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Lency Spezzano who is pretty much from the same era as myself (i.e. Medicare worthy) announced her retirement from POV last week. We do not know the reasons but we are aware her health is fragile. She timed the exit to be on her birthday and of course made an egocentric event out of it. Naturally this brings up several questions--

From what we can ascertain POV now has a mere four "trainers" in Canada, only one of which remains from First Nations-- Babs Stevens in Haida Gwaii. Quite a comedown from their former glory in terms of numbers when this New Age cult claimed POV brought a "Cultural Renaissance" to all non-Caucasian/non-USA cultures they exploited. Let's call it "Manifesting Destiny."

A second Canadian trainer, Bernadette Demens is a very low profile figure and it is difficult to see how she is able to afford her expensive annual POV "license fees" and other POV requirements unless she is economically comfortable from other revenue. Psychology of Vision is not for wage slaves or regular working slobs. Only the affluent need apply. The remaining two trainers, Francine Girard and Emily Chu, seem to rely more on income from Asian clients than from Canadian victims. Girard lives across the border in Washington State and humorously calls herself a "therapist" but is unlicensed and unregistered and thus unaccountable to the vulnerable victims who are ensared by her bullshit POV marketing.   

The POV First Nations Fund still exists, formerly administered by Susan How (who left POV at the time of the Great Trainer Purge of 2017) but is seemingly managed now by Babs, and like Francine it is also unregistered and unaccountable with no public reports, etc. In 2018 the Spezzanos made an attempt to hold an expensive soiree in the hoity location of Whistler, BC and that turned out to be a fiasco where it was revealed by accident that the First Nations Fund was a broke and slipshod operation with little responsible oversight. In hindsight, it is obvious POV Canada has suffered without Susan How's administrative abilities which is rather strange since her replacement Babs Stevens is allegedly a professional manager.

It needs to be noted that Lency, who said in 2014 she was through with international POV gigs, later showed up at Whistler and other foreign events. Both of the Spezzanos have left a trail of Trumpian self-inflating lies all designed to bamboozle their followers and increase their income. Nothing they say can be trusted.

Meanwhile, Chuck Spezzano is not going in for this retirement stuff. He is still out there aged 72+ picking the pockets of gullible vulnerable 30/40-something aged love-starved women like some comical chunky New Age gigolo. He is called "Uncle Chuck" by some of his cult followers which is soooo creeeeepy. He chose his path and he took a wrong turn a long time ago. At this late stage he is probably beyond redemption in terms of public confession and making amends. His legacy will be a dark one, if anyone ever bothers to investigate it.

POV had a brief foothold in Canada in Sechelt BC after the Whistler disaster, hosted in part by local Chamber of Commerce types who saw $$$$ but also apparently endorsed by the Shíshálh Nation and Chuck did appear at least once. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a real crimp on the POV commercial spirituality and style. Chuck could not physically bully or hypnotize people in person as long as the virus sanctions were in place.

Since POV is a capitalist personality cult, Lency's alleged retirement is big news, even if her promise to retreat might not be true. We wish Lency a productive retirement where she recovers her health and returns to the same Earth the rest us of live in and she can recognize the amount of damage created by Psychology of Vision and then accepts responsibility for her actions and reaches out to make amends. But that kind of thing only happens in movies.