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Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki

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You're right he's not Abenaki. Some of us hear at NAPFS did his genealogy several years ago and big surprise! All white. The reason we didn't post it was out of respect for a well known associate that is fooled by him and his claim of Native blood. I can post what I've found, but it's up to the group. Everyone let me know.

--- Quote from: WINative on February 20, 2018, 09:49:26 pm ---I just saw this flyer locally and many Native people want to go and see him speak, it's unfortunate he's been able to fool so many, and make profit off the stories of Iroquois people. Many people don't question the source and they just take people at their word.

--- End quote ---

I personally think the truth should always come out, friends or not, and no one should be against the truth since it's always backed up with documentation in here.

Smart Mule:
I think it's pretty common knowledge behind the scenes in the Abenaki community that the Bruchacs aren't Abenaki. When Giles Obamsawin was chief at Odanak he was very vocal about them.

Defend the Sacred:
I think it should be posted more openly that the Bruchacs aren't Native. Nons continue to promote them, aggressively, as nons love to promote other nons when they can. White people in particular are almost always more comfortable hanging out with other white people who will talk about Indians, rather than actual Natives who might say things that are more difficult for them to hear. And then those of us who know they're not Native wind up having to awkwardly explain the situation to aggressive white people who don't want to listen.

Smart Mule:
Douglas Buchholz has had a ton of information available for a long time but it's unfortunately mostly ignored. He's done an incredible amount of work regarding the family.


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