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--- Quote from: ---Women of the White Buffalo — a documentary by Deborah Anderson
An ancient, Native, matriarchal society has been upended by centuries of genocide and colonialism. This has resulted in culturally sabotaged and isolated communities that are in a constant struggle to save what remains of their sacred identity. The Lakota women living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, are rising up against the forces that continue to suppress them. By preserving and protecting their ancestral values and wisdom, they provide a source of hope to their people.

With exclusive access to the lives of 8 women, ranging in age from 10 to 98, we explore powerful testimonials of loss and survival as we gain insight into the experience of a modern Indigenous American living on a reservation. Gripping historical accounts and startling timely statistics guide viewers down the path that has led to these present day conditions.

The indelible voices of these determined women inspire us with their strength, gifting us with ancient insights that speak to our current global, environmental and cultural crises. These are the powerfully rich stories of the brave women and children living in the poorest county in the United States.

The intention of this film is to shine a light on our Native sisters, to ensure that their voices are included in this current wave of global Women’s empowerment, and to inspire the next generation of Native youth to utilize their own ancient wisdom in the much needed healing of their communities. For all viewers, this film is an opportunity to learn from this intensely beautiful and powerful culture about some of the forces that perpetuate racism, abuse, and inequality. As they say in Lakota, Mitákuye Oyás’i?, “We are all related.”

Mother Earth is weeping, which we see and feel in many of our imminent ecological crises. The centuries-long murder and rape of indigenous women in the west parallels humanity’s destruction and betrayal of this precious planet. We must each learn to accept responsibility for our part in the recovery and preservation of our shared home. ?

The Lakota people have a tradition of considering the following 7 generations when making any big decision, ensuring an abundant future for those that would come after them. The women featured in Women of the White Buffalo have been compelled to use their voices and many gifts in order to shift the consciousness of all those whose lives they touch. They will not be silenced. Their wisdom is essential to our survival.

Documentary film is a vital tool for holding people, governments and corporations accountable and for spreading awareness about important issues. To date, there has not been a film that has focused primarily on the women currently living on the second largest and one of the most impoverished Indian Reservations in the United States. The voices of the Lakota women have been documented by Deborah Anderson, who worked intimately, compassionately and artfully to capture not just these women’s words, but their very essence.
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There is an earlier thread about Deborah Anderson here: [Deborah Anderson aka Chief Many Faces]

thanks, Sparks! Read the thread link you sent. Ok, she has a silly name but I am not interested in her. See the film trailer because it is so good with the wonderful people who speak in it. It is not about her ( Deborah) silly opinions because everyone in it has important things to say. The film's trailer is great so I sure hope that silly name Deborah doesn't editorialize. Thanks again Sparks!

I found some reviews and other information about this film: [Women of the White Buffalo Trailer]

This 49 minutes video appeared on Instagram three days ago:

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Reading the sacred history of the White Buffalo Calf Woman by SunRose IS

White Buffalo Calf Woman sacred history Brought to you today by SunRose IronShell who is Sicangu and Oglala Lakota from the Titowan band of the Oceti Sakowin the seven council fires also known as the Sioux Nation of Indians
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