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Hi again folks.  I thought I'd keep you up to date on my inquiry into the shield sisters.  You all know, of course that this site is being watched by someone in the group.  There is speculation among you about the identity of various people who post and if they are sincere or just sock puppets, if they are who they say they are or if they are being devious and underhanded.  Speculation is very useful, but its not the same thing as knowing. 

In my case I've been immediatly chastised by someone at TALON, who I don't know, for speaking to you all.  I haven't hidden who I am from the sisters or from Amylee, but, no offense folks, I don't know any of you and I don't really want to give out my name and address here.  I hope you understand.

Someone has already copied all my posts to this site and distributed it to I don't know how many people, perhaps with the intent of exposing me for something.  Apparently there was a letter sent to everyone in the group telling all of us not to speak in on line forums that I've missed or not fully understood.  I have never given up my right to a free and responsible search for truth and meaning which is what I vew I am doing here.  On the other hand, if Amylee's safety is really an issue in whether anyone in the shield sisters talks to on line forums, what does that say about my willingness to tell the truth as I know it in this public place? I guess I just don't believe any of you are going to attack her physically if you find where she is.  If I'm wrong, God help us all.

I imagine that I'm about to go through a bumpy ride with folks being outraged at my having broken the silence that may have been attempted to be imposed on us. I say may, because I don't recall ever being told not to talk to on line forums.  I think this because speaking up about my concerns in the past has elicited some really emotional negative responses from some of the sisters I've spoken with.

Except for the issue of clan enrollment and the right to teach, (which I can't comment on as I am unfortunately ignorant), and her bad judgement concerning pyramid scams, Amylee has always treated me in well.  We've done business together for years and I have no complaints about her business ethics or her products (pods and herbs).  I depend on her herb product line and would be sad if she went out of business.

Of course to Native Americans the issue of what her clan affiliation is and what permission she has is important.  It is less so to me, except in the same way i wouldn't want to buy goods that had been made with slave labor, or eat foods that had been grown in ways that harm the earth or migrant workers.  So I its important for me to find out.  Its been hard to do so.  I know you know what I'm talking about.  You've asked the question several times and never gotten an answer.  The question has been put to me why I haven't asked Amylee directly.  The answer is that I'm not trying to find out what Amylee thinks or says about herself.  I have already been told that.  I am trying to verify her claims.  Its been downright hard!

I've never believed any of the attacks on Amylee.  I don't believe that women were hounded or pressured or forced in anyway to do anything by Amylee.  I'm wondering why these things get said.  Is it just a witch hunt?  Thinking back on the posts I've read though, I wonder if it had more to do with the women who feel they need to somehow protect or defend Amylee?  If so, is that Amylee's fault?  What responsiblity does she have in directing other people's behavior?  If I knew a friend was doing something hurtful in my name, I'd speak to them about it.  Does Amylee hold a leadership role and if so, is she ultimately responsible for the tone and actions of those she leads?  How much responsibility?

Looking forward to hearing from Amylee's lawyer and her Chief since these are the people who are supposed to answer the questions oft repeated here. 

If anyone learns what her clan affiliation is and what permission she's received to teach please let us know.
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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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Well, i am not a moderator here just a poster from the rez.
Who is concerned with these people who make claims that are
We have been attacked and their have been made claims by many to sue us as a board. I have never seen anyone do it yet.

I have to explain one thing I have never heard of native people sueing people so I think and i could be mistaken that it is a white thing.

As a Native person who is enrolled and living on the reservation i can only speak for myself.

It is the way native people talk to each other, and it goes like this....

What nation you from?
What family you from?
Which reservation/Indian lands/or urban area you live?

it is how we established who is who and if people get offended when asked we get a little worried because they are not proud of who they are or they don't know who they are.

To me it is simple question who are?
Who gave you your name?
Which nation you enrolled in?
What is your family?
Does the nation recogize you?

All simple questions instead getting answers that are very simple the native people are attacked.
That makes me ask Why???
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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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Regarding the sock puppets etc. in many cases we aren't speculating and we do know who these people are via IP addy's etc.

We don't force people to give out their name and address here, those who wish to may give out their name but it is never advised to post your address on-line. Only people who come here to stir trouble and post spam as sock puppets have their names posted when they become known.

Amylee's physical safety is not at stake. No one listed on this site has ever been physically abused in any way, shape or form by the people protesting them. Although claims that physical threats have been made against them are fairly common from those discussed here, they seem universally unable to back this up with any kind of evidence. That is in contrast to the threats made against members here, who have gotten "cursed," stalked, and death threats in some cases. Many frauds and their followers monitor this site, and several have threatened to shut us down via their lawyers, or sue anyone and everyone - none have been successful in actuality.

Just going to point something out to you: everyone is "treated well" (to a certain extent at least) by frauds. That's how they get their money. It is much much easier to get money (or sex in some cases) from people by being nice to them than by treating them like rubbish. All I'm saying is that "but they're so nice" is not necessarily proof of honesty. That you have had difficulties in trying to get answers to your questions, and that it seems you're not even supposed to ask questions, at least not on here, speaks against honesty. You don't want to take our word over that of someone you know and respect - fair enough, but I hope you don't let your friendship override your rationality when it comes to weighing up the evidence - not all of which is speculation.

That this is a "witch hunt" is something we hear often here, but frankly - (imo) these frauds are really a fringe issue. Yes, its serious but there are more important things going on and the "witch hunt" complaint comes from people with a very puffed up sense of self importance.  As to Amylee's culpability, unless she is feeble or somehow incapable of making her own decisions - then she is responsible for the things she says - and if her followers are behaving contrary to her message, it is her responsibility to correct them. If she claims to be a Native healer, then she should know that and accept it.

In any case I hope her "Chief" or her lawyer do get back to you.

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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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Earth7 has summed it all up, as usual she put it clear and straight to the point. Since Amylee wont answer these basic questions that says it all.

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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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I have locked this thread from further posts and had to edit out some references to a certain "item" due to a claim of "copyright infringement" (which did not really exist but nevertheless got us in trouble with our parent hosting company).

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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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I received an account from Ms. Swarz's cousin describing their family's history.

I am a first cousin of this person.  She was born in January, 1952 and I was born in February, 1952 so we are very close in age.  Our Grandmother, Bertha Johnson was married to Charles Elmo Johnson and lived some of their lives in Kent, Ohio.  Charles Elmo Johnson died in 1958.  They had 1 daughter (Amy's mother) Evelyn who died in 1999 (I believe) and 1 son (my father) Homer Elliot who died August 6, 1985.  There was 1 other child who I believe died during child birth (year unknown).  I am not claiming to be a Native American nor do I believe my father or grandparents were Native American.  As far as I know, our family was Scottish-Irish ancestry.   I have not spoken to Amy since 1970, however she did send an electronic message (not to me but as as a memorial in the newspaper) to my Mother when she died in 2007.  I have been told other information about Amy, however I do not have any way to substantiate that information so I will not repeat it.  I simply want to make it clear concerning the lineage of my Father and Grandparents.  Thank you.

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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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This info is totally consistent with all the genealogical info that's freely available on the internet and matches the obituary that Amylee had removed from the internet. It's a lot easier to trace a person's family line now that more 1930 census data is now available. This just confirms what I already suspected, Amylee Swartz is a huge fraud.

The impact of her deception has been multiplying for years. I still meet women in Tucson from time to time who paid large sums of money for the dubious privilege of building a shield and sincerely believe that they are now entitled to conduct ceremonies based on their workshops with this woman. Most of them honestly believe that the more shields they build, the more spiritual become.

I the heap big medicine womon goes bankrupt hiring lawyers to file SLAPP suits against her critics.
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Re: Amylee She Who Catches the Rainbows
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This has been a long time since we posted on this fraud. But there's a request for any further information we can find.

SouthwestSkeptic/Rose Garcia has done the most investigating, but has not been active almost as long. Can anyone find her?