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Keystone XL pipeline action alert

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I've been getting a bunch of emails today about the oil companies trying to bring back the plan for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, even though Pres. Obama rejected it on the U.S. side.  They are trying to get 500,000 signatures at least to do an action in Congress tomorrow.  Here is one of the places you can sign, if you are interested.  This project would worsen an already bad situation for many tribes in the U.S. and Canada, regarding environmental conditions, and the People being able to control their own land and resources, vs. the corporations.

I found an article about the issue from an indigenous perspective in South Dakota's Native Sun News.  Excerpt below and link here.
Calgary-based TransCanada Corp. wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline to carry tar-sands crude-oil mined in the boreal forest of Alberta Province across 1,700 miles of the Great Plains, through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma to Texas Gulf Coast refineries.

“It’s a 1,700-mile snake that’s trying to bore itself into Mother Earth, and its whole purpose is to spit black venom into the water our future generations are going to be drinking,” Poor Bear said.

The Canadian oil company built another tar-sands crude-oil pipeline from Alberta through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois more than a year ago when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton succeeded in winning a motion to dismiss four Sioux tribal governments’ federal lawsuit to stop it for violating historic preservation, trust and treaty law.

Since then, the Oglala Lakota Tribe, Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota Tribe, the United Tribes of North Dakota, and treaty councils have signed resolutions opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline for the same reasons mentioned in the lawsuit against Keystone I, as well as concerns over water pollution from spills.

U.S. and Canadian indigenous constituents submitted the Mother Earth Accord to Clinton and President Barack Obama in opposition to the oil company’s current proposal in October. The White House subsequently accepted the State Department’s recommendation to reject TransCanada’s 4-year-old Presidential Permit application.

we are fighting for our lives now for our culture the land for very existence

Defend the Sacred:
Concise, compelling notice from the Indigenous Environmental Network. Includes the Mother Earth Accord:

Some of the twitter feeds on the action:

Defend the Sacred:
Our letters and petitions are being delivered to Senate right now:

Fastest-breaking news via Twitter feed: #noKXL

There's still time to call the Senate and add your voice, or remind your Senator to look at the letters and petitions. Get the phone number for your Senator here:

Defend the Sacred:
The fight continues with direct action and blockades on Pine Ridge. Make sure to check out the powerful video of the elder woman speaking.


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