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New Age Tea Party, pt. 2

Disdained by Peers:

Both the Tea Party and SALPOV do not play well with others.

The Tea Party was given a place at the table in the Republican Party for short-term gains several years ago, but now Republicans are paying a big price for being tied to this extreme out-of-the-mainstream group. Moderate, intelligent Republicans are daily lamenting the fact their party is never going to win a national election as long as their nominee has to pander to the Far Right.

The Tea Party makes no secret that they don't want to compromise or negotiate, in essence acting like an American Taliban. These are zealous puritans and I will give them points for being consistent in this case. You can't say the same for SALPOV.

Here in NAFPS we have documented several instances of other New Age healers expressing negative opinions about the SALPOV operation. In spite of the Spezzano emphasis on "Oneness," you don't really see them reaching out and working with their business competition. A few sporadic and brief partnerships have existed in the Spezzano timeline, but for the most part their corporation has become increasingly isolated and insulated.

It is also interesting that a few of Spezzano's former associates and trainers have attempted to erase their online evidence of having a history with SALPOV.


Tea Party followers believe government should be dramatically limited and I have the distinct impression many of them would like to see the USA turned back to the fiscal practices of Calvin Coolidge. Never mind that these 1920s economic policies helped lead our country into the Great Depression, Coolidge is their guy. Reagan even dusted off and hung Silent Cal's portrait in the White House in the 1980s.

Needless to say, Tea Party activists bristle at many government regulations. So do the Spezzanos.

The Spezzanos have managed to craft an organization that can pretend to be professional healers, when in fact they are not, and somehow dodge the minefield of consumer-protection regulations and license requirements. Also, from my own experience I can say they picked the right state in which to set up shop. Hawaiian government is notoriously Byzantine and lax. It is sort of a miracle that Chuck Spezzano was actually nailed and fined in 2004 by Hawaii for pretending to be a psychologist.  Obviously Hawaii has done a poor job of monitoring SALPOV since 2004.


Both the Tea Party and SALPOV have a paradoxical relationship with the concept of individualism.

In the Tea Party, the idea of individual liberty is a prime directive. Yet politically, if anyone strays from the narrow and rigid Party line they can forget about Tea Party support. Republicans who deviate from their lockstep are called RINOs (Republican in Name Only). I suspect if their God Reagan was alive today, even he might be too liberal for them. The Tea Party strikes me as a Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee organization. Even a politician like Jeb Bush, who is incredibly conservative by mainstream standards, is booed by Tea Party types at public events.

SALPOV, on the other hand, vilifies the idea of individualism. Yet for a dogma that demands the surrender of the ego, part of their conflicting selling point is to infuse the true believer with the idea that magical thinking (i.e. "manifesting") will circumvent whatever plan God or Fate had in store for you so you can satisfy your own selfish desires-- But only as long as you do this under the strict guidelines and incredibly expensive program as outlined by God's messenger, Chuck Spezzano.

Both organizations make me think of the Guinea Pig Bridge for some reason:

We are all subject to having our thoughts trapped in habitrails, I admit. Personal liberation requires constant work. Both the Tea Party and SALPOV want to confine your efforts in this area in order that you'll be a servant for their own interests.

Rewriting History:

Tea Party historiography consists of: If historical facts are too bothersome, just go back and change the facts. I know a home schooling Tea Party family that would not allow their child to read any history book written after the 1950s.

I was politically active before Tea Party darling Ted Cruz was born, and when I hear his interpretation of the history that I lived through I just shake my head at how he is either ignorant or an outrageous liar. 

Ever since Reagan, the number of Tea Party types showing up at library boards and demanding that certain titles be removed from the shelves (such as Vonnegut's masterpiece, Slaughterhouse-Five) has risen dramatically. See, here's the irony. They praise individual liberty, but they don't trust you to read whatever you want and come to your own conclusions. Just like they want to impose term limits on elected officials. But we already have term limits, they are called "elections." Apparently the Tea Party does not approve of or trust the democratic process. They want to decide what is best for you. Maybe they only want white male property owners to have the vote, just like the old days.

SALPOV is like the Tea Party in rewriting history, but in a passive/aggressive way. Where the Tea Party will blatantly declare a lie to be a fact, SALPOV simply tries to delete and airbrush all past references of potentially embarrassing connections. For example, Oneness University was once one of their "two greatest inspirations" and celebrated as such on their multiple websites for several years and suddenly it was gone with no explanation. That is a very significant shift. What is the story behind that? 

Most of the questions we raised about SALPOV last year still hang out there:

Both groups are doing their best to create an insulated reality and record of past events.

Shrinking Demographics:

Tea Party membership tends to be older white Protestant-raised conservative males. This is a shrinking demographic in the United States. This generation of white males were raised in their early years to think the world was at their command, but as segregation ended and the feminist movement grew, this group of males saw what they considered to be their entitled birthright evaporate before their eyes. The recent USA legalization of Gay marriage only made them even more pissed off. In their anger, they reach back to the good old days for comfort. Clowns like Donald Trump know how to tap that resentment.

No one has ever performed a scientific study on the demographics of SALPOV, so I'll write from my own observations. The cult appears to be populated by mostly affluent middle-aged women who have hit a crisis in their lives. Where are the men? SALPOV membership has been rapidly declining in the last half-decade. Why? This is a good topic for an academic thesis.

Anti-intellectual Dumbing Down:

The Tea Party's appeal to simplistic and gut-reaction solutions is easily displayed and personified by two of their heroes, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. Both of these characters appeal to the lowest common denominator in politics. Try to have a reasonable and calm discussion with Tea Party followers about subjects like gun control, abortion, Black Lives Matter, socialized medicine, Islam, Mexican immigrants, feminism, evolution, global warming, President Obama, etc. and see how far you get before the arms cross, the brow furrows, and you make their brain hurt and they reach for a safe mental pre-recorded homily as a reply, or, their firearm.

This is the legacy of Reagan's massive cuts to education. The life of the open mind is not encouraged.

Academia is also rejected in SALPOV. Perhaps this is traced back to Chuck Spezzano's Ph.D. not actually being accredited by the APA, meaning he is not recognized as a professional. So far as I can ascertain, neither of the Spezzanos or any of their followers have submitted their "research" to peer reviewed journals in the field of psychology. Spezzano denigrates critical thinking as "anal lies." I find it interesting he has not been invited to lecture in venues of higher education. If half his claims are true, he should have the Nobel Prize by now. Hmm, yet we have documented a pop culture site like Wikipedia not deeming him worthy enough for inclusion. Go figure. 

I am pretty sure sharp-minded university and college students would make mincemeat out of Spezzano's claims had he presented his views in a give and take discussion on an academic stage. His in-person presentations are always on a pay per view basis. It's all about the money.   


The Tea Party and SALPOV share a low opinion of women. Oh sure, they put them up on a pedestal, yada yada yada Tiger Woman bla bla bla Sarah Palin oot greet. But in the end, men are still in charge.

I'll just pass over the Tea Party here, except to say-- They are anti-choice on religious grounds. I do not happen to agree with them, but I understand where they are coming from and don't hold them in contempt for it.

In SALPOV the head honcho and CEO is Chuck Spezzano. The head of his UK spinoff is Jeff Allen. Two men. Spezzano's famous use of lewd jokes to mostly female crowds can only be viewed as sexual bullying, or perhaps I am being too "politically correct," eh? What sort of "professional" makes this a staple in his presentations?

We have in this forum documented Spezzano's belief in blaming the victim concerning rape cases in FN.

Meanwhile, Jeff Allen has dug up the 1950s in order to express the official SALPOV of a woman's place:

I have maintained that SALPOV is actually two cults, the Chuck cult, and the Lency cult. Now that Lency has basically retired from foreign gigs, we have seen a sharp dropoff of SALPOV trainers, particularly in the UK. Perhaps there were a lot of women out there who did not want to deal with Chuck alone. And who can blame them?


That the Tea Party wants to set up a theocracy is hardly a secret. Unfortunately many of their candidates have been elected to public offices on several levels, including the US House and Senate.

SALPOV has, to my knowledge, only one trainer in a position of public authority-- Babs Stevens on Haida Gwaii. Her abuses of power and desire to force her SALPOV agenda on the rest of the island is well documented here. When she is challenged the cry of religious freedom comes up, just like from the Tea Party! It is a bogus argument used as a cover for her selfish agenda. The sooner she is removed the better off for the people on the Rock.

The division of Church and State is the issue here, not religious freedom.

The Deep End:

Both the Tea Party and SALPOV throw unqualified people into the deep end of the pool.

Sarah Palin serves as the classic example for the Tea Party. No need for me to embellish.

In SALPOV not one single person, including the Spezzanos, is professionally qualified to supply psychological healing services for anyone. Going through all the costly SALPOV training is worth about as much as a rancid bowl of bacon fat in the real world.

The frightening part is that it encourages dozens of unqualified cult followers to set up their own little imitation SALPOV as a New Age cottage industry and spread the damage.

It's All About the Money:

Let's dance!

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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A Filmography of Online Videos Concerning Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision
Part 1:

Offered below is a list of videos available online concerning the cult known as Psychology of Vision. In no particular order, I have provided the links with the source of videos. I have also added summations using the most objectivity I can muster.

This video comes and goes in terms of being available online, but it does have some informative text even without the visuals. The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network program APTN Investigates had a segment called "Plastic Healers" by Rob Smith. The program aired in early Nov. 2013. The piece presents a journalistic look at two cults active on Haida Gwaii: Erick Gonzalez, and, Psychology of Vision.

Lency Spezzano
These 33 videos include several "downloading/joining" sessions, testimonials, Skype advertisements, archival footage from 2001, and some personal vignettes such as her tour of (in her phrase) her "exclusive" condo at Turtle Bay, Hawaii. The "downloading/joining" videos have been reviewed, starting at this link:

Chuck Spezzano
The first link includes 40 videos of Spezzano giving lectures on various topics to a stationary camera. Most of them have been commercially packaged and as a rule they include the paintings of POV follower Spar Street in the background. The second link leads to a single video, "The Year 2010," where Spezzano makes predictions.
This you tube of Chunk's sexual abuse advertises to the public FN sex abuse like it's a given promo to anyone who wants to cash in and heal the natives according to their residential experiences. It's not up to Chunk to promote himself this way on the backs of victims history, it's not his business to make it public and act like he has the answer to redeem them by saying they have "a gift".

Since when did FN residential survivors start begging for white non native opportunist to save them?
This sexual abuse video is offensive to any FN people who wish to have dignity from being regarded as needy sexual victims being subjected to more colonizers with the "answer".

Who gives the right to Chunk to mess with their memories ? Until justice is served to individuals no one should be tampering with the highly sensitive traumas experienced by victims of sexual abuse, native or non native. This interference can damage any kind of recall needed in courts to settle issues of victimization.

When Chunk makes his participants spill the beans on who sexually victimizes them, does he assist these people by reporting the perpetrators? Or is all" by gones be by gones" and everyone is "innocent " again?
Chunk doesnot help help the victims, he baits them into believing they will be freed, but who is picking up the tab for the bad guy? Those perpetrators continue to get off with their sexual abuse as chunk frees these guys of any retribution. Meanwhile the victims do not get the satisfaction of turning in the guy who did this to them, instead they have to jump thru guilt ridden hoops to prove to chunk that they have a "gift"????????
Thanks but no thanks Chunk, you are not helping F Nations at all by delaying the process of TRUTH!
We want to stop the perpetrators and hold them accountable for their abusive sick actions so that the victims will be safe and can truly know what it feels like to have community that really cares about them.
Sexual offenders need to be taken to task, hiding them behind the guise of new age healing isn't going to make them go away!!!! This notion is delaying the process and allowing for more victims to be abused. Chunk has a legal obligation to report criminal  offenses to the authorities. Obviously he is having a greater profit margin from pretending "alls well in the little world of POV".
This has serious consequences for those involved. Sad for any FN person who got sucked into this mess of "forgiveness" according to Chunk's world. Sad for the victims who continue to get sexually abused as advanced trainers of pov continue to watch it happen and just say "oh, they have a gift they wanted to give but couldn't".
Sick trip Chunk!!! :'( :'( :'(


Psychology of Vision
Presentation of a single video, "India Apprenticeship at Bethsaida Hermitage Resort" from 2007. No narration is provided, only music.

Next Evolution 2009
Six videos mostly produced by Louisa Wu, four of them promoting a joint workshop in 2009 in Los Angeles with the Spezzanos and Guru Singh.  Oneness and the 2012 phenomenon are among the topics. Guru Singh is pictured with Oneness University in the Chuck Spezzano segment. Quite unusual in two regards. First, the Spezzanos are collaborating with another headliner, and second, the event takes place on the US mainland. Also includes a testimonial by a well known New Age guru to celebrities, Habib Sadeghi. An abridged 2007 POV promotional piece includes appearances by Susan How, Sue Allen, Jeff Allen, and Spar Street. The full version will appear below under the Inner Vision collection.

ThinkTech Hawaii
Michael and Xiao Fang North are interviewed by Dr. Keli'i Akina in this 50-minute piece as they discuss the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute and relations with China.

Stefan Götz
Götz interviews Chuck Spezzano in a 4-part series (combined they total one hour), "Chuck Spezzano & The Leadership Revolution," which seems to have been filmed about 2011. Spezzano uses his "anal-lies" term when discussing the "split mind" and stresses competition is fear-based and independence is negative. After a few lewd jokes and several judgemental pronouncements, Spezzano tells us it is wrong to judge. Although Götz is a friendly interviewer, he still asks several good follow up questions, which appear to put Spezzano in a defensive mood as his voice and mannerisms are more animated and shrill than usual.

World Voices
The first link is a short Skype presentation promoting the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute. The text introduction includes the often repeated error that Spezzano is a "psychologist." The second link features Spezzano's 30-minute acceptance speech in 2012 when he was awarded with the "Hero of Forgiveness" title. Among other things, he reveals that the phrase "Friends Helping Friends" came from "The Voice." He also addresses aboriginal issues mainly using Haida Gwaii as an example, and stresses how victims of white colonization, as well as women who have been raped, need to forgive those who committed these crimes against them. The concept of seeking legal justice is not addressed.

Malcolm Smith
Produced around 2009, eight minutes long, entitled "Experiences with Lency Spezzano and the Psychology of Vision," and includes praise for Spezzano's seminars from Smith himself plus five other people. One participant calls Lency "a window to God." Smith is a naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon, USA. One of the tags on this video is "oneness university."

Melissa Meyer
Melissa Meyer's two or three APTN "First Talk" appearances promoting POV appear to have been deleted from Youtube within the last year.

Janie Ticehurst
Chuck Spezzano's 2010 "Self Health" Youtube was deleted over a year ago. This was the one where he said, "You can't have health problems unless you feel guilty about something, and then at an even deeper level you can't have a health problem unless you're getting revenge on someone."

Master Sha
Dr. and Master Sha gives a "soul healing" for Marianne Vermilyea, a former Canadian POV trainer and current staff member for POV, to counter her macular degeneration. Five minutes, 2013.

Elsbeth Maurer
"I'm sensitive to energy, so I can feel it in crystals, I can feel it in nature ..." so says Chuck Spezzano as he supplies a commercial endorsement for Maurer's "Lovy-Heart" merchandise in this 2013 three-minute video. Produced in Switzerland.

Inner Vision
Matthew Blythe has uploaded eight videos, and six of them could possibly be classified as New Age artistic expression. The remaining two are POV promotional pieces, both created by Sutherland Productions in 2007. "Chuck and Lency Spezzano - Psychology of Vision - Trailer" is eleven minutes long. Includes appearances by Susan How, Sue Allen, Jeff Allen, Peter Shapiro, and Spar Street. An abridged version of this appeared in the Next Evolution 2009 entry above. In one part we hear Lency say "joining sessions" are now being called "Oneness sessions." The second POV promo piece, entitled "How to Have a Successful Relationship," is a 4-minute commercial for a DVD for sale. Testimonials include a statement from Jeff Allen.

Susanne Ernst
These are two short videos promoting POV events in Central Europe in 2012. The first has POV trainers Susanne Ernst and Mathias Keller speaking directly to the camera. The second video, which is a bit longer, contains several testimonials, including from Alexandra Angermann, Rebecca Wildi, Mathias Keller, and Susanne Ernst. In German. 

Torsten Konrad
Most of the videos from this German POV trainer reflect his interest in body performance and artistic expression. However, about a half dozen of these are very static and non-creative talking head presentations where Torsten is apparently promoting a POV event or concept. I say "apparently" since my grasp of the German language is woefully minimal. The one video here I can identify that combines POV with an artistic interpretation is the 2015 "You Never Know" which is described as "Life From A Joining Session."   

Lotta Gaber
Gaber interviews Chuck Spezzano in this almost 5-minute video from earlier this year. A POV follower, Gaber does not subject Spezzano to any hard questions. He promotes a book he wrote about sex that has recently been translated into Swedish. In the process he mentions how metaphors and hypnosis work together. When this video was originally released it used the music of Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole but then within a few days the soundtrack was changed to something more generic.

Lauretta Hickman
Hickman, a life coach and Spezzano student, has over 40 videos online. Six of these concern POV, uploaded six years ago. In all six, Hickman is using the POV triangle as her source as she presents a lecture in German.

Django Hediger
"Living Your Inner Gifts" or "Deine Gaben leben" is an 18-minute talking head presentation where Mr. Spezzano speaks in English, and Torsten Konrad translates into German. Both gentlemen are in different locations so the screenshot toggles back and forth in what seems to be a Skype generated production. Designed to promote a workshop scheduled for April 2012.

Powerful Events
Consists of nine videos, most of them by Django Hediger as he markets POV. Some of these had formerly been enhanced by the song "Our Hearts Have Been Misplaced in a Secret Location" but for a number of reasons it felt true to the group that created and performed this piece, Uniform Motion, to distance their song from this cult. So the music has been stripped. Videos include a 9-minute Skype lecture from Chuck Spezzano on "Acceptance" (2014), where he appears to be ill. Jeff and Sue Allen promote their 2014 Spain 5 day workshop via Skype in a 5 and half minute talk which includes shots of the expensive looking accomodations. In "Herbsttour 2013," Spezzano begins by describing how his annual visits to Central Europe are basically book selling tours. He also uses his stock tale about hearing "The Voice." In the eight-minute "Die Kraft der Liebe" Skype presentation, Spezzano has Torsten Konrad sitting right behind him, providing the German translation in audio in this talk about love and "soul patterns." The conclusion of this last video is one of Spezzano's more energetic performances.

Psychology of Vision - Europa
Two videos, both of them over five minutes long, of Chuck Spezzano self-promoting his Central European tour. These were two more videos where the music of the group Uniform Motion was stripped out due to their request not to be associated with POV. In "Die Spiegel deiner Seele" (2015), Spezzano says he has been a "therapist" for 42 years and glowingly quotes "the Native American Sun Bear." In "Europatour September 2014 - Emotionale Reife," Spezzano tells us the world is filled with "intra-psychic pollution" by ignorant and unenlightened people who do not understand their own emotions.

Frankfurter Ring
On their webpage, the Frankfurter Ring repeats the frequently stated error that promotes Chuck Spezzano to the status of "psychologist." This particular video is a three minute promotion for Spezzano's appearance in Burg Rothenfels in 2014. One testimonial is included. At one point a group of people circling an evening campfire while one of them beats on what appears to be some kind of non-European aboriginal drum is portrayed.   

More to come on Part 2 ...

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Time for another Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision (SALPOV) grab-bag of miscellaneous items I have encountered over the last month or so.

--Hawaii is one of the more lax of the United States in hypnotherapy regulation, hence this Spezzano business listing. Also note the SALPOV services under "Life Coaching" dropbox includes "Psychic Reading"--

--Former SALPOV trainer Doug Anderson, like so many other former SALPOV trainers, has set up his own spinoff imitation business. NAFPS readers might be interested to know he is targeting FN in partnership with former SALPOV trainer Melissa Meyer--

--In a recent failed attempt to edit the Psiram wiki entry on SALPOV, one of the cult followers kept deleting all references to the for-profit corporation being classified as part of the New Age. Yet one or both of the Spezzanos claim to cure diseases, perform past life regression, perform psychic readings, "download" Heaven's grace, claim to be empaths, claim to be sensitive to energy, have the ability to manifest magical thoughts, have the ability to change the weather, remotely impact the mindset of world leaders, and hear "The Voice," believe in crystal skulls, believe past life behavior creates present birth defects, all sickness traces back to guilt or a desire to exact revenge on someone, etc., etc.

The monograph Handbook of New Age (edited by Daren Kemp and James R. Lewis. -- Leiden : Brill, c2007) solidly includes SALPOV as part of that industry--

--Interesting that Barnes and Noble classifies Chuck Spezzano's Love Pack ersatz Tarot cards as "Fortune Telling & Divination." It is pretty clear from the Facebook responses to Spezzano's Card of the Day that his cult followers clearly regard these platitudes as messages and direction from a Higher Power. Sad.

--Chuck Spezzano informs the viewers of his Youtube Change Your Mind, Change Your Heart, Change the World, that "In the 70s I studied with psychics and shamans." Who were they? Maybe one of them is on this directory of "Shamanic healers."

--In the monograph Spirit & Destiny Soul Secrets (edited by Emily Anderson. -- London ; Carlsbad, CA : Hay House, c2006) Chuck Spezzano contributed two pages which included his effort to focus a group on dissolving Hurricane Rita through the use of "mind, heart and spirit." Also, he writes that Taiwan is the most important country in the next half century for world peace, and that the next 7 years (probably 2005-2012) will be a "celestial speedup."

--The Innersense Game, based on Spezzano's faux Tarot cards, was released in late 2001 and didn't exactly set the world on fire:

Based on The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano, and the work of Psychology of Vision, "The Innersense Game" is designed to help people unblock their lives, solve their problems and live in a happier more fulfilled way, in a psychology-based ‘reading’ format.

To play 'Innersense' is simple. Focus on an area of your life you would like to change, or a problem you may be having and with the click of a button your insight will be revealed. Similar to Runes or the I-ching, 'Innersense' has been designed to help shed light on your problems, get you thinking about the causes which led you there and guide you to make better future choices.

Paul Manweiler, the funder and director, himself retired from a successful business career a few years ago after feeling that POV and Chuck Spezzano’s work changed his life. He has since invested his time and money in The Garden of Choice website, from which Innersense is the first creation of many future self-development tools based on the work of Psychology of Vision.

At a cost of over half a million pounds, the game was created using actors and award winning Director David Anderson, to help bring the insights contained to life. It is designed to be non-profit, with any profit made being ploughed back into the future tools created. Paul sees it as a gift back from him for all that he has been given by POV.

The Garden of Choice website, which is home to The Innersense Game, can be visited at , having been officially online since December 2001.

Half a million pounds!?! This is a story that needs some elaboration.

--Anyone who promotes a three card reading, or card of the day, or commercially sells divination cards such as SALPOV should be concerned with the recent scam exposure by the New York Times:

--It's all about the money:

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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OK, so yesterday someone apparently hacked into Chuck Spezzano's online world and posted this, which was displayed on Facebook:

Chuck Spezzano
Yesterday at 4:58am · ·

Hi , how are you ?: hello

Do you remember me?

my profile

Hi , how are you ?
hello Do you remember me? my profile

When you go to the Spezzano blog, the same message is posted and the "my profile" portion is a hot link that leads to a commercial venue for classified ads:

This could all be due to the fact that Spezzano or one of his minions carelessly revealed some key internal email addresses in a recent "card of the day":

-----Original Message-----
From: chuckspezzano <>
To: blogchuck <>
Sent: Thu, Sep 3, 2015 12:23 pm

is the card for today. This is where we can't give, receive or enjoy. This makes all of our work harder and our life more difficult. We are caught in a vicious circle of superiority-inferiority and underneath it all we are afraid. This is a good day to turn this all over to Heaven for undoing and the bonding that would bring ease success and intimacy…Have an amazing day!!
Posted 5 days ago by Chuck Spezzano

The Spezzanos or their staff usually take awhile to catch up to spam on their social networks. Not exactly a great business example to follow. 

But what I found amusing about this whole thing is that on the Facebook page this spam message was "liked" by 29 people, including a SALPOV trainer, and gained fawning comments from eight folks. I guess critical investigation is not highly valued among the SALPOV cult followers. This isn't the first time I have seen this mindless lockstep of admiration in response to a spam invasion on SALPOV territory. I suppose that is one of the many reasons why SALPOV can be considered a cult.

This hack does make one wonder about the security of the SALPOV database. If I had been a SALPOV client with my personal information stored in a computer, I'd be a bit nervous by now. 

As I patched together the links for this post I saw a somewhat ironic reference in another recent Spezzano "card of the day" that I cannot resist allowing to pass without comment:

is the card for today. A 'pipe dream' is a place we are living in fantasy hoping that something will change because something outside us changed like winning the lottery. But today is a day to make things happen because things changed inside. Today is a day to let that go because the pipe dream is impeding progress…Have a most wonderful day!!
Posted 2 days ago by Chuck Spezzano

Anyone who has read The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O'Neill, one of the greatest plays written by an American, will recognize the parallel between the use of the term "pipe dream" between Chuck Spezzano and one of the play's main characters Theodore (Hickey) Hickman-- two flashy salesmen out to make a buck who leave a trail of destruction as they encourage people to let go, even though they possess no professional qualifications or assurances of qualified aftercare. Ultimately Hickey and Spezzano are revealed as being out of touch with reality.

But I have to wonder, how is a "pipe dream" different from the Spezzano concept of "manifesting" (i.e. magical thinking)? It has been reported to me that Spezzano has allegedly encouraged his workshop participants to go forth and gamble because they have been blessed by his teachings. "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive." What mixed up messages!

Run away from Psychology of Vision. As fast as you can. It is all bullshit.

Images captured (before they are erased) and attached for those who are signed in.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Documents About Spezzano and Associates Ltd. Psychology of Vision--

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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I guess this is why it is called re-search. Something that has been under my nose for a long time suddenly became odiferous again and deserves a serious second look.

Such is the case with the Haida Gwaii SALPOV cult followers application for a free ride at the expense of others. As I scanned it for another website, I couldn't help but notice a few details I had overlooked in the first perusal:

The very first page in the application states that healing will begin with none other than "experienced international trainer and leader, Barbara Stevens."
As far as I can ascertain, Stevens is a self-serving hack with zero professional healing credentials. I'm told she cries at public meetings when she doesn't get her way. Wow. What leadership skills. Psychology of Vision only counts as professional training to the gullible and desperately damaged. To the rest of the world, it is pretty much viewed as a scam. Babs Stevens has as much professional authority to perform healing ceremonies as I do, and I am just a normal guy on the street.

In one page of this document, Babs herself mentions using "Oneness Blessings," which seems to be in contradiction of Lency Spezzano's strong denial of the influence of Oneness University on SALPOV cult theology.

It is interesting how so many testimonials in this document are merely cookie cutter statements with only the name as the unique identifier. So tell me again how this is not a cult where the mindless march in goosestep to orders which must be obeyed at all times?

Also interesting is how the term "mind map" is used without any real definition.

As long as the Psychology of Vision cult has a grip on Haida Gwaii leaders who are unable to distinguish the difference between church and state, that poor island will be ruled by people who are willing to tear down all that is sacred, special, and unique about that culture.

It's all about the money.


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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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A new blog in German has been launched promoting Chuck Spezzano and his line of commercial merchandise. If I am understanding the language correctly, he has been once again erroneously assigned with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Since Hediger is behind this and the page is plastered with POV symbols, we can only assume this false biography has been granted official blessing.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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This blatant misrepresentation of Spezzano's academic credentials, as demonstrated in the Hediger example in previous post, is pretty standard for Psychology of Vision autobiography. OK, "blatant misrepresentation" is actually a fancy way of saying "it's a lie."

The real deal on Chuck Spezzano's academic degree has been covered many times here on NAFPS, including here:;topicseen#msg37693

Also, it has been covered at this outside link:

It wasn't that long ago that the povevents website called Spezzano "The World's Greatest Psychologist." Let me remind the readers he was fined by Hawaii a decade ago for pretending to be psychologist when in fact he was far from even qualifying for a license to be one.

Spezzano also claims on LinkedIn and the POV website that his Ph. D. is in "Counselling Psychology." That is NOT what it says on his thesis. 

Why does he not have to face consequences for marketing his product while faking his credentials?

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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A new blog in German has been launched promoting Chuck Spezzano and his line of commercial merchandise. If I am understanding the language correctly, he has been once again erroneously assigned with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Since Hediger is behind this and the page is plastered with POV symbols, we can only assume this false biography has been granted official blessing.

Here is a translation of the intro page:

Relationship expert and bestselling author

Chuck Spezzano has a Masters in Sociology and received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at United States International University, San Diego, California. From 1973 to 1979 he worked as a psychologist at the „United States Naval Drug Rehabilitation Center“ and had substantial success in treating war traumata of Vietnam veterans. Subsequently, he worked in the field of counseling couples and families. In more than 30 years of groundbreaking research, he developed the cutting edge therapeutic healing method of „Psychology of Vision“ with his wife Lency, the combination of classical psychology and spiritual principles. It leads persons beyond conflicts within their psyche to true creativity and to a meaningful life. His books, among them „If it hurts, it isn't love“, have been translated into many languages.

From the imprint, the site and blog are run and maintained by „Hediger & Hediger GbR“ with both Django and wife Bianca acting as its representatives; they are also responsible for the site content according to their own words.

Django does not seem to be aware that wrongfully characterising Spezzano as a Dr of „clinical psychology“ is an infringement of competition law in Germany, so competitors, professional organisations, or consumer organisations may present him and Spezzano with an action for an injunction.

The site is also advertising events with Spezzano in various European countries as well as one seminar in Hawaii. In 2016, lectures and seminars with Spezzano are planned in the following European countries: Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Allgäu region, Karlsruhe, Rothenfels, Kiel, Lüneburg, Mettmann), Italy (Bolzano), and Sweden.

The event(s) in Sweden have not been fixed as of yet, as there is no place and date mentioned. They will be organised by Lotta Gaber who lives in Munich but as the sites advises is a Swedish citizen. Gaber has already been covered in this thread (  ); she started 'teaching' an STL course in March 2015 and is an alternative healer.

Events in Berlin, Kiel, and Lüneburg will be organised by Elke Kirchner who was mentioned in this thread before (  ); she has assisted her husband Philip Young aka Philip Kansa aka "Spirit Bear" in his 'work' as a fake shame-on since several years (  ), and cooperated with Katchinas Kutenai (   ) .

Kirchner along with the other event organisers gets introduced on the site:

Since 2015, Elke Kirchner has been active as an organiser for Chuck Spezzano in Lüneburg and Kiel. As a person who has been associated with Chuck's work since many years, she is always glad to inspire „the North“.

The event in Italy takes place in the town of Bolzano which is in the South Tyrol region. It is being organised by Thea Unteregger.
The intro on Unteregger says more about Spezzano than it does about her:

Since many years, Chuck is a guest of Thea Unteregger / in Bolzano in Italy (South Tyrol) and gives fascinating lectures and seminars.

Apparently, Unteregger has been active as a regional organiser for quite some time. The other important info is that Unteregger is part of a Montessori parents' coop, and her intro also makes use of the coop logo, giving the intro the air of an official cooperation between PoV and the coop. Further googling reveals that Unteregger uses this coop to promote PoV and PoV trainers, quite in line with PoV rules:

What I really want!
Evening and Weekend Seminar with Susanne Ernst
Lecturer: Susanne Ernst, Psychology of Vision Trainer and Aikido teacher
Date and Place Evening Seminar: Friday, Oct 9, 2015, 6-9 pm, Kolping House Bolzano
Fee: € 25.00
Weekend seminar: Friday Oct 9 – Sunday Oct 11, 2015 […]
Fee: € 205 for payments before Sept 30, 2015; payment from Oct 1, 2015: € 230
Emphasis added by me

Interestingly, the event will take place at the premises of a Catholic association particularly concerned with educating adolescents and young adults:

Kolping Educational Institute is active in social work and socio-paedagogical aid for disadvantaged adolescents:
Advancement of education at school and workplace
Employment of particularly disadvantaged persons combined with socio-paedagogical and other aids
social integration of adolescents and young adults
open educational work
support of integration of persons with special needs in work and at workplace

Although these are the aims of German Kolping Institute, the Italian ones will be similar enough to observe that this might not quite be the clientele one would particularly like to have exposed to PoV.

Unteregger will also do a seminar under the auspice of the Montessori coop:

And I am on friendly first names with myself. Tracing the inner dialogue
Evening seminar with Thea Unteregger

We constantly talk to ourselves. Nobody else can listen. We can spoil ourselves with nicknames and compliments. But often, we do quite the contrary: we tell ourselves off, blame ourselves as too slow, too stupid and too fat, we are impatient and hard.
This evening is meant to inspire us to create our own inner dialogue more lovingly and lighthearted and even to smile at ourselves now and then.
Lecturer: Thea Unteregger, paedagogue in adult education, Montessori paegagoue, NLP Master
Time: Wednesday Oct 21, 2015, 8-9.30 pm, Kolping House Boen
Fee: € 10.00
Emphasis added by me

So another Kolping House... From what I saw in Google results, Unteregger holds a job in a museum as a paedagogue, but I could not verify whether she is in fact entitled to claim to be a paedodgue in adult education or in Montessori paedagogics. It is, however, interesting that she also claims an NLP Master. In combination with PoV this indicates that she has learned several ways of influencing clients and audiences.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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The Frankfurter Ring is advertising Spezzano as a "Psychologist" again this season, if I am not mistaken:

Psychologe und visionärer Lebenslehrer, Familienberater und Bestsellerautor. Zusammen mit seiner Frau Lency entwickelte er im Verlauf ihrer mehr als 40-jährigen therapeutischen Praxis die "Psychology of Vision", eine Verbindung der klassischen Psychologie mit spirituellen Prinzipien.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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The Frankfurter Ring is advertising Spezzano as a "Psychologist" again this season, if I am not mistaken:

Here's the translation of the ad by Frankfurter Ring:

Psychologist and visionary life coach [literally: life teacher], family counselor, and best selling author. With his wife Lency he developed "Psychology of Vision", a combination of classical psychology with spiritual principles, during more than 40 years of therapeutical work/practice.

So FR do not only advertise him as a psychologist, they also speak of a therapeutical practice for over 40 years. Neither relies on facts. In the same way, PoV is not based on "classical psychology", nor do they combine it with "spiritual principles".

All this is so much against the facts that any competitor, or an official consumer protection outfit, are in a position to present them with a cease-and-desist letter for violating fair trade laws.

The latter in German translation to broaden the impact:

Der Absatz ist so erheblich gegen die Fakten formuliert, daß ein Wettbewerber oder auch eine Verbraucherschutzorganisation eine Abmahnung schicken kann, da hier unlauterer Wettbewerb vorliegt.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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It is my understanding that one of SALPOV trainers on Haida Gwaii has been describing the critics of the cult as "evil." Apparently she forgot these words by her guru Lency Spezzano:

You recognize that all the evil you have seen outside yourself is just the projection of your own guilt.

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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The culture the Spezzanos have tapped into while casting their wide net. Hilarious:

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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Chuck Spezzano Cures Cancer and Hemorrhoids:

Why does he not have a Nobel Prize by now? I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!


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Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
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Chuck Spezzano is marketed as a "Hawaiian Shaman" in Germany. This is unethical and he needs to stop. Claiming that he cannot control what his people do is no excuse. If Chuck is unable to direct his people to uphold truth in advertising, why on earth would we pay Chuck to teach us about communication and honesty?