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Re: "Kachinas Kutenai"
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Since people continue to claim that they themselves are special because they studied with Kachinas Kutenai, I'll add in further information on her life.

Excerpts from: Reflections: [San Diego County Edition]
Avent, G Jeanette
 Los Angeles Times  25 Nov 1990: 3.

Her car is fiery red. Bumper stickers on it read "I am an Apache and proud of it. Indian native from nowhere. Another woman for peace." But Kachinas Kutenai is no suburban armchair Apache. Raised at her grandmother's knee on the Gila River Reservation, she has followed the path of the Apache medicine woman for more than 25 years. Kutenai now teaches American Indian healing through the Phoenix Phyre Bookstore in Encinitas.

My name, Kachinas, means prayer without ceasing and Kutenai means unity of mind, body and soul. When you have to live up to a name like that you have to walk a certain path. I made some vows to the Creator I would walk the medicine path when I almost died of a heart attack at age 35. I'm now 55, and I look younger than I am. It has its advantages, but sometimes people don't think I know as much as I know or I base my knowledge on books.

I spent my early life at the Gila River Reservation in Gila Bend, Ariz. My blind grandmother was a medicine woman, and I saw people come to her with mental, physical and spiritual complaints. When they were well again, they'd come back, give her gifts and hug her. I learned about herbs from her.

They were stored in bags and I'd go get them for her when she was talking with someone. I learned by taste and smell what the various herbs were for.

Then I moved off the reservation when I was 9. I go back every year, as many Indians do. I became acculturated and became a nurse. I bought into the idea that the native American way was primitive, therefore invalid. But the whole time I was nursing, people, including young doctors, still came to me for herbs.


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Re: "Kachinas Kutenai"
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Newspaper clip from Ukiah Daily Journal December 26, 1986

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Re: "Kachinas Kutenai"
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Dying in that center of Apache culture, Palm Springs...

Middle name of Shabazz? That seems to be a name most commonly one hears among Muslims, or faux Muslims among Black nationalists.

Her real maiden name seems to be Soriano. One obit lists her mother's name as Ruth Mae White. Married name of Auther. My guess would be she might have had or thought she had distant ancestry and that confused mess of Nuage ideas was what she believed, retreating to Europe to make money when no one NDN wanted much to do with her.

Her business outfit Sacred Rainbow Circle Foundation and American Indian Healing Temple Inc (funny how the long spirchul name is followed by Incorporated) is shown by Bizapedia as active as of 2012, two years after her death. But Guidestar shows it as inactive.

Her books are still for sale on Amazon, Alibris, etc, but even 20 years later haven't gotten much notice. One with no reviews, and the other with a single bad review. The reviewer said he met her and didn't trust her since she was fair skinned.

I did see about half a dozen newspaper articles that quote her uncritically. Didn't see any selling ceremony claiming to be taught by her. It might be different in Europe, esp Germany. If Ingeborg's around, could you take a look?

Should we move the thread to Archives?


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Re: "Kachinas Kutenai"
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leaves behind children Norman and Jennifer Auther. She is also survived by her siblings, Ted White, Jerry Soriano, Sandra Ramirez and Emma Kelley; sister-in-law, Earline Auther

I think her maiden name is actually White. According to her obit her husband was Norman V. Auther. They married in 1959.

A Norman V Auther married a Barbara L White in 1959, Alameda California.

Kachinas had children Norman and Jennifer Auther. I found birth records for both Norman and Jennifer Auther, their mother's maiden name is White.

Kachinas' mother in obit Ruth Mae White, Barbara L White's parents Ruth Mae Forman and Roosevelt White.  Both Kachina and Barbara White have brother named Ted. Both Kachinas and Barbara born Jan. 14, 1935.

Name:    Barbara Lee White    
Birth Date:    14 Jan 1935
Gender:    Female
Mother's Maiden Name:    Forman
Birth County:    Santa Clara

Name:    Kachinas S. Kutenai    
Last Residence:    90056  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Born:    14 Jan 1935
Died:    1 Jan 2010
State (Year) SSN issued:    California (1973)

If Kachinas Shabazz Kutenai was indeed Barbara L White, her and her family were listed as black in the 1940 federal census, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA. Her parents from Louisiana and California.

A student Denzal K Santana says he is a "Board member of the Sacred Rainbow Circle Foundation and American Indian Natural Healing Temple" and that he was "Apprentice to Native American Apache Medicine Woman: Kachinas Kutenai" But Sacred Rainbow Circle doesn't really exist anymore:

Entity Number:   C2890032
Date Filed:   07/19/2006
Jurisdiction:   CALIFORNIA
Entity Address:   6500 GREEN VALLEY CIRCLE #317
Entity City, State, Zip:   CULVER CITY CA 90230
Agent for Service of Process:   KACHINAS SHABAZZ KUTENAI

I'm fine with this being moved to archives if everyone else is.
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Re: "Kachinas Kutenai"
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I recommend to leave the thread in the active sections for several reasons:

While I found 160 German-language sites a few years back, the number now has increased, albeit slightly, to 193.

The persons I found claiming her as a teacher during my earlier research apparently all continue to mention her as their teacher and use her name for their profit. All of them are sellers of ceremony and/or altmed practicioners. Plus some new names/sites showed up.

Most of the articles on Newage congresses in which KK participated are still online.

So there is quite a number of websites claiming KK was an Apache medicine woman.

There are also new sites mentioning her as a medicine woman:

Site maintained by one A eh Yah Aeliah Baumgartner, offering a variety of Newage methods (lightgrids, trance healing, mental healing, medial trainings with Chris Griscom, dimensional consciousness grids, ongoing trainings by her personal helper light beings). She claims to have been taught „shamanic healing methods“ by KK.

Site maintained by Jürgen Bongardt, an altmed practitioner offering mental healing/various methods, Chakra diagnosis and harmonising, shamanic work.

Bongardt claims he is a former archaeologist, but started as an altmed practitioner about 1999.
2001-2003 Initiation Reiki I up to Master Grade III in classical Usui Reiki
2003-2005 Various workshops and teachings in shamanism e.g. with Bodo Fischer and Kachinas Kutenai
Since 1999 a member of DGH (Association of mental healing)
Since 2000 recognised healer and trainer of DGH [...]

Site maintained by Beate Sugg-Kastner. She claims shamanic studies e.g. with Mohan Rai, Indra Doj Gung, and Parvati Rai, all Nepal, and from 2002-2003 with „Kachinas Kutenai (Apache medicine woman), USA“.

Mohan Rai is in the fake Council of World Elders run by Karin Tag (we got a thread on her and the CoWE).

Site maintained by Stefanie Grabolle. She claims to have been taught „ancient Indian traditions“ from „Apache medicine woman Kachinas Kutenai“. Grabolle further works as an animal communicator, does clairvoyant life counselling, is an initiated Reiki master.

However, Grabolle also works for Questico, an online portal offering telephone life counseling:

One of the most important guides on her path was Apache medicine woman Kachinas Kutenai who not only trained her in the ancient Indian tradition but also adopted her according to tribal customs. Under her custody, she [Stefanie] cultivated her clairvoyance and increased her ties to the spiritual world. Today, she is accompanied by Indian spirit beings in their every-day life and her work which she views as a calling.[...]

Stefanie has a working experience of about six years. […]

Her core areas are animal communication (known from the media), clairvoyant life counseling, card reading (Lenormand & Tarot), shamanism, soul partnership, messages from the spirit world, Karma and consciousness coaching.

And here is another one, working for a different portal,,+ambulante+Ayurveda%C3%A4rztin+(+Dr.+Lad,Leela+Mata)%20%20Schamanische+Ausbildung+bei+Frank+Natale,+3+Jahre,Kachinas+Kutenai,+Alba+Maria,+Hiah+Pa+,7+Jahre.

Animal communication, clairvoyant life counseling, card reading (Lenormand & Tarot), shamanism, soul partnership, messages from the spirit world, Karma and consciousness coaching
One of the most important guides on my path was the Apache medicine woman Kachinas Kutenai who did not only train me in the ancient Indian tradition but also adopted me according to tribal law. Under her custody, I cultivated my clairvoyance and increased my ties to the spiritual world.

As this reads pretty much as the one above, I suspect this is Ms Grabolle once again, working for another portal under a different name. Which you may see as cheating the fleecers.

However, these telephone lines charge about € 1.59 (~ $ 2,-) per minute for incoming phonecalls, and their 'counselors' are advised to keep callers in the line as long as possible and make them call again and again. There were reports here of persons having spent tenthousands of Euros on such calls and developing an addiction, finally calling several times a day on utter trivia and not being able to make decisions without having phoned in first.

Although this is quite an old article, the newspaper seems to have added this to their online archives since my last research. The article will also contribute to promote KK, and it will most probably stay online for ages:

Aztec marries woman from Allgäu region
Passers-by were utterly surprised – suddenly, there were Indians here and there. […] Altrnative practician Claudia Herb-Möslang from Weitnau married the Nahuatl-Indian Akatl Ortega of the Aztec tribe. The medicine woman of the Apache, Kachinas Kutenai, also came to the wedding from California. After the civil ceremony, the 67-year-old healer did the Indian marriage ritual.

Kachinas Kutenai, specialist for Indian natural medicine, was born in the Deela River [sic] Reservation in Arizona. There, she learned much about Indian healing arts from her grandmother. The 67-year-old woman has meanwhile written many books on spirituality and does lectures on traditional thinking on congresses worldwide. She also represents the North American Indian tribes at the UN.

In the town of Weitnau, she did a seminar on traditional Indian healing arts recently. Bridegroom Akatl Ortega, born 1958 and having grown up in „Tenoch Titlan“, the Indian name of Mexico-City, had invited the medicine woman to the Indian wedding at Weitnau. He has been living in Germany since 1984 and, as an alternative pracitioner, teaches Indian natural medicine and the Indian version of Yoga. The name „Indian“ slightly raises Akatl Ortega's eyebrows. He prefers to speak of „indogenous [sic] people“ [...]

This is an article on a lady already mentioned above – channeling Geronimo. Her legal name is Margret Sauer, she goes by her „spiritual name“ of Jasantha.
Sauer, too, has taken up working for commercial telephone counseling – the site quotes from the blurb of one her books:

Margret Sauer, known from the Astro-Lines Vistano and Viversum as a successful counselor under her spiritual name Jasantha, is a medium and, since many incarnations, a seer, receiver, and initiated into Mahatma energy, into Christus consciousness, and into Helaria's Light.

As a channel of the masters, the archangels and her spirit guide, spiritual master and teacher Geronimo who came to her in a vision in 2004 and is with her and supports and guards her, she is his confidante and his messenger, but also a spiritual master, heart teacher and as the only non-Apache woman worldwide, she is authorised to teach Indian „Na Hai Te He“ to all who wish to leaarn it by her intuitions of messages from Kachinas Kutenai, Geronimo and her other helpers from the spirit world.

These so-called "astro-lines" are basically in the same business as the two companies mentioned further above, fiora33 and Questico. From a quick look, Sauer is still active for Viversum, but may not be working with Vistano presently.

This is another person I mentioned in the earlier research:

Brigitte Arupa Uphus-Kaiser

Uphus-Kaiser, however, has worked upon her claims and she meanwhile seems to be a lecturer for a school selling trainings to become an altmed practicitioner:

Shaman of Indian descent, alternative practician, Ayurveda medical practician, meditation leader, massagist, musicologist, Audio engineer, moderator. Her shamanic path began in 1988, caused by the death of her friend. She learned with Frank Natale of Natale Institute, Amsterdam and worked for 8 years as a translator and assistant for shamans from Asia, North and South America, e.g. Kachinas Kutenai, Hiah Park, and Alba Maria, Brasil. Since 2001, she is the director of a women's music project in Berlin, Cologne, Bremen, Italy, and Brasil. She lives and works in a group practice in the town of Kürten near Cologne.
Emphasis mine

So in fact the number of persons claiming her for their teacher slightly increased, and articles promoting KK were put online meanwhile. At least two of her students works for companies selling expensive phone counseling.

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Re: Barbara Lee White AKA Kachinas Kutenai
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Email from a supporter, claiming to not be a franchisee of hers. Followed by my answer back.

In your thread #15 about Kachinas Kutenai it is said, that people feel special when they claim to hve learned from Kachinas Kutenai.

U did mention me, Brigitte Arupa Uphus-Kaiser, in my full name as selling 'native american wisdom' in Germany, that I claim to hve learned from Kachinas Kutenai, giving a link to an institute for an altmed - school from 2007, in the year 2013

No, I donot. I am sorry. Till 2008 I worked for a German Government Radio-Station. Now, after my retirement, I work in a seniors home  as a nurse-assistant and I just got aware that I spent 10 years of my life with a fraud!? No. She was a human being.

Kachinas Kutenai. What did she do wrong? She talked about her life, mostly. About her experiences with alkohol - and drug addicts, coz that is an issue in germany and europe. I did translate her lectures, hosted her, cooked for her, she was my guest and my company. We were exchanging our experiences in nursing and herbal treatments, which is complementary medicine.

I drove her with my car, travelled with her to her german healers and she got ayurveda-treatments from an indian ayurveda-doctor. She was not healthy. I listened and watched her talk and act. She was not after money. More though she needed support and care, like every older being. She was old, poor, brown and sick. That were the facts. We hve thousands of refugees now. The facts are the same. I am grateful for meeting her in my life.

I was simply giving her company in her struggeling 2 years and last days, before she died in that L.A. Hights Home in Los Angeles, I visited her and met her children Jennifer and Arthur, carrying her up the stairs, when she was too weak....
Brigitte Uphus-Kaiser

That website lists you as claiming to be a healer trained by her. Your anger should be directed at them.

What she did was clearly fraud. She never was Apache or a medicine woman. She sold gullible Europeans like yourself a racist fantasy of Natives, and for cash.

Finally, she died in a Latino neighborhood. shows she had a Mexican parent and a Black American one. No Apache. She was so ignorant she chose a name and claimed a reservation that were not Apache.

Thanks for the additional information. It's a shame she harmed you and others by taking advantage of your curiosity, search for meaning, and serious medical and psychological needs with her con games for profit.

Hopefully at the end of her life she made peace with the damage she did and knew she would face her Creator with the consequences of her actions.