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Re: Middle aged White Women
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2015, 06:35:20 pm »
We white middle aged women need to stop giving frauds money. So many frauds prey on women, we look to be the main supporters of all this Nuage b.s.

It is fine for us to want to change our lives and become free, but we need to make sure we are not "getting free" by ripping other people and cultures off.

So true, Piff.  Whenever you see photos of the "ceremonies" that are put on by these people, they are almost always white women huddled around the fire, feeling as if they are doing something quite profound and looking like idiots IMHO.  I really feel sorry for them and I think it is just a symptom of the emptiness in their lives that they need to do it.  As you have said in prior posts, there are just so many more rewarding ways to spend your time and ways that give back to the world.  Do not give your money to these new-agers, ladies!

There is so much of this "female empowerment" and "Red Tent" stuff going on now.  Women are really falling for it!  It seems to me that it is all just so "me-centered".  If I were a man, I would feel quite threatened right now!

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Re: Middle aged White Women
« Reply #16 on: April 04, 2015, 03:27:44 pm »
Another rant for today ;D, I was asking when this concept of the Moon camps came about because it is not in our culture.
I was told it was started on the Rosebud reservation in the late 1970s, They said there was a sundance happening where people paid
to attend the dance (which we know is wrong) they were white people and the women said they paid they had a right to be there, but they were on their moon, so they created a moon camp for white women who paid. Its only been 35 years of a makeup belief, All though everyone laughed about it the crazy white women, these white women started to say this is our way. Now as you can see we have red tent, and moon camps, i just shake my head.
In my culture The women don't run sweat lodge for men, they don't hold pipes nor are they pipe keepers, nor do they become medicine women until after they are sixty, all our ceremonies are for the men, the women we have our way but that is private, 
I find that a person who knows our culture know the step you must take to be able to do ceremonies, it taken 16 years of learning before you can claim to do anything,
I find that anyone who takes money for ceremonies is a fraud, we don't pay to pray at all no matter how you want to decide it "donation-fee-milage" its all payment. My rant for the day ;D I am NATIVE and I LIVE
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Re: Middle aged White Women
« Reply #17 on: April 05, 2015, 07:33:15 pm »
<3 LaDonna <3 Thank you for posting that.

I'm going to copy this in the Red Tent threads, too.

ETA: I thought we had started a Red Tent / Moon Lodge thread, but I'm not finding it. I'll start a new one, and merge if the other one turns up.
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Re: Middle aged White Women
« Reply #18 on: April 29, 2015, 12:40:36 am »
There is more and more information out about how to reduce over consumption, reduce waste, clear clutter, save money, and stop excessive shopping. I would like to see that applied in the New Age Marketplace too. Stop culture shopping, stop wasting money on con artists, stop the theft and consumption of ways that are not our own.

The New Age Marketplace is not going to teach us how to do that. Some marketers try to talk a good game about ethics and cultural sensitivity, but they are still all about New Age shopping. They want money and power. We need to stop giving it to them.

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Re: Middle aged White Women
« Reply #19 on: May 08, 2018, 07:02:55 pm »
MAWWs need to be aware of cultural appropriation and disrespect issues. Also the warning signs of unsafe leaders and groups plus info on how to detect consumer fraud.

My bolding. That important post is now at this URL: