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Salvatore Gencarelle "A Man Among the Helpers"

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He works with Tobias Heinrichs:

--- Quote ---Tobias Heinrichs was born in 1959, is married and a father to five children. For eight years he lived on the "Pine Ridge Reservation" in South Dakota, home of the Lakota Sioux. He was adopted by a native american family, the Chipps (Woptura) which stands in a lineage of generations of medicine men. There he learned about the culture, traditions and healing ceremonies of the Lakota and especially this family. Under the tutelage of the medicine man he was mentored in these ceremonies over these years and made a comittment to bring them to Germany. Since 1993 Tobias is working with these ceremonies and helps communities and people on their personal path to gain or maintain a life of health and happiness. He runs sweat lodges, guides people in the preparation and act of vision questing and conducts individual healing ceremonies. Once a year he runs a stonedance (related to the sundance) as an intersessor. In these times Tobias feels a calling to share his knowledge and mentor people in the ceremonies which were passed down to him by the Chipps family. He helps to preserve this knowledge for future generations and facilitates individuals who will be able to conduct these ceremonies for their own communities.
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They do Life "Within Inipi Ceremony Certification Training", including:

--- Quote ---Official Certification papers: Sliding scale of £125.00 - £200 payment to Godfrey Chipps via Sal Gencarelle – this includes ‘sacred permit’ and lineage paperwork (Chipps lineage historical documentation).
--- End quote ---

Defend the Sacred:
In the early '90s Godfrey and Charles Chipps were traveling around the country doing pay to pray yuwipi ceremonies for white people. They invited the non-Natives to come out to Pine Ridge for Sun Dance and other ceremonies. Lots of bad stuff has happened in the wake of that.

Interesting that so many people met Chipps family in Massachusetts and followed them to South Dakota, I guess this guy was one of the first out east?
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Organizer and Participant Organizer and Participant
Native American Spiritual Understanding Native American Spiritual Understanding
Dec 1971 - Present · 51 yrs 10 mos Dec 1971 - Present · 51 yrs 10 mos
Civil Rights and Social Action Civil Rights and Social Action
From the time I lived with John Lame Deer(1972-1976), a traditional Lakota medicine man, I have assisted Native American spiritual leaders and healers for over forty years beginning in 1973 in an estimated 170 seminars, events or ceremonies that further Native American cultural and spiritual understanding

The Interpreters - a docudrama of a 5 generation Lakota Medicine Family
The Interpreters is the story of five generations of a Native American Lakota Sioux family of Yuwipi “Spiritual Interpreters” and ceremonies associated with the Sacred Pipe (Chanunpa). The film focuses on the life of Godfrey Chipps, present day Interpreter, family history as chronicled by his mother Victoria Chips and his “Helpers” . The Interpreters is the story a Lakota medicine family who kept ‘sacredness’ alive in the face of greed, genocide, religious persecution and self-made misfortune.


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