe that Four Piqua Shawnee are needed on a committee for Kentucky State recognition and criteria? They are lucky to have the one Ken Tankersly and that is because so many in this state believe he is a good man and except him for his knowledge and fortitude to do the right thing for the State and all Native People.

As I have seen over the years of research and downloading all other States Criteria as Written in legislation the least amount used as one Criteria is 300 Members in that state. It does not matter how many you may have elsewhere. This is one major issue. If you allow small numbers to be recognized then you open Pandora’s Box. Can you recognize twenty members of one family as a Tribe?  We need to finish the Kentucky Criteria with the understanding from all gathered information. Using that information to avoid the problems and using that information to find these other states successes. That, is what this committee has been doing? We have over 4,000 legislative papers from some 33 States in one box at our disposal to compare and take into consideration. That is over 5 years of research for myself and over two years of research for Marty Martin and the Cherokee Alliance representative. I believe we have done over 90% of the research and 70% of the written criteria for this committee. Now, Tom Jones wishes to remove both the Unity and Cherokee alliance representatives and finalize his version of the criteria with only Piqua Shawnee. I believe the Piqua Shawnee are eligible for recognition in all criteria, as it should be written with one exception. They need to add to their membership and find the Shawnee of this state and enroll them for their Tribe to qualify. Their physical numbers make them the smallest Tribe in the State. They are still years away from qualifying for any recognition due to lack of membership in Kentucky.
My Opinion on this issue and the changes instituted by Tom Jones chair of the Commission are an easy one. I do not believe his actions, words, or any other items of agenda he wants, are in the best interest of this State. His agenda is his goals are personal and for one Tribe. We need a Chair of the Commission who believes in equality for all tribes, and whose goals and attitude are to help all the people of this State.
Again I ask for Tom Jones to resign as Chair of the Commission. I pray for him each night as I realize he was not always this way, and has somehow left the path for the people.
To all this message is a warning. We cannot sit this one out.
Unity and Commissioner’s need to respond to this issue

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Here is some more reading about the same BS
I have copied and pasted into this email the letter I sent to Governor..
Thanks, Bruce.
PS. also attached is copy of letter..
TO:  Governor Ernie Fletcher
FM:  Bruce W. Brading 
Chairman of Board Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference, Inc. & Bingo Treasurer
Kentucky Native American Heritage Commissioner
Kentucky Center for Native American Arts & Culture, Inc. Board & Treasurer
American Indian Heritage Museum, Inc. Board & Treasurer, & Bingo Treasurer
CEO/Founder of American Indian Register of Kentucky (Committee of Unity)
Kentucky Original People Chair (Committee of Unity)
Child Welfare Chair (Committee of Unity)
Rural Health of Kentucky Chair (Committee of Unity)
Legal and Legislative Member (Committee of Commission)
Recognition and Criteria Member (Committee of Unity) and Committee of Commission
Research, Education and Development member (Committee of Unity)
Spirit of the Land, Inc. Board Member (Kentucky’s Oldest Native Organization)
Red Crow Indian Council, Inc. President (Kentucky’s Second Oldest Native Organization)
Ohio Valley Native American Warriors and Veterans Society, Inc. Member
Ohio River Native American Inter-tribal Council, Inc.
RE: Resignation of Tom Jones Chair of the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission
DT: August 2, 2006

I have asked for the Chair of the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission to resign.  The reasons are discussed below in this letter.
I am still asking for his resignation and will again ask for that resignation at all Commission meetings in which I am allowed to attend. I also issued a Vote of No confidence be placed in the next commission meetings agenda and will continue to issue that at each commission meeting in the future.
I have been an active Native American Indian Person of Decent for over 54 years in Kentucky.
Seeking first office as early as 1974. I have joined in almost every effort on behalf of the Native American Indian people of Kentucky. My Life has been dedicated to those Issues. The Native American Indian people of this state are still waiting for time and the history of this state to be rewritten. We need for this state to catch up to us, and give us the truth of our existence. My people have always known of their Indian Heritage and we have lived in this State before the introduction of Europeans and the Laws we now live by in this Commonwealth.
I am asking that you Governor Ernie Fletcher please read what I have to say.
Almost all Issues of the Native American Indians of this state have fallen to the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference, Inc. I have been elected seven years running as Chairman of the Board of the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference. My life as Chairman of the Board of this Organization is a large part of my path and dedication for those I feel are my family.  This statement is not an easy one, but true, I have dedicated my life to work for the people.  Not one People, not one Tribe, not one section, and not one region, but the entire Native American Indian community in the Commonwealth. That does also include Federally recognized, State recognized, and all those who are descendants of the Original people of this Commonwealth. In he Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference, we have over the last 9 years worked and talked with each other and have a better understanding of all concerns over the entire state of Kentucky.
I work for all the Organizations and Committees I function on, whether they are as a member of the Commission or the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference.  I wish you to know that the Tribes, Organizations, Groups, and Individuals of the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference do represent over 85% of the Native People of Kentucky and our goals have always been for Native American Indian people as a whole in one community of Kentucky.
I do now, and still will continue to work in all areas of Native American Indian concerns no matter what happens here or with the issue of the Commission.
I work for Recognition of Native American Indian Peoples; I work for Grave Desecration, Health and Welfare, Education, Child Welfare and Housing, all on behalf of the entire community of Kentucky. I also have and will continue to work with the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission as I see this as a major effort for the future of Kentucky. But, I do need you to understand some of the issues taking place in this state at this time. I also need you to know why I ask for the removal of the Chair of the Commission.
In Kentucky, Unity has taken on almost all issues for the Native American Community.
The Chair of the Native American Heritage Commission at many meetings spoke of support for those issues. He spoke of, spoke of, and each time ended up doing nothing.
Unity Committee’s have functioned almost entirely alone for several years. We have received no issued statements or support from the Commission. 
Rural health Committee of Unity has made all meetings with Rural Health of Kentucky, and ensured Native American Indian descendants as part of the Federal Dollars designated for Minorities in Kentucky.
That money came here as a federal Grant and was only being used for African America’s, Spanish, and Asian. The Unity conference responded with a committee and meetings to ensure our people would be helped with the Money. The Commission did not help, did not participate, and even voted not to join Unity in these efforts. Unity Committee Members have for three years been the only ones to attend all meetings and subsequent dealings with those of authority in the State for Rural health.
Child Welfare Committee of Unity has been in over Eleven Court Cases in four years. We have attended five meetings in Frankfort and became part of the stakeholders of Kentucky a grass roots to child Services. We have been all over the state of Kentucky. Testifying on behalf of Indian Children and their rights as Indian Children. We have worked for Native American Indian religious rights as well. For Native American Indian Children’s rights for proper Foster care homes. We have instituted through the Committee of Unity the Families Program to enroll and have Native Families place them on a list with the state. To take the classes and become Foster Homes, and Adoption Homes because we needed to help the state comply with the Federal Child Welfare Indian Act.  Again the Commission was asked to join this Committee, even asked to send a representative to Courts. Asked by A Judge who quoted “Were is the Commission in all of these cases????. But, Again the commission being made aware rejected any participation and made its usual statement. We have no authority; to entire such cases, and could or would not send anyone.
Kentucky Original People Committee of Unity has operated since 1974 under first Spirit of the Land, then Coalition of Original People (A joint committee of OHIO, INDIANA, and KENTUCKY) lasting to 1999, then moved as a Committee of Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference in 2000 as Kentucky Original People.
This Committee has handled over 58 cases of grave desecration and reburial in the State of Kentucky. Again the Commission was asked to respond with help and backing. That help was refused until 2005 at a commission meeting in which Tom Jones stated and took a vote to place a commissioner on the KOP Committee of Unity to assist us in our efforts. To this day August 2, 2006, this has not happened.
No other Commissioner other than myself functions on behalf of the state on those issues. Kentucky Original People as a committee of Unity has for all these years handled all grave issues. I must clarify one item of this KOP Committee. We do not handle those issues applied to NAGPRA laws.  Any NAGPRA claims by Federal tribes and the KOP Committee of Unity steps aside unless asked to participate by Tribal Governments. We have been asked five times to help, and in those cases we worked with the Tribes to ensure proper care and reburial of the remains. 
As a Commissioner of Kentucky I felt totally discounted when informed that the commission was not seeking any legislation at all in 2005. I issued several statements about this and was informed the Chair of the Commission had made this decision. There was no discussion or asked for input from anyone else. There was never any discussion in the commission. Unity discussed this and voted that any and all legislation that we had already prepared by reintroduced and ran again. I did respond to the Chair of the Commission my opinion that any lying down for even one-year in which nothing was done was bad and we needed to continue the other two house bills that were already presented in previous years.
To me a whole year wasted was extremely bad for all. After much debate and emails with Reginald Meeks a Commissioner and House of Representative of Kentucky the Grave Desecration Bill was re-introduced in 2005 but again failed by five votes. But, I felt it was necessary for the Native American Community to be there and show we are still working for the people. Most Native American people of this state are Democrat or Republican, but when the issues of this community come to bear we are Native American Indian first, political choice second. We worked with Tom Jones and the Unity Conference voted to vote republican when you were elected. Tom Jones made statements and promises to this community on your behalf that you would work for us and assists us to solve some the issued we have in the State. We filled our commitment to you with our Votes.  Tom Jones did not fulfill his commitment to us by his words, by his actions. He has done nothing he promised. I have minutes of those Unity Meetings and his words as spoken to the community. He has not fulfilled anything stated.
As a Commissioner appointed for a four-year tern by Governor Paul Patton I have been informed that I am still a commissioner until my term runs out. I may not be re-appointed by you but I will continue to serve until I am removed or my term expires. As a commissioner I am still in favor of the Commission, and hope to keep the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference behind the Commission one hundred percent.
I feel the Commission needs the support of the community it represents.
I do feel in my opinion that Unity is more reflective of the Native People of this state as those representatives are elected by their Organizations, Groups, Non-profits, and Tribes with a vote on the Board of the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference, Inc. Every Voting Board Member of Unity Conference does reflect the views of some portion of the Native American Indian population. I do not feel that many Commissioners can issue such a statement as their appointments are solely at the discretion of one of two people giving advice to the Governor for those Appointments. They are not elected or given the right to represent by any Tribe, Organization or populace of Native people. I am asking for you to consider this as a change to the Commission. The Commission does need to be more reflective of the people of Kentucky. You have the authority to change this by asking for nominations from Unity, and choosing the Commissioners as they represent the people of Kentucky.
I am not satisfied with the direction or lack there of, by the Chair of the Commission. The Commission has set idle while the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference and its committees have taken on all the responsibility of the Indian People of the State. Unity and its committee have taken on each issue and responded on behalf of the people for well over Ten Years that Tom Jones was at first Vice-Chair and Now Chair of the Commission. He states he is active for the people but those words have never come to anything substantial on behalf of the people. He has talked, and talked, but done nothing. This is wrong. I have often asked why the Commission has not worked to amend its Legislation to include the authority to represent in all issues for the Native American Indian community of Kentucky.
I am the founder and Chair of American Indian Register of Kentucky (A committee of Unity). This committee took over a database created by me in 1978 and continuing today. Houses some 495,000 Indian records from over 37 States. It is also a genealogically connects some 10,765 Individuals in the Sate of Kentucky into over 743 Families interrelated by Blood and Native Heritage.  The American Indian register also has since 1980 joined the State and Federal Census Bureaus working on behalf of those people to ensure they know their rights in recording themselves on the Census as Natives American Indian people of Kentucky. I take pride in the facts that in each of those three census years. 1980, 1990, and 2000, our Native American Indian Population has doubled each ten-year period, rising to over 30,000 in the 2000 Census. This committee is responsible to get the facts to native descendants of their Rights on the Census and how to correct their status and be counted. We have, we did, and do, and will, and again in 2010 show we are still here in the state and growing. AIR of Kentucky will someday enroll or have genealogical data on over 70% of the Sate and all its families of Native Origin. It is one of our Goals of Unity find a way to recognize our people.
Unity is still committed to the Recognition of all tribes, and People of Native Decent in Kentucky. I sit on both the Unity Conference Committee and the Commission Committee for this issue. I have spoken with several Commissioners and related the wishes of Unity and we still wish to work with the commission for that day of Criteria and Recognition. This is one of our major goals for 2007. We need the Commission to also work in some direction for the people.  As a chair of the research, education and development committee I have placed several hundred hours on legislative research to help the commission and unity for all issues. Marty Martin the president of the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference has also worked tremendously hard for the Commission recognition Committee and he is not a commissioner. Unity Committees have done again over 90% of all research for several issues of what the Commission needed for House Bills.
All the above Committees and issues are still today handled by Unity alone, and have been for years. While the Commission talks, and talks, and talks and still talks some more, never ending talk.  The only Bill passed by legislation was to create the commission and make it a permanent part of Kentucky government. But, even this Bill was pushed and helped by Unity. We sent emails and letters, and phone calls, some several thousand, of our representative in the House and Senate. Each Unity member made those contacts for this bill to any and all in Frankfort in a five-day period before the vote on this Bill.
I have been elected Chairman of the Board for Seven Consecutive years of the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference. I have only served as a Commissioner for the last three. I worked with the commission as of 1999 on two committees at the request of Tom Jones. My efforts even in the commission have come to over 8 years of my life.  I am asking for the Commission to stand for what it is or should be to join the people of Kentucky and to work for all issues on behalf of the Native American Indian community as a whole. It is not right to sit idle will others work. The issue for the Native American Indian Community should reflect in Legislatively passed laws and is gains for the State from Border to Border. I will remain to my path and dedication to the people of Kentucky.
Thank you,
Bruce W. Brading
To all that I know here, and elsewhere on the Native American Indian Path, 
May the Creator bless all.
Bruce W. Brading

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Dear Brothers & Sisters of Unity,
                I am writing this to appeal to all COWUC Organizations and their members. Some of us have done all that we can do to have Tom Jones removed from of the Native American Heritage Commission, or at the least, removed as Chair. It is time for all of Unity to act, we need for every member to write a letter, or email, to the Governor, their State Senator & State Representative, and the Secretary of the Commerce Cabinet, TODAY! Folks if we let Tom Jones get away with it a large majority of the Native Americans in Kentucky can kiss any hopes of State Recognition goodby. So act today, let them know that Tom Jones not only is not acting in what is in the best interest of the Native Americans in Kentucky, he has no idea what would be for our best interest. PLEASE ACT TODAY!!
Marty Martin
President, COWUC

and i have run across more where  tom is asking for marty martin to leave  but cant find

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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from what little i have heard it is more of a power struggle between the 2 than any thing


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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Okay, that's sorta of what I thought. Recognition for existing. I know they have said in the past that they had neither Federal or State recognization. I didn't think Kentucky had State Recognition. It would be a shame as some of the groups there are on a parallel to the ones here. Hopefully one has vanished. Thanks for the information. frederica

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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I've heard so many groups saying they are the REAL Southern Cherokee...from Alabama, from Kentucky, from North Carolina,from South Carolina, from Georgia, from Oklahoma, from Louisiana, from Texas, from Florida, California, (heck, let's include 'em all)  if I'm wrong here, please say so, but I'm not sure anything I'm hearing is correct.  It's one thing to want to build a Nation for the good of all, and another to turn being Indian or not into a three ring circus.  There are those who say Chief Ridge is a good guy and is still chief and his faction are the good guys.  There are those who say he is under Federal investigation and was thrown out on his butt and everyone involved is evil.  Then there are some who want to profit from all this in one way or another, and there are power mongers also in it for a piece of the pie.  Everyone seems to be pointing a finger at everyone else.  I have to wonder what the real reasons are, and why it is all being hidden.  If everything is legit, the rest of the world should be hearing about their fight for justice and recognition, etc. etc. and wouldn't they be trying to get public sentiment on their side?  I am asking because I know some people who are willing to do just about anything in order to "prove" they are Indian, and really want to believe they can be part of a tribe and all it costs is $75 for court costs.  Are they being told the truth?  Can those whose families assimilated re-become Cherokee?  I know some people are going to get angry about this, but I just want the truth here.
I've heard two sides of the argument and there are positive points on each side, but that still doesn't convince me that positive things are being done to actually help people.  I think it's great that people want to honor their heritage, I want to honor mine, and learn about it.  But when money is involved, I don't think it can be good for anyone regardless.  Instead of hiding, and fighting each other, one would think they would all try to work together to the benefit of all.  So, will the real Southern Cherokee please stand up???


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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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There is no real Southern Cherokee Tribe or Nation that is federally recognized.            There is a lot on this forum concerning them. (CNO Forms Task Force to deal with phoney "Cherokee Tribes".  Also,   You can also check more by entering Southern Cherokee Nation in search.  Weheli has followed this group, she may have more information. frederica


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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Here are a couple links on this forum that may help you, also if you read the article "fake Indian Tribes" under the heading excetera you will know how to tell the difference between real and fake.

Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?

Yet More Groups Claiming to Be Cherokee Tribes

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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The Southern Cherokee Nation in Kentucky are a legitimate tribe.  I am a member of that tribe and thier webmaster.  We do have state recognition and have filed for federal recognition.  We are not affiliated with any other group in the United States calling themselves Southern Cherokee.  We are always updating our website, so check it often.

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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The letter from fletcher only states that you are reconized for beign here
Mitch McConnell well were is the rest of the letter to read it all some of it is  cut off
I have contacted fletcher  and they had no clue of you beign STATE reconized and would have to do some checking and get back with me.........
So where is the proof you are state reconized

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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Lost Cherokee, Thank you for responding to my post.  When we received the document, we also called Gov. Fltechers office.  We asked them if this document was state recognition and they said yes.  I cannot remember the persons name that was spoken to.  If I can find out I will post it here.  Also John Young Brown recognized us in the late 1800's.  That document is on our website and in the state archives in Frankfort.

Thanks again for the reply.


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Re: Southern Cherokee Nation of KY?
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Sun, I hope you don't mind but I'd like to ask you more about your group and the other groups calling themselves S Cherokee Nation of KY.

Could you tell us how many members you have? Also your side of the dispute between your group and the others. If you want to speak solely for yourself and not for the SCNofKY, we'll keep that in mind.