Author Topic: Nibiiwakamigkwe AKA Kay LeClaire AKA Kathryn Le Claire in Madison, Wisconsin  (Read 53873 times)

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Thanks, Diana :) One down…more need to go. I didn’t expect the email I set up for questions about sources used in this thread would receive tips about other potential fakes. It makes me, literally, sick to my stomach to know how many actual Native Americans in Madison (and across Wisconsin) are terrified of facing retribution at school or in the workplace for calling out the issue. These are not “low blood quantum” situations. These are people with NO blood quantum and NO connection. Some are unbelievably bold. One fake in Madison made a decision that was in incredibly poor taste this past week. Not quite a "nibiiwakamigkwe" yet - but this person has been ramping up over the last year. 

To the people misrepresenting themselves and speaking for us when you are NOT one of us – I’m going to offer you some advice. STOP NOW. It isn’t too late to accept responsibility and move on as yourself. I promise it will look better if you’re one of the first to come forward. I don’t even care if you blame incorrect family lore or a misguided affinity for Native American culture. I do want you to contact any organizations, institutions, and media outlets to which you have misrepresented yourself and take responsibility though.

If you decide to take your chances and keep playing Indian, I want you to know everything has been saved.