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Sandra Laframboise
« on: March 20, 2007, 05:44:02 pm »
Hello one and all,

Ok, I haven't posted in about two years - maybe longer, my apologies. Hope everyone is good.

I just thought that someone here may be able to give me some info on a woman who is arriving here in Belfast this month to do some workshops. Her name is Sandra Laframboise, states she is Algonquin-Cree, and is doing some smudging and sweating.

The venue that is hosting her is a good place, so i don't want to go shouting and screaming about someone that may potentially be ok, so, i guess that's why i'm posting in the 'research needed' category.

If anyone wants to see the schedule it is at

Take it easy,



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Re: Sandra Laframboise
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2007, 07:45:56 pm »
All I ever heard about her is she is what she say she is, and is a or use to be a Psychiatric Nurse that is into holistic medicine. Had some ties to Jennifer Ritchie who ran a Holistic Medicine Center of sort. Never heard much more about her. frederica


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Re: Sandra Laframboise
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 here is some information to start with from the yahoo site:

The Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society


It is almost the end of a second year of incorporation.  It has been a fabulous year and many things to report in our Annual report which will be publish by end of May.


This is a gentle reminder that if you have not yet donated financially this year to your Society that there is still time to do so.  We have received charitable tax status and are in a position to offer tax receipt.  As there are no membership fees upon application for membership and acceptance into the membership, we ask the membership to donate to the Society on a yearly basis.


You would send a cheque to the name DTES and address of the Society( 4-2175 Oxford St., Vancouver, BC, V5L-1E8)  in SAS (self-address stamped) envelope so that our Treasurer can send you back a tax receipt.


You could donate in two ways to the Society.  1) For the overall need of the Society, or, 2) to the sweat lodge program we support in Maple Ridge BC.  You would need to indicate this on your cheque.


What are the benefits of being a member:


Be an organized Aboriginal group servicing Two Spirited/Friends and allies that are Aboriginal or Non-Aboriginal

Help promote the sweat lodge and other Aboriginal teachings,

Help build a center (this will take some time and efforts and perhaps several years)

Be of service to the community in a different way

Develop programs……

Have a vote in the group,

Be on our group serve list



We are now accepting nomination for the Board, from our membership, until the end of April and we will post all nomination.


You would submit your name with a nominator to the email of dancingtoeaglespirit@...


While away in Ireland promoting the teachings of our Elder Frank Supernault, our sweat lodge and the Medicine Wheel Way, the Vice-Chief Lloyd P. will assume the position of Acting Chief.  You can reach him at darlenetaw@...



Dancing Two Eagle Spirit aka

Sandra L.


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Re: Sandra Laframboise
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2007, 10:05:45 pm »
 More information on Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society;
Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society   
 4 - 2175 Oxford Street
Vancouver, BC V5L1E8  Telephone: (604) 254-2040
Fax: (604) 254-3002
 Direct emotional and spiritual support based on Native American Teachings including Talking Circles, Healing Circles, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, spiritual counselling, alcohol & drug support and referral, advocacy with social service agencies, Fire Ceremonies, and spiritual fasts and retreats. Hours of operation vary. Contact by telephone for days and times of activities. No cost. Aboriginal staff available. Transit accessible. Provides referrals to Traditional Practitioners.   
 Cultural, Healing 
  It appears thus far this is a society, and not someone calling themself a tribe, as far as I have found, is dedicated to helping bisexual, Homosexual, Lesbian people, thus the name Two Spirted. I am not able to find as yet how Sandra received the title Chief. They do seem to have some wonderful help and groups.

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Re: Sandra Laframboise
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2007, 10:18:56 pm »
"Sandra Laframboise
Subject: Sundance in Carberry
Good morning, my name is Sandra Laframboise, I am a Metis of the Algonquin Nation of Kitigan Zibi on the border of Quebec and Ontario.
I am also two spirited and lived in Vancouver, BC. When Keith Pache was here in Vancouver several weeks ago I made a pledge with tobacco and cloth offering to go and Sundance in Carberry…
I am aware roughly of the date in August this year…but forgot to ask him many things because I was at the Yuwipi to pray.."
"One of these transgender groups is the High Risk Project Society based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The group has published "Gender, Transgender and Transphobia," by Sandra Laframboise, to explain the movement and its goals.
According to the High Risk Project Society, "Transgender people seek the freedom to express themselves and to present themselves in a manner that is consistent with their own identity, rather than with the gender identity imposed on them from birth."
This includes transsexuals, who "internally experience a contradiction between their identity and their anatomic sex, and usually shape themselves physically to recreate a more healthy and harmonious balance between their bodies and their internal world."
The term transgender also includes "intersexuals," or those more commonly known as hermaphrodites.
"Intersexuals exist on the biological continuum between the poles of male and female. ..." says Laframboise. "Intersexuals struggle against our rigid two-sex system, for the right to physical ambiguity and the acknowledgment that there are more than two sexes."

So far she seems a serious gay rights activist and health professional.
"Join local Native Elder Sandra LaFramboise and Jen in making a traditional Native North American Drum out of natural products (Maple wood, Elk hide, and sinew).
This workshop is about 5 hours long. Cost $200."

This seems like a simple crafts workshop.

Also someone by the same name on an Indian Health board in Frisco, but doubt that's the same person.

And work on AIDS
"Contributors The Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniorsthanks the Provincial HIV/AIDS Strategy Advisory Committee members for their contribution to the development of British Columbia’s Framework for Action onHIV/AIDS....former members:Sandra Laframboise"

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Re: Sandra Laframboise
« Reply #5 on: March 21, 2007, 10:20:14 am »

thanks for the lightning quick responses. By the look of things, she seems ok. Which is always a good thing!!

I'll post a catch up on what's been happening with the whole Hopis and hippies project soon.

Love Nick

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Re: Sandra Laframboise
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2021, 10:07:00 am »
Extremely, extremely late showing up here to say this woman is and always has been a complete fraud, propagating harmful pseudo-teachings about a pastiche of native cultures she has assembled from anything she could break off and run with, and she has to be stopped.