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David Bell AKA Nahko Bear, Medicine for the People


Bell is a musician, world music, band and fans are mostly white. Bell has a Filipino father, mother he says is Native and Puerto Rican. The allegations are far more serious than if he is actually Native or not.

....Accusations against lead singer Nahko Bear were brought to light by a petition published last summer which has since garnered almost 5,000 signatures. Petition author Jason McKenzie called on music venues to stop booking the band because of alleged repeated incidents by Nahko Bear of "underage fondling, sexual grooming, and sexual abuse/intimidation."...

Briefly there were initially three accusations, two of underage groping and one of drugging and raping an adult partner. While some are calling him a pedophile, this is  veryinaccurate and only gives a false impression of what he did. It was assaults on underaged teenagers and other violence against adult women. Here's his version of these in a very long puff piece.

The petition that got many venues to refuse to book him.

His public response.

A number of other accounts against him.

He resigned from Honor the Earth after all of this, and Winona Laduke defended him and other abusers.

Even without the abuse allegations, there are troubling aspects to what Bell does. Lakota and Hawaiian prayers, or his attempts at them, in hippie jam music by someone claiming Apache ancestry he admits he can't prove. A "Medicine Tribe" of mostly white neo hippies who often call him and consider him a medicine man.


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