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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Looks like this recent Youtube was filmed a few months ago in British Columbia and later posted by a SALPOV trainer. Charles and Lenora seem a bit off of their game--


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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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With his spouse Lenora Kay Spezzano now a much diminished figure in the organisation, the public face of SALPOV will be more reliant on Charles Lee Spezzano. And as we have documented many times before here on NAFPS, his emotional maturity in the area of sex is about on par with Beavis and Butthead.

It has been said religion is the last refuge of scoundrels. Let us amend that. Selling sex is the last refuge of scoundrels, especially if you started out being a merchant of "spiritual" merchandise. From what I can see, Spezzano uses the topic of sex in the form of aggressive and uncomfortable humor in his brainwashing workshops to intimidate and bully people, get them off their guard. He has become one of those halitosis old farts who prefaces his statements with, "I know I might get in trouble for saying this since I am not politically correct," and then launches into some offensive anti-woman "joke." He's a secret redneck posing as a liberal. He has a "split mind." 

moreinfo pointed me to the current SALPOV card of the day:

SEX is the card for today. SEX is in essence communication and when there is joining and love communicated SEX creates transformation so that things progress and unfold…So may you have a "lucky night" all day long (emphasis on the long) and may it be a time of "slippery celebrations." No expectations but pure expectancy will do the trick….Have fun!

Ironically, one of young Christopher Spezzano's comical complaints concerning us critics was: "The stories that are being spread on these sites are ridiculous and often lewd."

The current Bill Cosby controversy is not going to help Charles Lee Spezzano as he attempts to use his habitual sexual jokes as a method of intimidating and recruiting more cult followers. Like Cosby, we see Spezzano is an insect trapped in the amber of the 1970s. Charles thinks he's pretty funny and hip, but most of his fellow Americans would consider him a transparent and smug corny con artist which is part of the reason he has no organisation in the USA. I believe he is at a point in life where he is unable to change his act enough to adapt to the new reality. His little quotes which are used in various venues are frequently from his quarter century old past writings and are mindlessly repeated for the consumption of uncritical minds, who gobble up this slop and praise their master. 

And, the December Nightlight Newsletter is also obsessed with sex. Here is a portion of the Google translation from the German language release (apparently we English-language readers are Verboten from reading the words of the Spezzano Himself).

Our love life will be a highlight in December. Like the canary in the mine. Everything that finds expression in sexuality and remains, shows us our life pattern. Do you use sex or the lack of sexuality as a point? If you put it just for the fun one, hiding you in the belief that you're only a body on the path of impermanence, get caught up? Do you use sex to prove that you're good, better or best? Or give and receive you in sexuality, love your partner and rejoice in him? True sexuality arises from the self-worth of innocence and self-love. Everything else degenerates into neediness and take and leads to heartbreak, revenge and broken dreams. If we abuse our sexuality, it mixes with guilt and shame. View your sex life! What ails you? Show yourself responsible for the result and then it hands you the sky so that it can be transformed.

If you are thinking of investing in a Psychology of Vision "seminar" or have already signed on to this personality cult, my advice is: Run away! Run away! Run away! The whole SALPOV deal is just a scam to feed the Spezzano bank account. It has never been anything more and it has no future. This cult is rapidly shrinking and will be gone within a decade.

In the SALPOV hive mentality, independence is to be avoided at all times. When the SALPOV customers re-enter the real world after basking in the glow of a workshop, there is no follow-up, no aftercare, and the crash and burn phase takes over. The Spezzanos will not be there to pick you back up-- unless you pay their incredibly high fees, of course. No amount of stock photos of young happy people caught in mid air as they joyfully jump is going to change that.   

The only purpose of this SALPOV corporation is to extract money from the gullible in order to support the Spezzano lifestyle. The way they have appropriated FN and Hawaiian culture to feed their confabulations should have a consequence.

Back to the main point, it will be intriguing to watch how desperate SALPOV will become in attempting to lure passengers to board a ship that is obviously sinking.       

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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In an effort to understand the place of Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision (SALPOV) in the universe of frauds, perverts, loonies, egotists, and crooks as exposed by NAFPS, I took a stroll through the entire "Fraud" section to do some comparison measuring. This exercise was not super in-depth at all, so I am sure I missed a few other connections.

SALPOV very rarely works with or even praises other scamsters unless they are products of the SALPOV assembly line. Once they held a workshop in partnership with Guru Singh, and for several years they sang the wonders of Oneness University, but basically in New Age terms, SALPOV is a Hermit Kingdom like North Korea. So much for "Oneness."

But they do have a lot in common with the rather sordid parade of characters in NAFPS. Germany seems to be a particularly lucrative market for many of these spiritual capitalists. Although the Spezzanos use a lot of "sciency" lingo, probably more so than the others on this list, there is no real science in their theology. And the fact they appeal to an overlapping market with the crazies and the crooks should tell you something about how "professional" SALPOV really is.

As I compiled this list it is striking just how rinky-dink the whole SALPOV corporation really is. And antiquated. And dying. Since it is so small and just another tiny tidbit in the mountain of New Age crap this has enabled the Spezzanos to escape major and continued notice from the media and law enforcement. If they had grown any bigger they might have been shut down long ago.

Scanning through this forum has been a real educational eye opener and I have even more appreciation for all you out there who are devoting your time to educating the public about cultural theft, psychocolonisation, and "healers" who take advantage of vulnerable people. Thank you.

Here are my notes:

Bennie LeBeau aka Blue Thunder: Charles Lee Spezzano and LeBeau are both honoured contributors to the Magical Melody website, 2004. Long before I knew about NAFPS, I knew about LeBeau and what an egotist he is.

Steven Farmer: A business rival with Spezzano's targeted audience for oracle/Tarot cards. Spezzano and Farmer have both been speakers hosted by Alternatives at St. James Church in the UK. Spezzano administered a Oneness University-type Deeksha blessing there in 2007 (I have the DVD) and Farmer talked about connecting to the spirit world in 2005. Like Spezzano, Farmer apparently also has an APA-unaccredited Ph.D., and uses the title "Dr." liberally.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song: The Spezzanos share a bibliographical listing under the category of "Inspirational Themes" with Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song in the Dreamwalker Group website. Some of the listings are confused with another author named Charles Spezzano. Someone didn't do their homework.

Alberto Villodo: I found more than one example of people citing training from both SALPOV and Villodo on their resumes. Villodo is a contemporary of the Spezzanos, and his career has a few parallels, except instead of going up and down the North American West Coast posing as a psychic like Charles Lee Spezzano did in 1980-1982, Villodo went into academics and established some professional-looking credentials. He also founded The Four Winds Society, "Where Modern Science Meets Ancient Wisdom." Villodo and the Spezzanos turn up in the same New Age catalogs of crappy nonsense for sale, and in the same lecture circuits for the gullible affluent class. The difference is, Villodo's marketing is slicker and he is in Wikipedia, while-- sorry Charlie-- Spezzano was rejected as not being "notable" enough. However, Villodo apparently shares the same sort of bogus APA unaccredited Ph.D. that Charles possesses, so they have that little facade in common. In using the "healing" scam they are all going after the same customer base, but it would appear the Spezzanos can only watch Villodo from afar and salivate with jealousy at being outclassed by a more accomplished con artist.

Angaangaq Lyberth: Looks like this character was part of the Affinity Fraud feeding frenzy along with SALPOV.

Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek: Another personality that can be considered Spezzano business competition for the same customer base. Perona and the Spezzanos overlap in some resumes and New Age catalogues merchandising spirituality. Once you become familiar with Perona's theories and practices, this association is not a compliment to the Spezzanos and highlights just how wacky Lenora Kay Spezzano's "downloading" claims really are.

Braco: Lenora Kay Spezzano and her right eye have nothing on this guy, "The Gazer." He doesn't even have to make contorted faces and babble about junk science in his medicine show. In addition to having his own Wikipedia entry, Braco has cultivated a following in the USA, something the Spezzanos have not achieved. Braco and the Spezzanos share admirers from the Central European New Age flock.

Michael Harner: Academic rationalisations, going down to Latin America, ingesting drugs, and banging on drums does not a shaman make. This guy is a septic system of New Age crap. Harner shares more website mentions with Spezzano than I can count. It figures.

Brant Secunda: Appears to travel the same lecture circuit throughout Germany as Charles Lee Spezzano.

Sun Bear: Another popular "healer" with a German customer base. Sun Bear shares resume space with the Spezzanos for several New Age business people, and was even quoted in a review of one of Spezzano's ersatz Tarot card sets.

Serge King: King's appropriation of Hawaiian culture is match for that of the Spezzanos. As such their names intermingle among the uncritical praises of those who live in the lifestyles of the rich and easily led.

Charles Storm/Wolf Storm: Storm is truly a repulsive character. At least one German site mentions him in glowing terms alongside Charles Lee Spezzano.

Cleargreen Cult: Just last April an ad for a Castaneda-inspired event was published side by side with Charles Lee Spezzano hustling his wares in a German publication aimed at the same New Age audience (attached). The Spezzanos appear to be giving up on the English-speaking world. It's all about the money.

David Carson: Carson's "Medicine Cards," yet another Tarot ripoff, has been endorsed by Spezzano spinoff astrologer Pam Carruthers. Carson's and Spezzano's merchandise compete for customers in many of the same catalogues.

Denise Alvarado/"Cherokee Pipe Carrier": Her book, The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, frequently turns up on the same German language Amazon lists as Spezzano's works. It figures. Voodoo is quite the cheesey industry if you visit New Orleans. It contributes to Bourbon's Street's carnival atmosphere which, don't me wrong, is a lot of fun. Amusingly, the following title also frequently appears with Alvarado and Spezzano, published by "Hypnotic Marketing, Inc."-- Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out.

Diane Fisher AKA Dhyani Ywahoo, Black Indian Inn: Lots of high-interest overlap with the Spezzano scam in, yes, you guessed it-- Germany! Starting to pick up a pattern here? Karl May must be smiling in his grave.

Ed McGaa: Published works appear alongside that of the Spezzanos for the same target audience in New Age catalogues for the feeble-minded or for those who are blinded by their wounds. Lots of money is required for the toll. Easy pickings for the sociopaths.

Eliot Cowan: Another fraud who was hosted by Alternatives in the UK, just like Spezzano. Cowan also is promoted on the same German-language New Age merchandising webpages as the Spezzanos. 

Erick Gonzalez: Gonzalez, the drugpushing lowlife scumbag who is Spezzano's closest competition for capturing the soul of Haida Gwaii, shared the spotlight with Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision in the APTN scandal-exposing documentary broadcast about cult activity on the island last year as reported by Rob Smith. Gonzalez has lately given himself the comical name of "Spirit Jaguar." It is fitting a greedy criminal like this should be coupled with the Spezzanos in a documentary expose. According to my close sources the Spezzanos actually met with Gonzalez on Haida Gwaii several years ago. Two words. Frog venom. The stories have it that Erick emerged from the meeting as the alpha cult leader and his influence grows as the Spezzanos retreat from British Columbia and focus their money making activities instead on Asia and Central Europe. Haida leader Babs Stevens appears to accept whatever New Age fad comes down the pike and isn't too critical thinking about them, so as long as she holds office whatever idiotic cult is dominant will hold sway.
Eva Maria and Michael Mora: They are in a race with the Spezzanos to pick the pockets of rich Europeans, especially Germans.
Francis Talbot AKA Medicine Story AKA Manitonquat: Another rival of the Spezzanos for the German customer base. I probably saw this clown at one of the Rainbow Gatherings in the 1970s, events that were filled with mostly idealistic American white kids-- easy prey for "spiritual" con artists. Talbot's connection with the notorious sexual predator Harvey Jackins is especially disturbing. By their very nature these "healing" New Age scam groups like Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision are predatory, all you have to do is simply watch Lenora Kay Spezzano's expression on her "downloading" YouTubes to witness that. But if you add the element of sexual predators-- which is apparently quite common with the parade of sleazeballs highlighted in NAFPS, the element of Evil multiplies. I knew one of Jackins' rape victims and got to hear from her in some detail how he manipulated his flock for his own gain.
Gillian Eva Sheer AKA Gilly Colledge AKA Solara An Ra: From her website-- "Solara An-Ra is a world renowned channel who has been transmitting en-lightening information from Ascended Masters, Earth-keeper ancestors, Babaji and Star Beings since 1998. She works primarily with the ‘Councils of Light’ – a collective of Andromedan, Sirian, Pleiadian and Arcturian Star Beings who tell us repeatedly 'The Time Is Now!'" This nutcase shares quite the YouTube and Facebook fanbase with Charles Lee Spezzano. You'd think it would be with Lenora Kay Spezzano, given her wackjob video presentations, but no. However when you view videos such as Charles' The Year 2010, where he gifts the world with his profound prophecies, then it makes perfect sense he would be lumped in with Solara An-Ra.

James Arthur Ray: Yes, the same Ray who was a darling on Oprah's show and later served hard time for those sweat lodge deaths in 2009. Ray and the Spezzano's names overlap quite a bit in the online world among those who distribute merchandise dealing in the Law of Attraction or/and Magical Thinking (or "Manifesting," as Charles calls it). Given a few of the stories we have been told about the conditions under which SALPOV conducts some of their long brainwashing sessions (overcrowding in the "The Barn," uncontrollable quivering, vomiting, freakouts, intimidation, etc.), the shared Ray fanbase is a public health risk to be taken seriously. Unlike Charles Lee Spezzano, Ray does have an entry in Wikipedia, but it is the kind of coverage any New Age capitalist would want to avoid.

Jamie Sams: Another erstaz Tarot card seller who competes with Spezzano for the same customer pool. She also publishes books. Former SALPOV trainer Pam Carruthers seems to be particularly enamored with Sams' cards, citing them numerous times on her astrology website.

Jane Ely: Actually, I am surprised not to find much of a connection between Ely and the Spezzanos, but I list her here for other reasons. Like Charles Lee Spezzano, she possesses a bogus Ph.D. not accredited by the APA (or anyone else), but likes to tout that credential. She lives in Hawaii. She is a "healer" who has appropriated the jargon and icons of FN and Hawaiian cultures. She charges obscene fees for her services. Where Spezzano talks about the "split mind," Ely's technique "synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain." She started a program that issues diplomas. Multi-day "workshops" are common, isolating the client from outside influences. There appears to be some kind of ranking system. The mirror image goes on and on. But she lives on a different island and has cultivated clients in the mainland United States, where she has other bases of operation. So perhaps in spite of their similarities, they operate in different geographic locations, just like how the Mob would divide a city into territories in those old gangster movies.

Jaya Becker AKA Jaya Bear: Her published work appears in the same German-language online catalogues as Spezzano.

John Cali: This character claimed, among other things, to channel the spirit of Chief Joseph. Cali and Spezzano appeared on the same websites by their mutual admirers in 2007, during the year the Spezzanos were fresh from their attendance as enthusiastic students of Oneness University.

John of God: Y'know, if you look at this guy's claims, and think of his name in crude slang terms, then you realize that he is just full of ... well, you get the idea. Although John and the Spezzano's names appear frequently together on many New Age websites, catering to the same nominees for the Darwin Awards, the former has had many things the latter can only fantasize about-- promotion by Oprah, two entries in Wikipedia, a South American client base, and lots more money changing hands.

Karin Tag: German author, channeler, and keeper of a crystal skull. Like Charles Lee Spezzano, her "Ph.D." does not qualify her even remotely to engage in any healing activity. Her works appear alongside the Spezzanos in many New Age catalogues aimed at German-language readers. Somewhere I recall reading Lenora Kay Spezzano expressing belief in the mystical powers of "ancient" crystal skulls.

Leo Rutherford: UK "shaman," drugpusher, and ripoff artist. Earned the title "Twinkdork" on this forum. Has lectured at Alternatives, just like Spezzano. Leo competes with the Spezzanos for the same New Age reading audience in both English and German catalogues. SALPOV trainer Louise Magee, who served the Spezzanos from 2008-2011, also was a student of Rutherford's in 2009. In her 2009 SALPOV profile, these choice passages can be found: "i am currently in the process of writing an infertility program based on the principles of POV and energetic chakra healing, i hope that this will be available shortly." and "As a POV trainer I offer coaching, am a teacher of Steps to Leadership and regularly facilitate process led workshops in Brighton and the UK. I have a particular interest in the POV Canadian First Nations Indigenous population and support workshops and trainers in this particular area."
Lobsang Rampa: An English plumber named Cyril Henry Hoskin who claimed to channel the wisdom of a Tibetan lama called Tuesday Lobsang Rampa wrote several books based on this fantasy. Wikipedia describes Hoskin's last years: "Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 books containing a mixture of religious and occult material. One of the books, Living with the Lama, was described as being dictated to Rampa by his pet Siamese cat, Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers. Faced with repeated accusations from the British press that he was a charlatan and a con artist, Rampa went to live in Canada in the 1960s. He and his wife, San Ra'ab, became Canadian citizens in 1973, along with Sheelagh Rouse (Buttercup) who was his secretary and regarded by Rampa as his adopted daughter. Lobsang Rampa died in Calgary on 25 January 1981, at the age of 70." The Spezzanos base their cult on A Course in Miracles, which was dictated by Jesus to Helen Schucman, so they have something in common with Hoskins in terms of having a wacky theological foundation. Also, the Spezzanos and Hoskins share the same fanbase, as evidenced by personal websites and catalogues.

Hunbatz Men AKA Cesar Mena Toto: The supposed "Mayan Elder" who apparently based part of his teachings on the lunatic fringe world view of José Argüelles. It would seem, based on SALPOV writings, that the Spezzanos also tried to cash in on the "2012" nonsense. Both Hunbatz Men and the Spezzanos attracted the same kind of followers and commercial distributors. I was actually acquainted with Argüelles (a creative fellow) in the 1970s and I suspect even he would have rejected the Spezzanos as total frauds-- and that is saying a lot.

Lynn Carol Eggers AKA Lynn Andrews: This Beverly Hills, California fraud has produced card sets and books that appear alongside Spezzano's works in New Age catalogues. Also, they share a fanbase and a few hypnotherapy types who count both of them in their list of trainers on their resumes.

Markus Wider: This European ceremony seller shares the same German-language book merchandising catalogues as Spezzano while pandering to the New Age market.

Meg Blackburn Losey: Another American New Age author who, like Spezzano, has an APA unaccredited degree and, again like Spezzano, enjoys using the "Ph. D." suffix or the "Dr." prefix as if this is supposed to impress us. Losey and Spezzano compete for the same pieces of the New Age pie, frequently bumping into each other on websites and catalogues as they reach into the wallets of European and Asian consumers of nonsense. Also, she has a program offering "certification" and some kind of ranking system, similar to SALPOV. Losey posts photos of spirits, orbs, UFOs and marks made on alien abductees. This is really no more ridiculous than Spezzano's assertions regarding "astral forces," "demons," and the ability to increase the size of female breasts.

Miguel Ruiz: Going after the same fad-based fanbase as the Spezzanos, except Ruiz is much more successful at it. He also merchandises ersatz Tarot cards, DVDs, CDs, books, and, something the "cutting edge" SALPOV has yet to market, iPhone apps. 

Pablo Russell: This guy is a real sleazy piece of work. Russell and Spezzano are both engaged in extracting large sums of money from a European New Age customer base, and as such their names are frequently linked on the lecture circuits.

Peter Aziz: His website says, "I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom. I live in Devon, UK, and have written three books. Explore this website to find out about the shamanic trainings, spiritual empowerments, magickal protection, shamanic healing and magickal items I provide." And, "People contact me after they have tried other approaches to healing but have found that their problem persists. Some blocks to healing can only be resolved on the shamanic or magickal level. I am trained and initiated in many powerful shamanic healing traditions including Body Electronics, Javanese Magick, Egyptian Magick and Vodou. I have received direct spiritual transmissions which bring even greater power to my shamanic healing work. I am also a homeopath, herbalist, Reiki Grand Master, highest level Vodou priest, and Javanese sorcerer." Naturally Aziz turns up frequently with Spezzano in German-language New Age catalogues. It stands to reason since the Aziz claims are no less fanciful than the Charles Lee Spezzano/Janie Ticehurst Healing Metaphors A-Z/Healing Keys, or Spezzano's embrace of magical thinking, which he calls "manifesting."

Kiesha Crowther - "Little Grandmother": Another American fraud who appears to have done a better job of cleaning out the pockets of Europeans than the Spezzanos as they appear on the same catalogues, websites, and lecture circuit. Of course we'll never really know for sure since all the account books for both are closed. The only "transparency" here is how transparent the con game is. Crowther's theology appears to be much wackier than SALPOV's at first blush, but when one really examines the theological foundations of the Spezzano scam (A document authored by a channeled Jesus, astral attacks, downloading, demons, etc.), they are really not too far apart. The more all these clowns talk about "love," the more you need to watch your wallet.
Reuben Ortiz AKA J Reuben Silverbird: There's no business like show business. Yet another joker from the States playing up the European stereotypes of North America for personal gain. He jostles with the Spezzanos for catalogue and lecture space. Strangely enough, Ortiz apparently also serves the Unification Church.

Rosalyn Bruyere: She shares many traits with the Spezzanos, including the appropriation of Hawaiian culture as well as FN. They also share and compete for the same German-language retail spiritual consumer demographic. And, of course her Healing Light Center Church is filled with just as much silly blather as SALPOV. German "healer" Peter Herion has studied under both systems. I know I am diverting here, but the English translation of his website has an interesting take on the Spezzanos: "The cornerstones of this work are the systemic methods of "Psychology of Vision" as well as the knowledge and applications of the Hawaiian Huna philosophy and Hawaiian shamanism, as I Dr. Serge Kahili King (Hawaii)'ve learned. In addition come optionally NLP, hypnosis and developed by Lency Spezzano Joining method used." -- Interesting that "Joining" is lumped with hypnosis by a former SALPOV student, eh?

Sharon White-Elk Woman: Star beings, crystal skulls, and spiritual healing. She markets her own version of Tarot cards like Spezzano and as such is a business rival for the wounded and vulnerable.

Omnec Onec: She came to Earth from Venus in 1955 to spread a message of love. Her books and CDs have been marketed with German-language consumers as a target, so her titles frequently appear alongside Spezzano's in catalogues. Many of her little sound bites could be right out of Spezzano's Card of the Day. Makes perfect sense, don't you think?

Simon Buxton: The Bee Apprentice and yet another one who shares German-language catalogue space with Spezzano. Both assume a "professional" stance, but Buxton is to anthropology what Spezzano is to psychology.

Starr Fuentes: Miracle worker, healer, studied with shamans, internationally acclaimed, channeler-- no I am not describing Charles Lee and Lenora Kay Spezzano. This is Starr Fuentes, another Big Ego. A gentleman in Singapore named Vincent Chia, who at one time called himself a SALPOV trainer, also gave allegiance to Starr. Best to cover all bets, I guess.
Taisha Abelar: Although this Castaneda "witch" is out of circulation, her work is still gobbled up by the same European audience that falls for the pablum dished out by Spezzano.

Philip Young aka Philip Kansa aka "Spirit Bear": Young and his partner, Elke Kirchner, aim for the German-language customer. A Google translation of their website includes: "Phillip has studied psychology with a Bachelor of Science.Elke Kirchner is clairvoyant and goes the way of the shaman. You are channeling Uriel, the angel beings and communicating with beings of light and angels in touch. Elke f navigation use leads people to their true selves, l & ouml; st with them blockages and H & uuml; rden lovingly. Zus & auml; USEFUL inspire the authors L. Hay and C. Spezzano in their work. Both seminar leaders are intermediaries between the earthy material and the luminous spiritual world." In other websites both Philip and Elke mention their training with the Spezzanos. They are no less crazy than their mentors.

ManKind Project: It very interesting that this nonprofit cult-like organisation which is for men only, including a "New Warrior Training Adventure," shares a fanbase with SALPOV, particularly on Facebook. This especially unusual since the SALPOV demographic appears to be mostly female-- in fact SALPOV's population brings to mind that quote from Ron Swanson, “I’m surrounded by a lot of women in this department. And that includes the men.” After male cult members are ground up, emasculated and vilified in SALPOV, they can go to the ManKind Project to heal from the experience.

Vladimir Antonov: Has swiped doctrines, fads, and theologies from many sources and cobbled them together into his own little cult (sound familiar?), competing with Spezzano in the same catalogues for German-speaking seekers.

Yellow Horse Man: A healer who uses crystals, sells drums and CDs, and holds workshops. He is listed on many websites alongside the utterly bogus Spezzano/Ticehurst Healing Adventures nonsense, which proved so embarrassing to SALPOV devotees that it was pulled from public viewing earlier this year, away from the eyes of thinking people.

It's all bullshit. All of it.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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On the LinkedIn profile for Alison Banks, she states she was a SALPOV trainer in the UK from 2003-2013:

But on the SALPOV UK website, she is still listed as a current trainer.:

And Alison's own website describes her as a current trainer as well:


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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Oops, here's the SALPOV UK link. Apologies:

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Charles Lee Spezzano card trick for today--

is the card for today. Greed is a trap of humanity where we hope something outside us will complete us and make us happy. Only the happiness that comes from within is lasting. Outside happiness comes and goes…Ask how many Idols of greed you have…how have they affected your life? (All idols bring pain and grievances and there is no problem that doesn't have a grievance at its root.) Be willing to let these idols go so they can be replaced with grace that really will make a difference…Have a breakthrough day!!

Posted Yesterday by Chuck Spezzano

Now compare that card with this--

Private Coaching with Chuck Spezzano

A rare opportunity for a private coaching session with Chuck Spezzano while he’s in the UK

Chuck Spezzano is available for private coaching sessions while he is in the UK in April and July 2014.

His fee is £700 per hourly session.

£700 converts to $1100 USD. Per hour!!!

Someone is suffering from a "split mind."

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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We note that Basler Psi-Verein has recently added some Charles Lee Spezzano Youtubes to their video library. This Zurich-based group appears to be very interested in parapsychology and New Age theology.

Included among the many presenters are-- Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Alberto Villodo (who has his own NAFPS Fraud thread), and a large number of lesser knowns. Topics such as psychic healing, talking to the dead, shamans, enlightenment, etc. are discussed. Spezzano belongs with this group. Notice he is never counted among bibliographies or Youtubes of professionally respected or academic psychologists in spite of the "sciency" or "research" blather he spouts. Instead, he gets grouped with the New Age crowd.

The Spezzano Basler Psi-Verein videos all have this intro--

Dr. Chuck Spezzano hat einen Magister in Soziologie und erwarb seinen Doktortitel in Klinischer Psychologie in San Diego, Kalifornien. Von 1973 bis 1979 war er als Psychologe am "United States Naval Drug Rehabilitation Center" tätig und erzielte beachtliche Erfolge bei der Behandlung der Kriegstraumata von Vietnam-Veteranen. Anschließend arbeitete er in der Paar- und Familienberatung. In über dreißig Jahren intensiver Arbeit und Forschung entwickelte er zusammen mit seiner Frau Lency die bahnbrechende therapeutische Heilmethode der "Psychologie der Vision®", die Verbindung der klassischen Psychologie mit spirituellen Prinzipien. Sie führt die Menschen über innerpsychische Konfl ikte hinaus zu wahrer Kreativität und einem sinnerfüllten Leben.

My German is not real great, but even I could see Basler Psi-Verein made a huge mistake concerning Spezzano's credentials. Here's a rough translation and I apologize in advance to German readers for my ignorance. I can see that if anyone wants to study Charles Lee Spezzano and SALPOV at all in the future, knowing German is a definite plus, since he seems to be targeting Central Europe more than anywhere else in the last year. Gotta follow the money, y'know.

English speakers are being tossed aside by SALPOV. Most of the new SALPOV propaganda is now being released in German. Those Canadians who have tied their fortunes to this outfit are presently up the creek without a paddle. FN activists would be within their rights to overthrow their leaders who bought into this nonsense and then sue SALPOV for cultural damages since the cult actually extended the RSS nightmare rather than healing it. Can anyone really seriously claim the Spezzanos did anything other than polarize Haida Gwaii? Talk about lack of "Oneness." FN leaders who bought into this are collaborators with a destructive group and they need to be replaced.

Anyway, here's my translation of the above specimen--

Dr. Chuck Spezzano has a masters degree in sociology and acquired his doctor title in clinical psychology in San Diego, California. From 1973 to 1979 he was active as a psychologist at the “United States Naval Drug Rehabilitation Center” and obtained considerable successes with the treatment of war trauma of Vietnam veterans. Subsequently, he worked in couples and family consultation. In over thirty years of intensive work and research he developed the innovative therapeutic healing method of the “Psychology of Vision®” together with his wife Lency, using the connection of the classical psychology with spiritual principles. It leads humans across internal-psychological conflict to true creativity and a sense-fulfilled life.

I invite Charles Lee Spezzano to contact Basler Psi-Verein and have this error corrected. Quickly.

Yeah, I know. That'll be the day.

Yes, Spezzano does have a Ph. D., which entitles him to use the prefix of "Dr.," which he does liberally to full marketing advantage, but this is merely an academic title, NOT a medical one. His degree is NOT in clinical psychology. He is NOT a psychologist. His degree is NOT accredited by the American Psychological Association. He cannot claim to fuse "classical psychology" with "spiritual principles" if he has never worked as a professional psychologist. This man is a fraud, which is one of many reasons he has an entire thread devoted to his for-profit corporation on this forum.

I direct the reader to our earlier post concerning Spezzano's lack of credentials and fraudulent presentation of his qualifications--

To our brothers and sisters in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, please think very hard and do your homework before investing any time or resources into Psychology of Vision. The whole thing is just one big scam run entirely by people with no professional qualifications at all to be performing the services they advertise. It would appear the English-speaking world is quickly getting wise to this grifter operation, so Charles Lee Spezzano is putting most of his energy into bilking you guys. Don't fall for it. By rejecting his medicine shows in Europe you actually help FN here in North America.

So, if you Central Europeans really want to help FN, when it comes to dishing out big bucks as you scan the long list of merchants peddling their New Age wares, I would suggest you "chuck" Spezzano as a contender and find someone else. Rising to positions of artificial importance in his personality cult is a very expensive process. Very expensive. But then, it's all about the money, isn't it?

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
« Reply #367 on: December 19, 2014, 11:41:40 am »
Well gang, it has been quite an interesting week for those of us who watch the hermit kingdom of Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision (SALPOV), the very-much-for-profit capitalist corporation run by Charles Lee "Chuck" Spezzano and Lenora Kay "Lency" Spezzano.  The sparkle of the coin of the realm is their guiding star.

First, the UK run website has gone down, right after I linked to it just a few days ago. When/if it comes back up, I wonder if they'll have corrected the fraudulent claims of Charles being an internationally worshipped "psychologist", or continue to cite his outrageous fees of over $1100 an hour, or if they'll update their trainers' status list? The answer will reveal a lot about the character of this cult and if they have learned anything in the last year. Of all the SALPOV websites, this one has been the most disorganised, untimely, misleading, open to lawsuit, arrogant, and the best friend to us critics.

Secondly, the English language version of the Psiram website covering the SALPOV fraudcult is the most academic resource for information on our subject--

Just recently someone spent a lot of energy and time attempting to convert this critical minded resource into an infomercial for the Spezzanos--

Whoever it was he/she seems to have spent quite a bit of effort on reshaping the history of the Spezzano/Janie Ticehurst Healing Metaphors A-Z, the Louise Hay rip-off that blames the victim for all diseases, including Down's Syndrome! But never fear, there is no licensed psychologist in Hawaii named Charles Lee Spezzano, nor a registered nurse in British Columbia named Janie Ticehurst (I checked). These are pretend professionals. The Spezzano/Ticehurst Healing Keys is quackery promoted by two utterly unqualified people. There is a reason they ran and hid under a rock, making their "Keys" available exclusively via an online gated community to only the true believers.

Just because, let us revisit the Spezzano/Ticehurst take on Down's Syndrome in order to demonstrate just how culturally and racially sensitive and professional the Charles Lee Spezzano/Janie Ticehurst team was in their Healing Metaphors A-Z partnership--

Down's Syndrome

Down’s syndrome is a congenital abnormality (one that is present at birth). It is the result of having an extra chromosome in our genetic make-up, usually number 21 or 22.

Down’s causes moderate to severe mental retardation, oriental appearance of eyes, flat nose or absent bridge of nose, a single palmer [sic] crease on a short broad hand and a dwarfed body.

If we have Down’s syndrome, it means that we have come to learn some lessons at a soul level. We are here to seek soul fulfillment and the completion of a cycle, yet we are stuck in the transition between the old level and the new.

The two main soul lessons of Down’s syndrome are correcting over-willfulness and giving up the ego’s plan in exchange for heaven’s plan.

Y'know, I have had some medical and social work experience with Down's Syndrome people, albeit at a low level position, and I find this characterization to be evil and/or the product of incredible ignorance.  Yet the Healing Keys remains a cornerstone of SALPOV theology, although Lenora Kay Spezzano has basically slammed the Healing Keys in her Truth screed when she said, "Healing the emotional conflict certainly doesn’t hurt a person’s chances of healing physically, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it is helpful, but we have not done any research studies on the subject, and we do not make any claims."

The would-be reviser also took pains to tinker with the section regarding FN. Anyway, take a look at the Psiram attempted revisions, scratch your head, and wonder.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
« Reply #368 on: December 29, 2014, 08:43:41 am »
Thanks to Steve for pointing us to the various changes effected to the Psiram article on PoV. I had a closer look at the deletions and additions made: in some cases, the most interesting aspect is not which changes were made, but what was left untouched. Some of the deletions effected also speak quite loudly re what seems to be considered unfavourable aspects by PoV, or at least by the person reverting the article who quite clearly is a friend of the Spezzanos. I shall therefore call him 'Mr Friend' here.

Quote from: original version
Ms Spezzano has furthermore developed "Joining" which sometimes is described as "PoV's mystical path".

Quote from: new version
Ms Spezzano has furthermore developed a technique called "Joining", an empathic healing method aimed to raise a persons awareness to a higher state of mind, which sometimes is described as "PoV's mystical path".

Mr Friend is using a clearly Nuage line of argumentation – 'a healing method raising awareness to a higher state of mind'. To all others, this description is quite meaningless gibberish, denoting that PoV is among those Nuage (and other) organisations aiming at the creation of 'super-humans' with more abilities than us belonging to the sorry rest. [sarcasm off]

Quote from:  or.
A licence as a psychologist of whatever specialisation cannot be verified for the state of Hawaii.
This sentence was deleted.
It is, however, a fact, even if Mr Friend does not happen to like it: Spezzano never obtained a licence valid for the state of Hawaii.

Quote from: or
In his biography, Spezzano repeatedly mentions to have come into contact with various methods and techniques promoted on the Newage markets, in particular in the fields of commercial life-counseling and self-optimising, and integrated methods and concepts encountered there into his own concept.

Quote from: new
In his biography, Spezzano repeatedly mentions to have come into contact with various methods and techniques often found in spiritual and healing pathways, in particular in the fields of life-coaching and self awareness, and integrated methods and concepts encountered into his own model.

This is one of the 'interesting' reverts: Apparently, it is considered far more important to delete terms like 'Newage', 'commercial', 'self-optimising' – the fact, however, that Spezzano integrated ideas copied from other Nuage methods remained untouched.
It is, on the other hand, somewhat amusing that, in this sentence, Mr Friend seems to mind the term 'commercial', since he confirms that PoV is a commercial enterprise (plus a therapy plus a 'major religion') further down in his modifications.

Quote from: or
These books are being promoted by Spezzano giving lectures e.g. at Newage congresses in Europe. In February 2013, he did a seminar during the Basel Psi Days in Switzerland, an established annual congress which is being organised by Basel Psi Association since years.

Quote from: new
These books are promoted by Spezzano giving lectures. In February 2013, he did a seminar during the Basel Psi Days in Switzerland, an established annual congress which is being organised by Basel Psi Association since years.

Same here: while a mention of 'Newage congresses' got deleted, Mr Friend apparently does not mind mentioning the Basel Psi Days, probably without realising that once the term 'Psi' gets mentioned, adding 'Nuage' becomes slightly redundant...

Quote from: or
However, some of the diseases the authors recommend to be treated with their set of keys are severe and patients suffering from such diseases should rather go to see an MD

Quote from: new
However, some of the diseases the authors recommend to be treated with their set of keys are severe and criticism has been made that patients suffering from such diseases should rather go to see an MD

Oh? So in fact this criticism has been raised not only by NAFPS and Psiram, I take it? Perhaps Mr Friend could be convinced to tell us who else criticised the approach taken in Healing Keys?

Quote from: or
This approach clearly lays the blame for a disease on the diseased who is responsible for it.

Quote from: new
This approach clearly lays the responsibility for a disease on the person who is trying to heal it, thus empowering and transforming that person from a victim to that of a healing attitide [sic].

Nice attempt, Mr Friend, but invalid all the same. The main statement remains rather ineffected by the revert: it is the individual who gets the blame, just that PoV prefers to hide this behind the term 'responsibility' and some more Nuage garbage smoke-screen terms. Perhaps the typo indicates that Mr Friend was getting a little nervous here, as he is well aware that PoV doesn't 'transform' anybody *from a victim, but rather into a victim.

Quote from: or
The authors constantly lay the blame for disease and handicap onto the individual who is held responsible, and promise healing to be possible with their "healing keys".

Quote from: new
The authors constantly shift responsibility for disease and handicap onto the individual who is held accountable for their own choices, and the miracle of healing to be possible with their "healing keys".

This is pretty revealing. How can a handicapped person be handicapped out of their own choice? Did they apply e.g. for a congenital handicap or disease to be born with? Did they queue up e.g. to be sure to pick up their share of bacteria or viruses to catch cholera, polio, the flu? Did they really *want* to be run over by a drunk driver and lose a limb or end up in a wheelie? Such an attitude as displayed by the authors is cruel, cynical, and of help to nobody – except for he authors Spezzano and Ticehurst cashing in on this garbage, provided they can find victims listening to them. 

Quote from: or
Psychology of Vision, however, is no scientifically recognised method or therapy, and the Spezzano's never submitted this method to scientific journals to obtain peer reviews.

Quote from: new
Psychology of Vision, as with all major religions, has no scientifically recognised method or therapy, and the Spezzano's not surprisingly never submitted this method to scientific journals to obtain peer reviews.

May we really trust our eyes here? Mr Friend is comparing PoV to a religion? Even a major one?
Although just a bit further down, Mr Friend reverted a sentence to this version: „... PoV is a commercial enterprise, as well as a therapy.“
So we learn that PoV is no therapy, it's a religion, but nevertheless it's a commercial enterprise and a therapy. Could you probably make up your mind, Mr Friend? (Or perhaps you better didn't – it's so much fun reading your blunders.)

On the other hand: a commercial enterprise, a therapy, and a religion – now, what does this remind us of? Anybody said 'Scientology'? Thnx.

But seriously – PoV a 'major religion'? Please, don't make us laugh so hard, Mr Friend, it's endangering our knickers. Do you really, really believe PoV can match the approx 2plus billion Christians in this world, or nearly 2 billions of Muslims? Come off it, your sorry outfit PoV couldn't even come up with enough trainers and students to populate the Vatican if the Catholic church was to close shop tomorrow.

On the other hand – what does one call a group promoting a religion outside of established denomination? A cult? So we might as well assume we have it on good authority (i.e. Mr Friend's) that PoV in fact is a cult. And what's more: that being a cult is exactly what they strive for.

Quote from: or
Furthermore, with the exception of the above mentioned thesis, there are no scientific publications by either Chuck or Lency Spezzano traceable.

Quote from: new
Furthermore, with the exception of the above mentioned thesis, there are no scientific publications by either Chuck or Lency Spezzano.

Mr Friend, I'm afraid that with friends like you, the Spezzanos don't exactly need enemies. But I suppose the colleagues over at Psiram will be grateful for your confirmation of this fact, too, since they carefully said there weren't such publications traceable. Now we know: there aren't any, save your time looking for them. Nice one, Mr Friend, definitely a nice one.

So from this modification we learn: neither Charles nor Lenora waisted any time writing scientific publications. They're too busy fleecing their students and trainers.

Quote from: or
Since Psychology of Vision has never received any peer review and scientific recognition, the efficacy or, for that matter, the ethical standards of the method(s) employed have also never been established and are not controlled.

Quote from: new
Since Psychology of Vision has never received any peer review and scientific recognition, the efficacy or, for that matter, the ethical standards of the method(s) employed have also never been established and are not controlled by any mainstream science faculty.

Oh well. Do you, Mr Friend, really mean to imply PoV was controlled by any non-mainstream science faculty? There aren't any, just charlatans and quacks fleecing the gullible. You can also call this the CAM sector, but then again, you also don't like the term 'CAM', Complementary and Alternative Medicine. And since you were just telling us PoV was a religion, you shouldn't have touched this addition with a ten-foot pole...

Quote from: or
Combining an alleged healing model with a global community does not quite reflect a scientific approach or method, but reminds of a cult. The claim of tens of thousands having already been „helped“ (not healed, apparently) remains unsubstantiated and must be viewed as a mere sales pitch.

These sentences were deleted. We learn that PoV does not like to be reminded they are no science, but a cult, and that they are using sales pitches.

Quote from: or
This diction, employing commercial vocabulary instead of scientific terms, clearly points out PoV is a commercial enterprise, not a therapy.

Quote from: new
This diction, employing commercial vocabulary instead of scientific terms, clearly points out PoV is a commercial enterprise, as well as a therapy.

A commercial enterprise as well as a therapy. Says Mr Friend. Do the Spezzanos need enemies?

The funny thing is that all of a sudden, PoV becomes a therapy again, when it just had been declared a religion. Can we please make up our mind, Mr Friend? Okay, so we did get established PoV is a commercial enterprise. It's out to make money. To cash in from vulnerable persons seeking help. This has been said by NAFPS and Psiram all the time. But regardless of your wishful thinking, Mr Friend, PoV is no therapy. It never was, and never will be one.

On the other hand, Mr Friend does not dispute the attributed lack of scientific terms with PoV. Thanks for another confirmation. Do the Spezzanos need enemies?

Quote from: or
All workshops and seminars offered, however, are subject to a fee. Even so-called "info evenings" for the acquisition of more customers and providing an introduction to PoV, as are organised in the German-language areas, require the purchase of an entrance ticket at € 30 ...

Quote from: new
All workshops and seminars offered, however, are subject to a fee. Even so-called "info evenings" to provide an introduction to PoV, are organised in the German-language areas, and require the purchase of an entrance ticket at € 30 ...

Mr Friend apparently belongs to the persons thoroughly brainwashed by PoV, as he cannot detect anything wrong with people („friends“) having to cough up € 30 in entrance fees if and when they want to be helped by friends... This also reveals that 'friendship' within this PoV church / therapy / commercial enterprise is no immaterial value but viewed as a commodity. Thinking of PoV students and trainers, one is tempted to add: „Poor sods“.

Mr Friend is also wrong in claiming these info evenings were only organised in Germany – they are e.g. also organised in Canada where, at least to my modest knowledge, German is no official language.

Quote from: or
While many advertisements avoid mentioning seminar fees, there is some information available. In Great Britain, a three-day seminar with one or both of the Spezzanos costs GBP 1,100 (USD 1,763), for another one, the regular price is GBP 800 (USD 1,282). With e.g. an audience of 50 participants, this adds to a receipts of USD 88,150 resp. USD 64,100.

Quote from: new
In Great Britain, a three-day seminar with one or both of the Spezzanos costs GBP 1,100 (USD 1,763), for another one, the regular price is GBP 300 (USD 500).

So Mr Friend takes exception at Psiram's choice of price tags mentioned. Of course it does sound somewhat more modest, chosing a seminar with a fee of 'only' GBP 300 over one of GBP 800. And of course Mr Friend is somewhat reluctant to do the arithmetics to provide a figure for the receipts for such a seminar, so he deleted that sentence completely.

Anyways, it does not make all that much of a difference whether Spezzano cashes in USD 64,100 or USD 25,000 – bearing in mind he'll receive this amount for giving his audience loads of BS and hot air plus doing some dirty talking on top of that. We remember: Lency claims he can't help that... - although I always thought the job description of a 'church' leader was somewhat different, but probably he mistakingly studied the job description for a cult leader.

Quote from: or
Participation in PoV therefore will be quite expensive for the individual, and may result in persons running into debt. Especially when non-affluent persons are being targeted, as is the case in Canada, this may have detrimental effects not only on families but entire communities.

Quote from: new
Participation in PoV therefore will be quite expensive for the individual.

Nice one. Did I wonder before whether the Spezzanos may be in dire need of enemies?

Thanks, Mr Friend, for confirming PoV will be quite expensive for the individual. 

Quote from: or
The 2014 10-day Mastery seminar will again take place in Hawaii, with 100-Day graduates facing a fee of US$ 4,000.

Quote from: new
The 2014 10-day Mastery seminar will again take place in Hawaii, with 100-Day graduates representing a fee of US$ 4,000.

Mr Friend seems to be getting his undies in a twist, so he deletes a nasty word like 'facing' with the term 'representing'. Who cares about grammar and making sense in the very first place?

Quote from: or
Additionally, participants apparently are prompted to proselytise among family and friends, and are baited with the prospect of becoming "leaders".

Quote from: new
Additionally, participants apparently are prompted to proselytise among family and friends, and are encouraged with the prospect of becoming "leaders".

Another revert in which Mr Friend was so preoccupied with getting rid of a cheeky word that he did not pay attention to the sentence. Thus, he confirms that participants are in fact expected to proselytise. Or perhaps Mr Friend does not know 5-Dollar-words? Google is your friend, Mr Friend:
Did we happen to previously raise the question whether the Spezzanos need enemies?

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
« Reply #369 on: December 29, 2014, 08:54:02 am »
Part II

Quote from: or
If managers or owners recruited by PoV are prompted to run their enterprise according to PoV rules and techniques, this may negatively effect their business operations, as is known from cases in which companies were reorganised according to Scientology standing orders.

Quote from: new
If managers or owners recruited by PoV are prompted to run their enterprise according to PoV principles and techniques, this may effect their business operations, as is known from cases in which companies were reorganised according to Scientology standing orders <citation needed>.

Interesting that Mr Friend took refuge to a lame „citation needed“.
In Europe, where the activities of Scientology were and are viewed critically (so e.g. Scientology is/was watched by security services, several court verdicts have been issued against them), there have been various reports of cases in which companies applying the so-called 'technology', either due to owner(s) or CEOs having been recruited by Scientology and, due to various factors connected to Scientology (one of them substantial payments to Scientology or its front organisations being expected on a regular monthly basis), went bankrupt. Some companies owned by well-known high-ranking German scientology members were among those running into difficulties and going insolvent. During the 1980s and 1990s, the prefered branches of trades for Scientology were real estate, business consultancy, financial consultancy, investment counseling, IT, coaching, later on they added coaching companies for students in primary and secondary education which were also opened up by Scientology members.

When speaking of dissolving conflicts and anger as they emerge, the programme seems to aim at suppressing conflict and anger rather than providing or teaching adequate methods to deal with and solve them in acceptable ways, or ways to cope with frustration. This eventually will not lead to an improved feeling of cohesion, but to such issues being suppressed and covered up in an atmosphere of reinforced superficial and pretended smiles.

Deleted by Mr Friend who probably views himself an expert in pedagogics, psychology, sociology etc. Or does not like too much criticism of PoV, or in this case PoV offshoot VisionWorks (the PoV programme for teachers, students, and entire schools), to be voiced.

The language used bears one striking resemblance to Scientology's redefinitions when differing views are to be "handled".

You might have guessed – sentence deleted. Although Mr Friend himself declares PoV a „major religion“ (which is what Scientology would like to make us believe about them, too), he views further comparisons as somewhat embarrassing. In fact, many websites and other publication educating the public about Scientology explicitely mention this was one pretty certain aspect to spot a Scientologist or Scientology-infested company: their use of 'handling problems' or persons.

Quote from: or
Students exposed to such procedures will not learn to cope with pluralism, or learn to seek solutions in case of conflicting interests. The course therefore may be quite detrimental to providing students with adequate knowledge and social abilities for their future lives in a democratic society.

Quote from: new
Students exposed to such procedures will not learn to cope with pluralism, or learn to seek solutions in case of conflicting interests. This is however on one way to deal with such issues and therefore cannot be a significant method to judge "all" methodology by.

Another paragraph which caused Mr Friend's knickers to get entangled. So much so that the sentence he substituted is far from making sense. His foremost aim apparently is damage control. Too bad he's not too good at this.

Mr Friend also completely deleted the second sentence: „The course therefore may be quite detrimental to providing students with adequate knowledge and social abilities for their future lives in a democratic society.“ Actually, European schools – why, even schools in Germany, believe it or not, are expected to provide students with adäquate knowledge and social abilities for their future lives in a democratic society. These are basic and central objectives in education. Therefore, methods endangering these objectives or thwarting them will actually make these methods, and their vendors and proponents, a matter of increased interest to the various European law enforcement authorities and secret services. In particular in Germany, where we – as is well known – already had our share of „Today Chrrrmoney, tomorrow ze vorld“.

Quote from: or
So apart from their exposure to Psychology of Vision (with for some trainers is said to be more than 20 years, in one case since the 1980ies), none of the trainers is a trained psychologist.

Quote from: new
So apart from their exposure to Psychology of Vision (with for some trainers is said to be more than 20 years, in one case since the 1980's), none of the trainers is a trained psychologist apart from the training received by PoV.

Another lame one. Mr Friend, PoV does not provide any 'psychological training'. Your guru in all his modesty just claims the title of a mere coach and cannot train any person in psychology – he's simply not qualified.

Apart from that: in your indignation, Mr Friend, you failed to see that the sentence already starts with „apart from their exposure to PoV“, so what you entered is a bit of a redundancy. What in the world happened to these 'higher levels of awareness' induced by PoV, or Joining, or whatever? (Quick, Mr Friend, go and book a few more sessions with Ms Lenora, and the next 10-day seminar on a Honolulu port-a-potty, willya.)

Quote from: or
Some apply further Newage methods, like Hawaiian bodywork, [[kinesiology]], or waterbalancing. Others claim to have participated in self-awareness and healing seminars, were into indigenous spirituality and have e.g. participated in Sun Dances, or were a student of A Course in Miracles.

Quote from: new
Some apply further Newage methods, like Hawaiian bodywork, [[kinesiology]] <citation needed>. Others claim to have participated in self-awareness and healing seminars, were into indigenous spirituality or were a student of A Course in Miracles.

Oh, Mr Friend does not like to see the term 'waterbalancing'. It's 'balancing', Mr Friend – not 'water boarding' … He got so upset about the waterbalancing he even did not pay enough attention to delete the term 'Newage'. Another aspect worrying Mr Friend is the participation in Sun Dances that some German language PoV trainers mention. Anything wrong with that to your mind all of a sudden?
Mr Friend is also worried about a missing citation. Well, I had a look – guess which website this can be found on.

Quote from: or
Apart from these, most, if not all PoV trainers run their own business, selling PoV-based seminars and workshops either exclusively or accompanied by various other Newage and or CAM methods.

Quote from: new
Apart from these, most, if not all PoV trainers run their own business, selling PoV-based seminars and workshops either exclusively or accompanied by various other healing methods.

Not that we needed more proof of it: Mr Friend does not like the terms Newage and CAM. Unfortunately, what the trainers are selling are not healing methods – they won't heal anything. With the exception of their own financial situation, most probably.

Quote from: or
The Canadian branch merits a closer look, as there are noteworthy differences as compared to the other branches. One is its focus on Steps-to-Leadership Programmes and, therefore, a business clientele.

Quote from: new
The Canadian focusses on Steps-to-Leadership Programmes and, therefore, a business clientele.

Mr Friend seems to be convinced that deleting half a sentence from an article will change facts. Now, have I got some surprise for you, Mr Friend... What remained, however, was the statement that the Canadian PoV branch focuses on Steps-to-Leadership Programmes and a business clientele. So we see this statement is not disputed. 

Quote from: or
These converts are then expected to proselytise among families, friends, and nations.

Quote from: new
These recruits are then expected to proselytise among families, friends, and nations.

This is getting slightly inconsistent, isn't it. The Psiram article used the term 'converts' which is also applied in a religious context, so Mr Friend should be chuffed enough with this term, given he believes PoV was a 'major religion'. But he isn't. He replaced it by the term 'recruit', also used in the military, or for employees of a company.

Quote from: or
Reading the text carefully, it seems this fund only applies to cost of accomodation and food, not to course fees:

Quote from: new
Reading the text carefully, it seems this fund only applies to cost of accomodation and food, not to course fees although free seminars have been donated by PoV to first nations participants.

This is probably where he colleagues of Psiram would have thrown a „citation needed“ at Mr Friend.... As far as I can see, all we get is claims by PoV to have provided free seminars to ndn participants, but no proof this in fact did happen. Psiram probably was not too pleased with Mr Friend entering a spelling glitch ('first nations') into their article. An indication of what Mr Friend thinks of indigenous persons? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Quote from: or
This wording rather insinuates a funding of course fees as well, although it does not exactly advertise this, and this is not the only instance the different sections of the site provide contradicting information. The differences in figures mentioned for graduates and trainers in the English and German versions are also interesting and do not get explained by PoV.

Quote from: new
This wording also implies a funding of course fees.

Mr Friend seems to have got carried away somewhat here. So we take it that the difference in figures mentioned in the English and German versions of the PoV site causes some embarrassment over at PoV, as he deleted this. This seems to be a case of not handing out clear instructions to the underlings (as in: use my figures to avoid embarrassment), but as an old German wisdom has it: A fish starts smelling from its head down ...

Quote from: or
The German Trainers' Manual contains a section K informing about the Fund which has been left out entirely in the English version of the Trainers' Manual.

Quote from: new
The German Trainers' Manual contains a section informing about the Fund which has been left out entirely in the English version of the Trainers' Manual.

Mr Friend does not like Psiram readers to know that it is section K which is included in the German version, but left out in the English version of the Trainers' Manual. Makes one wonder. And think.

Quote from: or
The Manual provides guidelines here in mentioning that applicants may assert they are going to introduce PoV methods to their tribal elders and traditional representatives, within their families and communities, and to introduce their superiors within tribal managements and administration structures to PoV and PoV methods, prompting them to book seminars and apply PoV themselves within personal life and work environment. The applicants' success is then controled through compulsory quarterly reports.

Quote from: new
The Manual provides guidelines here in mentioning that applicants may assert they are going to introduce PoV methods to their tribal elders and traditional representatives, within their families and communities, and to introduce their superiors within management principles and administration structures to PoV and PoV methods, prompting them to book seminars and apply PoV themselves within personal life and work environment. The applicants' success is then maintained through compulsory quarterly reports.

Once again Mr Friend's eagerness causes him to put his foot in his mouth, as his modification „introduce their superiors within management principles“ doesn't make sense. It is quite interesting though that the entire rest of the paragraph goes undebated and thus is confirmed by Mr Friend.

So our colleagues over at Psiram and we here at NAFPS may safely state that PoV trainer applicants are made to infect – errm, sorry: introduce their social and professional environments with PoV garbage, urge them to book seminars, and in turn apply PoV in their social and professional environments, too. It has also been confirmed that applicants' success in proselytising will be controlled by quarterly reports.

Quote from: or
Since then, Ngystle Society continues to promote PoV seminars as well as further Newage products and treatments, in particular an [[Amethyst Bio-Mat]] and a device named [[Trinfinity8]] for a variety of uses ranging from rejuvenation to pain relief and as a treatment of diseases.

Quote from: new
Since then, Ngystle Society continues to promote seminars as well as further Newage products and treatments, in particular an [[Amethyst Bio-Mat]] and a device named [[Trinfinity8]] for a variety of uses ranging from rejuvenation to pain relief and as a treatment of diseases.

Some more damage control. May we assume Ngystle Society fell from grace, then? Even so much that Mr Friend gives a flying one about undesirable terms like 'Newage', as long as they apply to Ngystle, that is.

Quote from: or
Another way in which First Nations are being targeted are additional attempts to sell charlatan products and healing methods not evidence-based.

Quote from: new
Another way in which First Nations are being targeted are additional attempts to sell products and healing methods.

Another attempt of damage control by putting a foot in his mouth. Mr Friend wants to make Psiram readers believe that of course their trainees do not sell charlatan products and that all healing methods they sell were evidence-based. Of course, this is rhubarb to begin with, and this is already pointed out in the Psiram article.

On the other hand, Mr Friend overlooked the term 'targeted'. Why would endeavours to sell products and healing methods to First Nations merit the term 'targeting', provided these were reputable products and reliable methods?

Mr Friend also modified the Psiram article by replacing the Spezzanos' names by a fond and familiar „Chuck“ and/or „Lency“ and/or „Chuck and Lency“, thus baring his modifications from any trace of objectivity. Given the time his modifications were posted (5:50 a.m.), my guess is that Mr Friend in fact happens to be Julian Ticehurst who registered here as „Jask“. Didn't Ticehurst claim he wasn't involved with PoV anymore? In fact this is another characteristic employed by many cults: lying to outsiders. Scientology does it, the Moonies do it, etc. Members even are encouraged to tell convenient lies if the truth may be somewhat unfortunate to admit, even if already revealed by 'outsiders'.

So the modifications provided by Mr Friend (aka Ticehurst?) rather point out that PoV may indeed have begun its transformation into a fully blown cult.

And thanks for all the info provided, Mr Friend.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Pt. 1

There were two spinoff groups from the Spezzanos cult midway through the first decade of Century 21 that are worthy of note, Gaia Mind and the Center for Aboriginal Healing and Vision. And both of them have the same person in common-- the Canadian born Michael James North. He is a very unique figure in our investigations. 

We get more questions than answers as we look into these two spinoffs.

Gaia Mind appeared to be an attempt, somewhat behind the curve, to exploit the New Age Gaia worship fad that became popular in the 1990s. The earliest website incarnation of this Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision (SALPOV) spinoff that I can find is from June 2003. It had this introduction:

Gaia is a new online program from Psychology of Vision. She is the new home of Light Bytes and an interactive members website.

Gaia is the goddess of the earth and the feminine voice of spirit

To learn more about the purpose, background and future of this program:

Then you go to the next link and find this:


Listen to Chuck's Latest Light Byte on the vision of Gaia

Light Bytes and The Call of Gaia by Chuck Spezzano

Gaia is a voice, a touch, and an embrace-- a way we can all receive the healing, uplifting power we need in our lives.

Decades of loving work with thousands of people around the world have been distilled into a new personality, a new living form. Here you can listen, read, respond and discuss, reflect, and tune up your intuition: re-connect with your true purpose in life.

Gaia is an ever-changing personality that will become more real to all of us as we hear her voice, feel her touch, and experience her embrace. A small subscription fee helps to keep this work emerging fresh each day.

To discover the different ways you can connect with Gaia: Voice, Touch and Embrace

Explore More

Chuck's Original Byte Me ! - Chuck's Vision of the Gaia project

Then the next link gets down to business, where the plate is passed among the flock:

I would like to share with you some of the ideas that we have had about the future of all the Light Bytes. Besides continuing to amplify the Light Bytes by including shorter, daily messages, we would like to grow all of its subcategories. We would like to build up this part of the website and make it much more sophisticated and interactive.

We eventually plan to make a whole games area that will have the 1800 plus cards that I use to map the mind and human experience. These cards can be used in all manner of layouts, from problem solving, information, entertainment, and finding the hidden blocks.

Besides the use of the cards we'll be building up a database of healing information, principles and techniques so that there can be a self-healing program at beginning, intermediate and more advanced or spiritual levels. The database we build up will eventually be coupled with an artificial intelligence. We will call this healing interactive database 'Gaia' and we hope to make it both visionary and profound in it's scope and effectiveness. We have been investing our vision, time, expertise, money and creativity to build this whole area of the website. We now offer you the opportunity to become a charter member of Gaia with us.

While the cost is minimal it will allow you, as a charter member, to have the most substantial savings on all future interactive programs that Gaia will provide. We will invest all of this money into building Gaia so we can accelerate the pace of creative production. Charter members will enjoy all the benefits of Gaia without any rise in subscription fees for a good while.

Our vision is to create Gaia to help people resolve what holds them back, bring about blessed change and increase success and love in the world. We want Gaia to be evolutionary, to teach, to bring about a world based on partnership and relatedness with all of the success and intimacy that this brings.

So we are converting our Light Bytes into a subscription service. If you would like to join us in this adventure in healing and consciousness, sign up on June 1st. Please hit the button at that time on the side that says Byte Me!. If you don't wish to sign up you still will receive our monthly subscription service and a weekly Light Byte. The first 500 people to sign up will receive a cd of the Light Byte hits of the first 6 months.

We invite you to join us as a charter member of Gaia building the world through consciousness and love.

Warmest Aloha

Yup, as usual with SALPOV, it's all about the money and promoting the cult. The website includes a front and center link to the Chuck Spezzano/Janie Ticehurst Healing Metaphors Louise Hay ripoff, illustrating what a central part this blame-the-victim work has been in SALPOV theology for over a decade. Also there are links to the many SALPOV retail products and workshops. The 3-card reading was around even back then playing off of a behaviour exhibited by the gullible known as "confirmation bias." Still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest, as Paul Simon wrote.

The most priceless module on Gaia was the cross-website access to the SALPOV forums. These people really operate in their own snowglobe and I must grudgingly admire the thoroughness of the Spezzano brainwashing skills. I particularly enjoyed the discussions regarding "joining" with political leaders like Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and Saddam Hussein in order to improve the world. Apparently these efforts failed. From what I can see Cheney is still a mean old bastard who will never apologize for lying to the world and creating a needless war causing untold human suffering. But I am sure the act of "Joining" made the SALPOV cult followers feel much better about themselves.

Turns out this "Joining with World Leaders" earned a webpage all by itself. After viewing this it is difficult to keep a straight face when the Spezzanos attempt to present themselves as professionals in the field of psychology:

It would appear the Gaia Mind, or Gaia Project ended in December 2006 as a distinct entity, although many of its facets were absorbed into the already existing SALPOV main website.

SALPOV really has some very defined chapters, and I suppose this 2003-2006 Gaia experiment could be regarded as such. Interesting this Gaia deal ended in 2006, since as we all know the next chapter was an even bigger one which resulted in being of half of the Spezzanos "two greatest inspirations." I am making reference to the 2007-201? SALPOV love affair with Oneness University and Amma and Bhagavan, documented in detail here on NAFPS.

So how did Gaia Mind start? In an introduction to a book he wrote in 2005, Spezzano thanks his team at Julian Ticehurst, Michael North, Ian Haugh and Lency Spezzano.

The Akama website offers an intriguing quote from a source long since lost to URL rot:

Gaia Mind

    416 Waihee Pl # 47
    Kaneohe, Hawaii

We gathered in Kaneohe, Hawaii for three days in a row, upstairs in a sunny converted barn, aided by the commentary of geckos outside, the scent of gardenias, and the distant sound of waves. We talked for several hours each day Chuck and Lency Spezzano, Ian Haugh and Michael North. Anyone who knows Chuck and Lency will laugh at the idea that you could have a purely business meeting with them after 10 minutes, we were down (or up) into fundamental questions of life, purpose and the mystery of time.

Interestingly, Gaia Mind does not turn up in any official Hawaiian corporations searches. Since it was a .com website and was marketing retail New Age spirituality, it could not be considered a nonprofit either.

The presence of Ticehurst and Haugh makes sense. Both of them were active in SALPOV as trainers and in fact were actual employees of the SALPOV corporation at one time. But the name of the mysterious Michael North raises my interest. Quite awhile back Piff had outlined some of the Spezzano/North connections:;topicseen#msg35969

North, an active and apparently successful hi-tech capitalist, has an impressive résumé on LinkedIn. However, one of his entries says he was an "advisor" for Psychology of Vision UK from 2004-2010, which sits there like a wart on an otherwise honorable roster of accomplishments.

North also co-manages the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, and Charles Lee Spezzano serves on the Board of Directors. Lenora Kay Spezzano serves as a member of the Advisory Board. North's wife, Xiao Fang North (aka Ruby Zhou), is distantly related to Zhou Enlai. She calls Zhou Enlai her great-uncle.

I'm sure such a connection probably doesn't hurt as the Spezzanos want to gain more paying customers from China, although Lenora has demonstrated in her writings that she regards the Chinese as spiritually inferior ("They are keen to get enlightened, but their level of maturity is low.") That good ol' American Manifest Destiny is pretty deeply ingrained, I'd say.

Aside from the section where that old war criminal Henry Kissinger is lionized, and Spezzano is erroneously called a "psychologist," and the presence of the Spezzanos at all, Michael and Xiao Fang North's website as an attempt to work with China is a worthy international goal. There is no question Zhou Enlai was one of the most brilliant and progressive leaders in Mao's China. Here is a softball discussion with the Norths conducted by a friendly interviewer, but it remains interesting and illuminating anyway--

However, it should go without saying that the Institute's practical big-picture efforts have certainly drawn the interest of national security intelligence communities both in China and the United States, and God only knows who else (the Canadian Security Intelligence Service?). In spite of the misrepresentations and human damage caused by the Spezzanos through SALPOV, I would wager these two grizzled grifters have drawn more government attention in their connection with North than through their nefarious behaviour in their for-profit New Age cult. What an ironic twist of Fate.

The question of who is the user and who being used is a valid query when it comes to the North/Spezzano connection. What exactly is the North interest in SALPOV? How did it start? Is North still active with SALPOV in any way today? And if not, why not? Have there been any financial transactions in this relationship? When the Spezzanos jumped into Oneness University in 2007, did North come along for the ride? Where does Xiao Fang fit in?

When Spezzano was presented with his "Hero of Forgiveness" award in 2012, North was right there. But North's presence in SALPOV has all but vanished from public view since then. Why?

On the occasion of this award The Hawai'i Free Press wryly noted Spezzano's personal consulting fee:

($1000/hr private coaching sessions for fools not yet parted from their money. If you don’t pay, will he ‘forgive’ your debt?)

Oh, but this gets murkier, and has stronger implications for regular readers of this forum--

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Pt. 2

The Center for Aboriginal Healing and Vision was registered as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in Hawaii on January 17, 2003, the same year as the creation of Gaia Mind, evidently. The three officers were the Spezzanos and Michael North. The purpose of this nonprofit was presented as "MEETINGS, NETWORKING, HEALING WORKSHOPS." The nonprofit filed annual reports for 2004, 2005, and 2006, but then, like Gaia Mind, sort of evaporated by 2007, the same year as the Spezzano embrace of Oneness University and open devotion to Amma and Bhagavan. Interesting, isn't it?

Anyway, it appears the CAHV was involuntarily dissolved by the government due to lack of activity.

The nonprofit is still listed in the Charity Vault website, which contains a few other details. Love the "governmental unit" reference:

Employee Identification Number: 481306756
Ruling Date: August 2003
Deductions: Contributions are deductible
Foundation Type: Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public.
Organization Type: Corporation
Filing Requirement: 990 - Not required to file Form 990 (income less than $25,000). No 990PF return.
Fiscal Year End Date: December
Asset Amount: $0
Income Amount: $0
Form 990 Revenue Amount: $0
Organization Type: Cultural, Ethnic Awareness
Tax Period Begin Date: , 0000
Tax Period End Date: , 0000

This nonprofit didn't exactly set the world on fire. North's website, Mediasense, hosted a document: Declaration of Purpose, public draft for comment, November 2003, offered by Chuck Spezzano, Lency Spezzano, Catherine Richards and Michael North (Catherine Richards appears to be an investment capitalist based in Honolulu. Her connection to this seems peripheral):

The purpose of the Center is to provide a home in the heart of the Pacific, in which the traditional wisdom of First Nations People can be shared with all the people of the world.

The Center will help the world remember the true relationship between humankind and the Earth, and our authentic relationships with each other.


Heritage of Wisdom

First Nations People live closest to the source of traditional cultures. They pass on the precious accumulated legacy of human experience, established over thousands of generations of learning and sacrifice. First Nations People endure on all the continents of the world, sometimes in their indigenous villages, sometimes interleaved with the non-traditional world.

The First Nations are guardians of a rich depth of wisdom that has been challenged in the past five centuries by industrial culture. Affirming this common birthright is vital to the survival of the First Nations. It is also vital to those who struggle for human dignity within industrial culture, which has lost touch with its roots, with the earth, and with its vision.

The elders, wise men and women, artists, healers, shamans, poets, teachers, visionaries, musicians and dancers of the First Nations keep this flame alive. They hold an essential key to the future of humanity, and to life on our planet.

Hawaii as a Center of Healing

The traditional Hawaiian people were the first to arrive in the center of the Pacific; they maintain the tradition of aloha (welcome and healing) in trust for America, and for all nations.

Their unique position as stewards of the most isolated and environmentally vibrant place on earth, in the epicenter of the world ocean, gives the Hawaiian people the opportunity to provide rejuvenation, learning and sanctuary for First Nations Peoples from all the continents.

In the Center, all First Nations people will gather their inner strength once more, share their knowledge among themselves, and then express it for the benefit of all people.

The Center will be a place of renewal for the 21st Century -- where small groups representing all the people of the earth can gather in respect, to thoughtfully consider the next steps in the human adventure.

Shared Roots

The wisdom held in trust for the world by the First Nations includes:

an awareness of the importance of the patterns of the past, the accumulated stories and legends that encapsulate a path of meaning for people in all times;

a respect for the balance of the earth, and for all the elements surrounding her, as the source of challenge and nurturing to human beings;

the importance of honor for the elders of a community, as links to the collective memory, and for the young people of a community, as links to the future;

the need for a spirit of interaction that transcends words and language, that connects people across the barriers of history, geography and culture to find common bonds and the foundations for peace;

the central importance of the family and the village as the social body to which each individual contributes, from which we draw strength and understanding;

the knowledge that all people come from a common root, a common family; that we share common needs and hopes, a unified vision of purpose expressed in a myriad forms, each one precious as part of our common cultural ecology;

that the focus of life is transcendent, intuitive experience, in which inner vision lights the way to the future.

Personal Transformation

The Center will create an atmosphere of careful listening, trust, learning and respect between traditional cultures and the industrial world. We will set our feet on a fresh path together, free from the exploitation of the past.

Everyone begins this journey begin with an inner, personal transformation.


To express its principles, the Center will engage in the following actions:

1. Securing a section of land in the Hawaiian Island chain that allows for quiet connection with nature. The energy of this land will be the guiding force for all people who visit the Center.

2. Building a center on this land, in the style of a small traditional village, designed with sensitivity to ecological principles, using traditional knowledge from the Hawaiian culture and from other globaltraditions.

3. Fashioning spaces for universal assembly, for ritual and healing, for individual and group study, interaction, discussion, and providing simple living quarters for up to 100 people.

4. Careful use of selected appropriate technologies, such as solar power, wind power, micro-hydro, local wireless communications, satellite communications, water purification, traditional agriculture and more to connect the Center to the world in a non-intrusive way, to make it self-sustaining as far as practical, and to provide the base for a series of media and Internet enterprises that provide income for First Nations People.

5. The Center will extend its message to the world through research, publication, media production, Internet sites, the celebration of important seasonal cycles and festivals, the sponsorship of peace-building exchanges, the leadership of international conferences, and the provision of sanctuary, healing and retreat to the injured, sick and challenged.

The Center will also host gatherings in which the methods of both ancient and modern traditions are taught, to reach deep into the hearts and souls of the people and provide an opening for deep transformation.

6. Leadership of the Center will be provided by dedicated people from the traditional Hawaiian community, who by blood and personal commitment hold the primary responsibility for stewardship of the land.

Other leaders will be drawn from among First Nations Peoples from all other traditional cultures in the world, wherever they may be found. People from the industrialized nations will provide advice, assistance and support to the Center, and may serve in roles the First Nations leaders determine are best.


Through the Center, the deep divide between First Nations Peoples and industrial culture can be healed, and each will be empowered in interdependent ways.

Traditional peoples will enjoy true partnership with others, without losing or compromising their highly-valued traditions; they will be respected for their contribution to the survival of humanity, and to the protection of the earth and all its creatures.

The citizens of the industrial world will re-discover a connection to the past, to the power of myth and legend. They will understand our responsibility to care for the earth and each other -- and will see many ways to build a possible future of respect, forgiveness and peace.

And according to their own tradition, the first people of Hawaii will deeply experience their purpose among the community of peoples, a purpose centered on the universal values of aloha -- welcome and healing -- and ohana -- family.

The Islands themselves speak this purpose to all who listen.

OK, maybe I'm wrong but doesn't this seem a bit paternalistic? Ya think?

Wait, it gets better.

One would imagine that in creating such an enterprise, the very people they are attempting to help would be invited to serve as corporate officers and be involved in decision-making. No, guess not. The Spezzanos are going to tell you how to do this. I believe Manifest Destiny once again can be invoked here. I also like the new term I learned in 2013: psychocolonization.

In January, 2004, the Spezzanos used the Center as a springboard to introduce SALPOV to the unsuspecting. With the Spezzanos, it is always all about them. Mediasense also hosted this document:

O Hawai’i...

Born of fire, the youngest land on earth holds high promise
for the future of humanity, if we can listen to your voice:

O Hawai’i...

The First People of these islands
have the ears to hear that voice,
and in this time all people of the
earth need your help, to help us to
listen more carefully:

O Kanaka Maoli

Enter a sacred space together:
First Peoples and others who
have felt the blessed breath of
this place and call it home to
our soul:

O Kama'aina

Our personal challenges, our
family heritage, our village
traditions, our island history,
our national treasure, our
global identity --

all follow the same spiral
pattern; to heal one body is to
begin healing them all:

O Pele

Help us to burn away the fires
that bind us, to walk into the
healing and purifying flames
that free us, to offer ourselves
to you

so we can return Home,

O Hawai’i

The Spirit of Aloha
A Weekend of Vision and Healing

January 23 – January 25, 2004

A weekend seminar is humbly offered to the First People (Kanaka Maoli) of Hawaii, and to First Nations and traditional peoples from all the continents, to come together in a space of gentle listening, of vision quest, and fearlessness.

The sessions will be personally led by Chuck and Lency Spezzano, longtime Kaneohe residents who have made Hawaii the international headquarters of their successful healing practice, Psychology of Vision.

First Nations and traditional people around the world respect Chuck and Lency’s techniques, which are drawn from many sources of vision and the
shamanist quest. They work as a team to bring forth the clear essence within us, the essence that ultimately solves all problems and heals all wounds.

In Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, Arizona, Kenya, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Zambia, Hong Kong, Thailand and with many First Nations groups, Chuck and Lency have helped open people to healing. Psychology of Vision is a
non-religious approach (yet deeply spiritual, and respecting all religions), full of humor and motivated by a graceful sincerity.

As a gesture of gratitude to the land of Aloha and its people who have given so much, and who have so much more to share with the world, Chuck and Lency offer this weekend at no cost to Kanaka Maoli. Building on the foundation laid one year ago in a similar workshop, they hope that seeds will be sown now for deeper explorations, in the conviction that the First People of Hawaii have a special message for the world, and that this message is eager to reveal itself.

Together with other First Nations people, the people of Hawaii can provide critical leadership to the other people of America, and to the world. The way they do this is critical to everyone on the planet.

This workshop will be dedicated to a new international non-profit organization, the Center for Aboriginal Vision and Healing, to be built on these islands in the center of the world ocean.

The Center will host First Peoples from around the world – from Africa, Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, North America – as a place where traditional wisdom of all kinds can live and be shared in a respectful, sacred and healing way, for the benefit of all humanity. The people who join together on this weekend will be among those who help make that vision real.

You can read more about the Center and its vision, and join in the process of realizing it, by visiting this page on the Web:

You can read more about Chuck and Lency’s work at the Psychology of Vision website:

And you can experience some of their techniques directly, at the special website for Gaia, the spirit of earth, forgiveness, and compassion:

Cost of the Aloha Seminar

Chuck and Lency Spezzano make their home in Kaneohe, Hawai'i and travel around the world constantly. When they give a seminar of this type and duration, the fee is generally $250 - $350 per person.

Since they make their home here in Hawai’i, and owe so much of their healing and family life to this land and its people, they are offering this seminar at no cost to all participants.

Especially for those of Hawaiian ancestry, we want full participation without regard to money. For others, and for those who can afford it, we ask that you consider a donation in an amount that is most appropriate for you, after you have attended the program.

All donations will go to the Center for Aboriginal Healing and Vision, a newly-registered 501(c)3 organization, and are tax-deductible in the USA.


This seminar description is available online, at

Psychology of Vision, The Spirit of Aloha
A weekend of Vision and Healing

January 23 – January 25, 2003
Friday evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday

47-416 Waihee Place
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Tel: 239-4502 (Office)

Tel: 239-4502 or
Attn: Peggy Chang

6:00 pm on Friday, January 23, 2004 to sign in. Please be on time.
10:00 a.m. through 7:00 pm. on Saturday and Sunday

Breaks and a time for lunch are available.
A bag lunch is suggested.

Please - no late arrivals or early departures from sessions, as it is distracting to the process of the group as a whole. Exceptions will be considered and are to be approved by facilitators prior to the start of sessions.

The seminar is intensive, and the length of sessions will depend on the needs and experience of the people attending. Friday’s session will run from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Saturday & Sunday sessions will run from 10:00 am. to approximately 7:00 pm. Please make your plans accordingly.

I don't really have to comment, do I? The above text speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, in British Columbia, another dot to connect--

We note that at the same time Gaia Mind and the CAHV were created, SALPOV trainers Babs Stevens and Charles Campbell set up the International Foundation for Vision and Healing, another nonprofit that turned out to be a dead end. Was this part The Plan as well?:

Given Mr. North's intelligent comments regarding cultural sensitivity on other platforms, I find it difficult to understand why he would allow himself to be associated with an ethnocentric, scammy, and blatantly out for money corporation like SALPOV. From what I can gather, it is true that both of the Norths appear to be somewhat susceptible like many other people to a bit of New Age blather. But they also don't come across as total tools and fools, which, quite frankly, is how all SALPOV cult followers look to the rest of us. I find it hard to believe that Michael North would actually believe Lenora's powertripping "Downloading/Joining" is what she claims it is. I truly hope I have not overestimated North's critical thinking skills, since I admire his financial international outreach efforts in terms of creating stronger ties with China. But, as Donald "Birther" Trump has demonstrated, any idiot can make money, having a successful capitalist career does not really mean you possess a critical mind--

Would North really buy into Lenora's somewhat condescending footnote in her confabulating "Truth" screed--

Just to be clear, when I refer to the “natural world” in which we all live, or to some Indigenous peoples’ "relationships to their traditional lands, waterways and resources - I'm not talking about “Indian” stereotypes, such as the "Indian as Nature or as natural"; nor am I saying, “All Native people are so spiritual.” What I am talking about are the many Indigenous peoples who have already led the way in this regard, and those who are continuing to lead the way - the most recent being, for example, the Idle No More movement, which began in Canada and quickly caught fire across the globe. That said, as much I don’t want to sound like a corny wannabe, I do believe that many Indigenous groups and individuals have a very valuable sense of relationship with the - brace yourself! - "Great Spirit" who occupies the planet as a body.

She sounds like a narc in an episode of the 1960s Dragnet. Here's a link to whole jive--

Section K of the German version of the SALPOV Trainers Manual (First Nations Fund) is basically a manual for affinity fraud. Ingeborg made short work of that here on NAFPS-- 

The amazing Piff, who was a valuable help in this research, has noted North appears to be the only person who operated within the SALPOV universe for any length of time who was treated as an equal by Charles and Lenora. As Tom Cruise is in Scientology, North was to SALPOV. That all others in this steep hierarchy personality cult are clearly subservient is beyond debate (as clearly documented in the SALPOV English language Trainers Manual, no longer available online, but I have a copy attached for those who are signed on). And I'll add this: North's expertise is in making money and networking, not in providing healing therapy. So what was going on there? In Spezzanoland everything boils down to the cashola, so what was the deal? Obviously their partnership had little to do with "healing."

These two failed enterprises bring up lots of questions as we survey the history of SALPOV. Who approached who, and who cooked up the initial plan, why did these two efforts die in 2006, and who decided to cut the losses and end them?   

So, what was going on with SALPOV in early 2003? What was the endgame supposed to be? Why did all these big visions fail? Why were they all dropped and SALPOV energy shifted to Oneness University in 2007? What was Mr. North's role in this? It appeared there was some grand networking scheme that apparently fell through. Why?

SALPOV representatives who want to step in and answer these questions are most welcome to do so. I'm also waiting to read answers to my earlier list of queries from last October--

And a happy 2015 to all!

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Looks like a mechanism for baiting in potential funders and a way to keep funds tax free. Taping into a method of laundering money under the guise of non-profit projects and events. It's all for the temporary effort to keep latching on and stirring up abilities to make mo money! If Hawaiians wanted such a place it would already exist.
Anytime you see these POV people make a "glossy package" on behalf of a FN cause or poor victims, you know it is really all about EXPLOITATION.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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If you live in British Columbia and need to spend the thousands of dollars required by SALPOV for the honor of being manipulated, exploited, and brainwashed, you are out of luck if you want aid from StudentAidBC to help pad the Spezzano bank account--

47 416 Waihee Pl
Does Not Meet Criteria

This post-secondary institution does not meet the criteria to administer the StudentAid BC program.

I imagine the discussion on whether or not to include SALPOV among professional institutions was a fairly short one.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Oneness University, Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision (SALPOV), and the Profile Engine

The secrecy and lack of hard data concerning SALPOV makes any research of this cult a challenge. For a corporation that uses the term "Oneness" so often since 2007 and touts their own "transparency" you think they would be an open book, making full disclosure. But if they were, we would be able to see their financial statements, internal discussion forums or the marching orders as issued on Comindwork, current list of personnel and trainers, manuals, SALPOV list of stockholders in a corporation that has earned perhaps more than a million a year, the international financial relations such as what is that Swiss bank account all about, etc.

Nope, forget it. And when we start looking closer at detailed aspects of SALPOV some of the information sources we spotlight get shut down and deleted from online view, such as the English language Trainer's Manual or the Spezzano/Ticehurst Healing Metaphors.   

Really, this is no different from many other American capitalist for-profit enterprises, except that the Spezzanos have added the element of it being a personality cult. The followers worship the Spezzanos while the Spezzanos in turn worship the coin of the realm. It's all about the money. 

One of the biggest SALPOV coverups concerns their loving embrace of Oneness University from 2007 to probably about 2011, give or take a year. Being somewhat sloppy and not real current on their websites, they didn't go into full purge mode to erase this fact until a year ago.

Regular readers of this thread know that in 2007 the Spezzanos attended Oneness University in India and integrated many OU practices into their own dogma which are still present today but not identified as such. For some reason they went to great lengths to distance themselves from OU in early 2014, even to the point of eradicating any mention of the institution from their websites, LinkedIn profile, etc. It is almost as if SALPOV never heard of Amma, Bhagavan, or Oneness University.

But even after this theological cleansing, they still missed a few spots, which we made sure to preserve here on NAFPS-- 

In her humourously entitled "Truth" screed Lenora Kay Spezzano really downplayed their involvement with OU and did not go into any detail over the reasons why all OU data was purged from SALPOV history. We have documented the strong connection between OU and SALPOV many times on this thread and have clearly provided evidence that Lenora's lone brief public statement, which is the only official SALPOV opinion about this subject we can find, is so misleading and inaccurate. Young Christopher Spezzano has gifted us with a more strongly worded anti-Oneness University statement, but although he is connected, he is not officially considered a spokesperson for the corporation as far as we know.

Exactly why the Spezzanos are down on OU is something I do not know and cannot begin to guess. As interesting as that might be, what is more fascinating to me are the SALPOV efforts to rewrite their own history and live in denial of their own past. That's having a "split mind," wouldn't you say? Charles Lee Spezzano says all problems boil down to guilt. Well, obviously the Spezzanos are suffering a split mind originating from guilt over something when it comes to Oneness University. But, what do I know? I'm no psychologist. Hey, come to think of it, neither are the Spezzanos! Maybe they need to see a real professional to help heal the vast gulf between what they say and what they do. Time to think outside of that confining little triangle they swiped from Bob Trask.

Spezzano's Ph. D. is not in "Counseling Psychology" as he claims on his LinkedIn (where, incidentally, his listed attendance at OU was deleted last year). No, his APA-unaccredited degree was in the much more useless and unemployable degree of "Professional Psychology." Within three years he was going up and down the West Coast advertising himself as a "psychic." Why does the name "Elmer Gantry" suddenly spring to mind?

So, the stage is set where we are talking about two New Age bottom feeders here who have no qualms about engaging in false advertising.

Now on to the Profile Engine.

Apparently the Profile Engine had a deal with Facebook for access to all profiles and social networking links from 2007-2010. Then there was a legal hassle and the show came to an end. Here is a link to the Profile Engine version of defining their content--

So, as you can see, this is basically a window into the networking of the Facebook world in 2007-2010, which should provide us with a nice view of the SALPOV social links during that era.

So let us take a look, shall we?

First we find this:

Lency and Chuck Spezzano Global Leadership Alumni (Psychology of Vision)   

Group members: 74

Description: A dynamic duo of the husband and wife team who are behind Psychology of Vision, a movement transforming the world, guided by the principles of A Course of Miracles and the teachings of Oneness University. These two, who have my vote for a Noble Peace Prize, are tirelessly traveling the world to empower people to their full potential, seminar by seminar.Group created December 9, 2007.

Oh, guided by the teachings of Oneness University. You don't say? The Lency and Chuck Spezzano Global Leadership Alumni was apparently a very short-lived venture.

Oneness UK is also in the mix:

Oneness UK   

Group members: 381

Description: “TO SET HUMANITY TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FREE” is the vision of the Founders of Oneness, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Oneness...Oneness does not teach you reading, writing or arithmetic; nor does it educate you on the technicalities of various professions. It is a place for learning life, which addresses your 'other' side, the inner side. It does not give you specialisations but make you into a human being, into what you are supposed to be.Oneness Founders, Sri Bhagavan & Sri Amma...The Divine phenomenon

Those connected with this social group include none other than-- Lency Spezzano!   
Then there is this site called the "Oneness Buss" and it isn't clear if this is an individual or a concept. Apparently Oneness University has their own bus (photo attached). Unlike SALPOV victims who are marooned on the Waihee Pl. Palace and have to make their own way to Paradise Bay Resort which is a mile and half away (some of it on a major highway), at least OU has enough class to provide transportation for their followers. But with the Spezzanos, so I'm told, you have to provide your own wheels or find other methods to return to your motel room. Not real ADA friendly, eh? Oh, wait, if you have a disability it is your own damn fault according to Charles Lee Spezzano and Janie Ticehurst. Sorry. I forgot.

The Oneness Buss site includes the following SALPOV connections, including some members of SALPOV's Star Chamber (and I'm probably missing a few others):

Bunny Sjogren
Ross Hyslop
Susan Allen
Jeff Allen
Jane Kirby
Janie Ticehurst
Julie Wookey
Andrea Cranmer
Ruby Tang
Avril Woodward

It seems to me this snapshot in time demonstrates that Oneness University, Amma and Bhagavan were more influential in the history of SALPOV than Lenora would have us believe.

Deeksha blessing anyone?